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Birthday lunch for a tween girl

That is what is so appealing about Lafayette. the menu has a bit of everything. My daughter loves the pancakes, french toast, the burger, salads, and she claims the best french fries in the world. :)
The pastry chef is very talented. We always order the pastry basket.
You can dine outside and the vibe is very hip. Much loved by "teens" for instagram. I am confident your daughter will love it.

May 23, 2015
six dower in Manhattan

Birthday lunch for a tween girl

Lafayette in Noho

May 22, 2015
six dower in Manhattan

Best of Charleston-Looking for a lil bit of everything for our first trip there: cheap/expensve, well known/hidden, etc

Oyster Sliders, Crudo or ceviche, Oysters, Vegetable Dish; tomato gratin if it is on the menu. Desserts are great.

May 09, 2015
six dower in Southeast

Lunch near new Whitney?

An now James Beard winner

May 05, 2015
six dower in Manhattan

Return to Charleston, staying downtown, no car

I am emailing you....

May 04, 2015
six dower in Southeast

Saturday brunch in charleston for a group

Stars Rooftop or Park Cafe

May 03, 2015
six dower in Southeast

Return to Charleston, staying downtown, no car

Raw 167 is my one of my top 5 in Charleston. It is very small; go at an off hour unless you are dining alone. The food is great. Ceviche and lobster rolls are a must. Leons is great for outdoor dining. Very laid back vibe with excellent food. Ordinary is amazing.
You will not overlap. They are each unique with different style/prep/service/atmosphere and menus.

May 03, 2015
six dower in Southeast

Return to Charleston, staying downtown, no car

Go to Wildflour and Browns Court and add Cristophes for your afternoon coffee break.

Vendue Inn for breakfast or Caviar and Bananas for a quick bite.

Husk - order the burger too.
You can stop at Macintosh for the app and the hit the Ordinary. Ordinary is awesome however the food is light and the portions can be smaller than most spots.
Have you been to Fig? If no, then you should put this first on your list.
Chez Nous is a must. Each day they list their menu by 10 a.m. for lunch and dinner. It is one spot that I have been many times and I am amazed by each dish I have tried...

May 03, 2015
six dower in Southeast

Return to Charleston, staying downtown, no car

Hey lady! My following comments/opinions are next to your questions. Please let me know if I can be of any help with reservations etc. You have always helped me with my trips to NYC in the past! Btw, Wassail is crushing it and Contra was amazing. Run to Wassail.

Kudu – coffee *Add St Albans

Xiao Bao Biscuit - for lunch
Two Boroughs Larder - for lunch
The Ordinary - for dinner, plan to do this on arrival night, keeping plans loose in care of flight delays
The Grocery - for dinner but I'm not sure if I should do this or Artisan Meat Share instead *drop Grocery add Vendue Inn the Drawing Room. Full menu at the bar. The hotel is lovely. American Meat Share for lunch or breakfast
Husk - for dinner, already have a reservation
Belmont - cocktails
Proof - cocktails

Callie’s Hot Little Biscuit - breakfast sandwiches, is this worth multiple trips? It's very, very close to my hotel
*yes, everyday they have a special. Pop in to see if they have something you like…
The Macintosh - dinner, didn't get a chance last year
*drop and add Chez Nous
Cocktail Club - didn't get a chance last year, bailed after I saw that it was insanely crowded on a Fri night
Butcher & Bee - lunch, should I go for the fried chicken sandwich on Tuesday or fried chicken banh mi on Wednesday? *Fried chicken bahn mi but everything is great
Husk's bar - didn't get a chance last time, was too full/tipsy post-dinner * this should be first on your list; fried chicken and the burger at the bar are amazing. Better burger than Minetta, Lure, Peter Luger’s, etc…
The Daily - for coffee, perhaps post-Butcher and Bee?*yes for pastries and coffee, great breakfast and small bites for lunch
Prohibition - good for cocktails?* stick with Husk, zero George, Gin joint, bar at mccrady’s, Belmont have the best cocktails
Wildflour Pastry - worth it on a non-Sunday? Favorite items? *Browns Court Bakery, Cristophes Chocolates has much better pastries.

Apr 30, 2015
six dower in Southeast

Best Offal dishes in NYC served at Lunchtime?


