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Michael Bauer's top 100 2013

Nope, he reviewed it. It got two stars. "While I liked many dishes individually, I couldn't help but compare the restaurant to what it was before. I'm still not sure what was gained in the transition. It seems like a back-alley version of a formerly street-smart restaurant."

Tamales - SF Dish of the Month (Dec 2012)

I also like All Star's tamales, particularly the pork mole. The masa is lard-free, yet remains light and fluffy, with good corn flavor. In addition to Alemany, they sometimes make an appearance at the Heart of the City farmer's market in Civic Center on Wednesdays and Sundays.

A drink in a pineapple

Hi everyone,

It has been a long-standing running gag between my boyfriend and myself that he would like a drink in a pineapple. I would like to take him to a place where he can get one as a treat. Does anyone know where that could happen? Requirements: must be alcoholic, must be served in a hollowed-out pineapple. Proximity to Harvard Sq. is a bonus, but not required.


Good food (and beer) for a lunch meeting

Cambridge Common (Mass Ave between Harvard and Porter Squares) has a terrific beer selection and better-than-average pub grub.

Garden at the Cellar (just outside of Harvard Square) has delicious food and a decent beer selection because it's located on top of a bar.

The Blue Room in Kendall, right next to CBC, always has a small, but interesting beer selection to go with their terrific food. No drafts, though-- only bottles.

In Allston: Sunset Grill and Tap, which was already mentioned, has the best beer selection in town, but the food isn't that great IMO. Deep Ellum has a lesser, but still great, beer selection. The food is better there, but the menu is really limited.


Tanjore in Harvard Square is my starving-student standby. $8 gets you access to an all-you-can eat buffet (normally not my thing, but this place makes some great Indian food) that you can also dispatch with in a good-sized takeout container. If you have a small appetite, like I do, this can easily get you through 3 meals.

Also, Rendang, the Malaysian place nearby, offers a $6.25 lunch special. The food isn't super, but there's a ton of it and the atmosphere is nice. I'd recommend the beef Rendang.

It's less of a bargain, but the $10 Saturday brunch at Aquitaine has always seemed like a steal for such a nice place. A homemade cinnamon roll, eggs, coffee, juice.

Brunch at the Neighborhood in Somerville is also a steal, in my opinion.

And of course, there's Grendel's Den, patron organization of starving Harvard students. The $5 lunch specials, the $1 "Sunday Seven" entrees, the half-price eats during happy's hard to find a time when the food here isn't on sale. Nothing to write home about, but a meal and a draft for under $10 is always pleasurable.

A good place for a 15-person party?

Hi everyone,

This Saturday is my 21st birthday, and my parents are coming to town. I absolutely love good food and drink, and am looking forward to my parents' present: namely, that they will take me and my college roommates out for dinner and drinks. Unfortunately, that makes a party of 15 people, including myself and my parents, which is a bit difficult. They'd like to pay, but are concerned about the tab, especially with people drinking. Can you good folks recommend a place that has the following:

1. The ability to accommodate a group of 15 people on a Saturday night
2. Reasonably priced, especiallly when it comes to wine list and/or drinks (it would be especially great if anyone knows of a place that's BYOB, or has a reasonable corkage fee)
3. Great food! I like New American, Italian, and seafood best, but I'm willing to consider just about anything. We're adventurous eaters.
4. Accessible via the T; we're not going to be able to get 15 people around by car. I'm based in Cambridge (Harvard Square), if that helps with orientation.

Many, many thanks for your help!