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Pasadena is weak!

i have to agree with pasadena sandwich co! the sandwiches are so big, i have to eat some of the meat and cheese with a fork just so i can get it small enough to wrap my hands around it. most people have to save half for dinner, you can seriously make 4 normal sandwiches out of one of these. the meats are made fresh daily on-site, and the average sandwich probably costs aroung $7-8. it's a real hole in the wall, though, and the hours are very limited (i think they're closed by 3pm and they're not open sundays). great for takeout, though if you opt for table service, they are friendly. i love the virginian. :)

south pas residents swear by hi lite (sp?) over on fair oaks. i've never been there, but i have had half a yummy breakfast burrito from a friend who calls it a great "greasy spoon."

Oct 22, 2007
mbf626 in Los Angeles Area