Apr 30, 2015
six dower in Manhattan

Babbo or like Babbo

No on Perla. L'Artusi is great and you can sit a the bar. Olive Oil Cake is great.Pastas and apps are top notch.

Apr 27, 2015
six dower in Manhattan

Trip report from my trip to NYC this week

*Wassail – new cider bar LES. Not a cider fan however after learning more about cider from the staff at Wassail I am a new lover of cider. I was more impressed with the food. The chef is thoughtful on local sourcing, plating, and playing with herbs paired with in season products. Watch out for this chef. He is THAT good.
*Bowery Meat Company – Strip steak, burger, zucchini app, fries. Decent but I will not venture back; perhaps only for the wine list.
*Maman - the chocolate chip cookie is one of my new favorite bites in NYC. It’s a life changer. Great spot for lunch too. Very kind staff.
*Manush – new spot in West Village. Staff was over whelmed with orders. Tried the yogurt and za’atar option. Great spot but hope they work out staffing issues.
*Union Square Market – bought some herbs and goats milk ricotta and Hot Kitchen partha cheese and garlic bread. I expected it to be larger. Only having few chances to get to the city, I would not return.
*Attaboy – great drinks. Pappy Van Winkle bourbon 12 and 20 year. Will return next trip.
*Picked up Ovenly peanut butter cookie at airport; decent but would not purchase again.
*Breads Bakery – biggest disappointment of the trip. Breads was on my radar for a return visit( wanting to try the croissants this time) since I have had their babka and quiche which I loved; tried the babka this trip and it was good but not great. I love chocolate almond croissants. Payards is my favorite in the city. The staff explained that the chocolate almond is only available on occasions when they have an abundance of leftover chocolate. I am not sure why it is listed on the menu if they only make them twice a month? The almond croissant was not good. It was filled with a tiny bit of marzipan and the shell was doughy. Payards is still the winner in my book. Tried the mushroom quiche again. Not good. Rubbery mushrooms and the crust was tough. Everything tasted commercial. Have they lost their touch?

Apr 16, 2015
six dower in Manhattan

Killer Meal at Wichcraft satellite at Lincoln Center

The brownie is my favorite in the city. The baker will soon have her own shop...Mah-Ze-Dahr Bakery.

Apr 12, 2015
six dower in Manhattan

Trader Joe's YAY/MEH/NAY Thread - April 2015 [OLD]

Yep...I was hoping someone would notice and crack a smile. The dip was amazing....

Apr 07, 2015
six dower in Chains

Trader Joe's YAY/MEH/NAY Thread - April 2015 [OLD]

I used it in a dip with Pulled Pork on top for the Super Bowel. People went nuts for it...

Moving offices to Midtown East ... I need new lunch options!

What do you enjoy at Eclair?

Mar 31, 2015
six dower in Manhattan

Returning to a "never again" restaurant (in my case EMP)

I agree. Write a quick email to the team and explain your situation. Let them respond which perhaps will be a decision factor for you....
I love EMP. My first time was three years ago, after meeting Will and Chef Humm at a local food event I decided to meet a friend at the bar for bites and wine while I was visiting the city. I was alone when I arrived at EMP during rain/sleet storm that evening. Thinking back on my entrance, I was probably a mess as a ran through the door soaking wet and frozen. I had a very bad trip into the city so my mood was not great. The team, not knowing who I was, ushered me to the bar area and provided me with a seat, warmed scarf, and hot tea. The rest of the evening was perfection. I had told my friend while pursuing the bar menu that I was craving soup which was not listed as a dish that evening. 5 minutes later, soup arrived to our table. To this day it was the best soups I have tasted.
I celebrated my birthday a year later at EMP. My bday gift from the EMP team? A box (12 in count) of the dinner rolls. Best take-home gift ever. Screw the granola.....

Mar 30, 2015
six dower in Manhattan

I eat it my way

Same...minus the peanut butter. I like the warming the slices.

Mar 07, 2015
six dower in General Topics

Who makes the best THICK hot chocolate?

Glad you liked it! Its my daughters fav in the city and we have to stop by the shop during each visit to NYC....even during hot summer months. Great greek bakery next door.

Feb 24, 2015
six dower in Manhattan

Who makes the best THICK hot chocolate?

Marie Belle for sure....super thick and they also have pure white hot chocolate too.

Feb 20, 2015
six dower in Manhattan

Fig still a 'go-to' spot in Charleston?

