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West Palm / Jupiter - Best restaurants in area?

Food Shak and Leftovers is horrible, there is nothing better in Jupiter so that is why I think people think its "good." Coolinary Cafe is trying and yes I know he used to be a Chef at Food Shak, Reef Grill was disapointing and every place in that area just copies each other. ELV the Equestrian Park Grill i sin Jupiter Farms? I was actually looking at that property a while back but I was intimidated by the out west this is bussiness out there?

asking for West Palm area ideas

Nice to see someone mention Coolinary Cafe they are trying....and are priced well. Please stay away from Food Shak and Leftovers in Jupiter..they are so bad!

Upper Keys Lunch

Island Grill was my favorite, but I did call them out on serving m e"hog fish" and I could tell it wasn't..I am sure it was tilapia...ended up getting my meal for free, but I ate tilapia! Calypso's is cool in fact I live a block away, but it annoys me that they serve on styro-foam plates and use plastic forks not keys green at all. My favorite for lunch right now is Key Largo Fisheries which is a block down from Calypso. You sit outside and drink a beer as the boats come in, but it's good and simple.
Stay away from Meat and Tasters, I used to go to Tasters often but they have gone way down hill.Snappers is even worse, in fact the Chef at Tasters and Meat used to be the Chef there. Morada Bay does have great atmosphere but the food and service suck. Honestly the upper keys is horrible for dinner, either cook yourself or drive the stretch to Miami.

Why should I buy tilapia?

Tilapia will feed on anything, in fact the most common way to farm tilapia is to raise another fish say Salmon and after you harvest them Tilapia is raised on the waste...aka the cheapest fish available...I would become vegetarian before I would eat Tilapia.

Aug 14, 2012
Lucas19 in General Topics

Uses for Tomato-Peach-JalapeƱo Jam

Think salt...I made a tomato jam with ginger and jalapeno and served it on a thick slab of cured and smoked heirloom pork jowel aka the best bacon you will ever have. If you don't have the time to cure pork jowel for 4 days and smoke it for 8 hours than thick sliced bacon works. Over white cheddar grits ( Anson Mills Please) and you have well......heavan.

Aug 14, 2012
Lucas19 in Home Cooking

Why Yelp Sucks!

Trip Advisor is just as bad. I have quite a few reviews on TA and they recently removed one at the request of the owner. I rated them poorly and listed in detail why they well...sucked. I followed all posting guidlines and used no profanity. If a restaurant owner can alter his/her ratings and remove reviews then how can any of these sights really be trusted?

Aug 14, 2012
Lucas19 in Food Media & News

Florida produce

Why does Publix have to wrap all of it's veggies with plastic on styro-foam boards? Not only is this not green, but usually when you get them home and open them up 25% of the product is rotten. Not to mention I am forced to buy larger amounts than needed to feed my wife and 3 year old.
I live in Key Largo so during season I make a weekly trip and drive around the Redlands to pick up produce. Robert is Here has turned into a tourist trap now though and it's not fun to shop with three bus loads of people slamming into you. Florida is definetly behind in the local Farmers Market scene though, but it is making strides with more and more people wanting fresh, local produce. I am originally from Stuart, FL and there are markets popping up more consistently though Stuarts is not so good, but Ft. Pierce has a pretty good one on Saturday and I read an article that Port St. Lucie is bringing back one as well.

I will have to check out your market Urban when I am up that way, and for all of you that are new to South Florida...our seasons are backwards...want a local heirloom tomato, you are going to have to wait until December.
Eat local, eat seasonal, no farms- no food

Aug 14, 2012
Lucas19 in Florida