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New in Harbor East/Fells?

It's restaurant week through 2/8 -- $30 prixe fixe at Black Olive. Dress is casual, fish is very fresh and interesting, veggie options for sure.

Baltimore Steak Wars....Who Ya Got?

Agreed. Prime Rib is a trip to the past. You get to feel like a member of the Rat Pack for a c-note or two.

Dinner near BCC, Inner Harbor?

Corks is a long walk or a very short taxi ride. Definitely 'houndworthy.

Kopi Luwak...where to get it?

I've never tried the Luwak, but I've read some entertaining and informative opinions of it at Go to the site and read about their preferred alternative that journeys through the GI tracts of birds instead of cats, "Brazil Jacu Bird Coffee."

Breakfast near Newark/Elizabeth

Thanks Haydawg! Much appreciated.

Breakfast near Newark/Elizabeth

Hi there,
Will be in transit by car on a saturday morning near EWR and in need of a good breakfast with the family. I read about strong coffee and custard cups in the Ironbound section, but couldn't find specific restaurants open for breakfast. Any recommendations for something good and Chowhound-worthy in the area?

Good eats around JHU in Baltimore

Another treat you might like, although not geographically orthotopic cuisine (not now where it comes from) is Golden West on 36th St (the Avenue) in Hampden (close to JHU -- short car or bike ride or long walk), which does great things with New Mexico green chile.

Good eats around JHU in Baltimore

Many good recommendations, particularly the Korean restaurants which are some of the most satisfying and, I think, authentic ethnic restaurants in the area. For Pizza though, there is more. Never been to Joe squared, but Iggie's on Calvert (Mt Vernon area) and Tutti Gusti in Canton are terrific -- with great meats (prosciutto, soprasetta, etc.) and fresh mozz.