Fig is a great spot. Amke sure to get reservations. Hit Halls Chop House for drinks after dinner.

Feb 11, 2015
six dower in Southeast

Fruit Smoothie = "Bad for You"

I agree. Your body is not smart enough to know the difference between sugar, sugar from fruits, agave, etc. It processes all the same. If you are blending a lot of fruit alone in a liquid form, I would label it as a sugar shake. Eat your fruit. As a cancer survivor it is one lesson that I have learned is that too much sugar, in any form is hard for the body to process...certainly not easy for your body in the morning (after going hours without food) by dumping sugar in liquid form into it, very quickly.
I am surprised by how many people order huge smoothies at juice bars/shops that are full of fruits, honey, agave, sweetened peanut butter, fruit juice and sweetened milk. I cannot imagine the sugar grams....

Feb 08, 2015
six dower in General Topics

Banana Bread

You forgot to mention they have brioche donuts at Bibble and Sip.;) Must try during my next visit. this place looks awesome!'
Try the banana bread at Little Collins

Feb 04, 2015
six dower in Manhattan

Where to watch the Super Bowl in Charleston?


Jan 31, 2015
six dower in Southeast

Where to watch the Super Bowl in Charleston?

Saturday - drinks at Gin Join, dinner at Vendue Inn (sit at the bar in the hotel). The space is beautiful and the food is the best in Charleston
Sunday - Coffee and snacks at St Albans, Brunch at Halls Chophouse, Bay St Bier garden for Superbowl, Belmont for drinks
Monday - You day is full of heavy meals. Light breakfast then Husk for early lunch and Dinner at FIG or Chez Nous
Tuesday - Callies for breakfast and Butcher and Bee for lunch (make sure to pop into the Daily for pastries for the plane ride

Jan 31, 2015
six dower in Southeast

Cioppino (fish stew) to try for comparison

Call Hearth, they will make it for you if you give them notice.

Jan 23, 2015
six dower in Manhattan

Tomato Gravy - tasted a lot, but not the "real" thing

From Sean Brock - one of the best chefs in the USA:

For the Tomato Gravy:

2 tablespoons bacon fat
2 tablespoons Anson Mills Antebellum Fine White Cornmeal
3 cups home-canned tomatoes, or canned San Marzano tomatoes
1 tablespoon kosher salt
1 tablespoon freshly cracked black pepper
For the Tomato Gravy:

Heat the bacon fat in a large nonreactive saucepan over high heat. Stir in the cornmeal with a wooden spoon. Reduce the heat to low and cook, constantly stirring, until the cornmeal turns a light brown color, about 5 minutes. Using your hands, crush the tomatoes into small bite-sized pieces. Add them to the pan and stir to combine. Increase the heat to medium, bring the gravy to a simmer, and cook it, stirring occasionally, for 10 minutes, until it is slightly thickened and the cornmeal is soft. Be careful that it is not sticking or scorching. Add the salt and pepper. Hold warm on low heat for up to 1 hour.

Jan 17, 2015
six dower in Home Cooking

Coming to NYC for 36 hours!

Steak - Costada (great pasta and crudo), Minetta Tavern, Wolf Gang, Marta (good pizza too)
Italian - Hearth, Maialino, Babbo, Del Posto, Marea
Lunch - Il Buco Almintieri, Dutch, Charlie Bird, Lafayette
New but great - Mission Chinese Food, Dirty French, Cosme, Russ and Daughters
All great for solo bar dining. Go to places that are hard to get in witout a rez and more than one person. Hit Chelsea Market or Essex Markers and eat at many spots within the building.

Jan 14, 2015
six dower in Manhattan

Vegetarian options in Soho


Jan 10, 2015
six dower in Manhattan

need midtown suggestions for a last minute trip

Please make sure to go to Essex Market. That sandwich was one of my "best bites" of this year. Stop by the ice cream cart fr a sample of unique flavors and the Boubouki Bakery for a slice of pear cake. Very light and not too sweet.
Try to squeeze in Xian Famous Foods. My daughter and I made a visit to the city over Christmas and we are still talking about our lunch of the spicy lamb noodles and pork burger. Enjoyed Marea, Ma Pache, and Betony as well since they were all located within walking distance.
Thanks to Ziggy and Ellen for all of their tips.

Jan 05, 2015
six dower in Manhattan