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Sliders for Many

I am planning an indoor party for this weekend and I would like to serve around 100 sliders. I will not be able to grill during the party and would rather not cook on the stovetop. I have found a few articles suggesting that burgers could be pre-grilled and kept warm and juicy by either storing in a steamer on the stove or in a pot in the oven. In both cases beef broth is used as the liquid. Has anyone tried this before? Do you end up with uber well done burgers? Any other suggestions?

Mar 13, 2013
bootbot in Home Cooking

Sunset park or Red Hook fields for Cinco de Mayo?

I am looking for family friendly daytime cinco de mayo food and celebration. Any thoughts on which place might have more activity?

May 04, 2012
bootbot in Outer Boroughs

Red hook ball fields

Spring is here . Have the trucks arrived yet?

Apr 07, 2012
bootbot in Outer Boroughs

Good eats near Staten Island Children's Museum?

Thanks for the suggestions. We ended up at Joe & Pats on Victory. Not quite around the corner, but well worth the trip.

Mar 25, 2012
bootbot in Outer Boroughs

Good eats near Staten Island Children's Museum?

Ideally kid friendly of course!

Mar 23, 2012
bootbot in Outer Boroughs

Pittsburgh for a day

A Brooklyn Hound returning to my college stomping grounds 13 yrs later for just one day and I'm looking for a lunch and dinner recommendation. I have an urge to go back to what I remember Ritter's Diner, Charlie's, Mad Mex, etc....but I know much has changed. What's new in Pittsburgh?

Lunch recs should be basic, dinner should be something special (it's my wife's bday). Thanks in advance. We'll be staying in Squirrel Hill....

May 31, 2009
bootbot in Pennsylvania

Slider Buns - Brooklyn

I would like to make sliders for a party this weekend, and I have no idea where to buy slider sized buns. Any ideas????

May 28, 2009
bootbot in Outer Boroughs

ISO Good Mexican Grocery in Brooklyn -- Any Ideas?

if you do not want to travel far, there is a decent mexican grocer / bodega on hoyt between atlantic and state. they have basics like various mexican cheeses, spices, condiments, etc such queso cotija, epazote, chiles in adobo, etc.

Apr 19, 2009
bootbot in Outer Boroughs

Building on Bond?

I heard they started serving food....any thoughts? would it be a good place for bday drinks and food for a party of 8?

Nov 19, 2008
bootbot in Outer Boroughs

EV or BK - Dive Bar with Good Pizza?

Cherry Tree Bar in Brooklyn on 4th ave and Bergen (near the atlantic terminal). Excellent pizza, backyard to hang out in, and a location in Brooklyn that can be somewhat divey (although perfectly fine) :)

Feb 16, 2008
bootbot in Outer Boroughs

Restaurants in the Boroughs like Blue Hill at Stone Barns

I would put chestnut on smith st in brooklyn in this category. check out the article about the chef in the most recent edible brooklyn issue.

Dec 19, 2007
bootbot in Outer Boroughs

Where can I find Argentinian Pizza - Fugazza ?

Does anybody know where I may find Fugazza Pizza? I had it while visiting Buenos Aires and assumed it would be easy to find in NY, but so far I have had no luck

Oct 23, 2007
bootbot in Outer Boroughs

cherry tree pizza

earlier this year discovered the cherry tree down on 4th and bergen in brooklyn. their pizza is up there with the best in ny, plus its quite affordable. keep finding excuses to go back...check it out!

Oct 21, 2007
bootbot in Outer Boroughs