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Local seafood? What to order in Melbourne.

I have added half moon bay and the mornington peninsula to my list of stuff ta do when we are there.

I've heard that it will either be "freezing" or "hotashell" depending on if the wind is from the arctic or from the bush. We are praying for "freezing" as we expect this will be lovely shorts weather for us. We are likely to melt in "hotashell".

Local seafood? What to order in Melbourne.

We are coming December 23rd! So schnapper should still be running. But I have no idea what a schnapper is - thank goodness for google! We call them snappers. Apparently you have different varieties but I love snapper.

my husband adores scallops. He'll be delighted. And I'm excited to try some abalone - never have!!

fish and chips mmmmmmmmmmmmm

We are staying in carnegie actually - not in melbourne proper but right on the train line, apparently, and we will have a vehicle - so we are very mobile

oh thank you purple one!! you are most helpful!

Local seafood? What to order in Melbourne.

ooh, my husband will like the bugs - had to look them up- they look like trilobites!
We do not have barramundo in alaska !! Looking forward to trying it!

thank you Katea! I'm smiling as I read your nym, because my son (he's 2) went through a silly stage where everything was 'ee-ya" at the end - I was momeeya . He was Beneeya. We went for a ride in the careeya. So I keep looking at Katea and thinking Kateeeya.

Amazing lunchbox lunch ideas?

I'm the proud owner of a picky eating 2 year old. I try to make his lunches appealing both visually and of course, gastronomically however, I am restricted by the Lunch Nazi's strict lunch guidelines (a starch, a protein, two veggies or fruits).

Do you have any packed lunch ideas that might be fun for me to make and him to eat?

Oct 21, 2007
BethInAK in Home Cooking

Local seafood? What to order in Melbourne.

We are a family of Alaskan's coming to visit family in Melbourne. My husband is a shellfish fanatic and my son a fish fanatic. What should we be ordering? Whats local and fresh?