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Blue crabs - male or female - do you prefer your crabs to have a Y chromosome?


Sep 12, 2014
six dower in General Topics

Charleston restaurants: Need one more!!

McCradys is not to be missed! Try Park Cafe for lunch. Skip Cru.

Sep 10, 2014
six dower in Southeast

Charleston Grill vs Peninsula Grill

Not a fan of Peninsula.
I went to Charleston Grille last weekend; loved the jazz, dressed up atmosphere, and the apps.
Dinner was not good. The food was under seasoned and bland. The bread basket was laughable. Desserts were decent.
I would go to CG for the jazz, great wine list, and a quick app before going elsewhere for dinner and dessert.

Sep 10, 2014
six dower in Southeast

Does anyone ever order hot water with lemon?

Thanks! I loved your comment above...I think many posters need to "CTFO".

Sep 08, 2014
six dower in Not About Food

Does anyone ever order hot water with lemon?

I am shocked by the negative comments. I am a cancer survivor and hot lemon water was on my list of many items that Sloan Kettering put on my list of food/benefits. I have dined at some of the top restaurants in the world and I have never been charged for my cup. It is more commonly ordered in Europe. When I was in Paris, many of my friends that lived in the city ordered this drink at the end of every dinner.
Perhaps the next time you witness a person who orders hot lemon water, instead of accusing them of being cheap, think about the chance that they may be fighting cancer.

Sep 06, 2014
six dower in Not About Food

Attention all Trader Joe Shoppers!

lol!your post reminds me of the when I stand in line behind someone at a juice/smoothie joint while they order a fruit shake because it is "healthy". I cant stop myself from asking them if they know how many sugars are in an extra-large fruit smoothie. YIKES!!! They always looked stunned when they read the nutritional info.

Aug 19, 2014
six dower in Chains

NY to Charleston (Kiawah), am I missing anything?

make sure to stop by Swig and Swine by the Glass Onion. Good BBQ, great cobbler
my new fav spots: Park Cafe (downtown) and Chez Nous.

Aug 16, 2014
six dower in Southeast

Where to solo lunch, given...

i enjoyed Estela and Charlie Bird for lunch, solo. Also Carbone, The Dutch, or Lafayette.
Please order the Halva Ice Cream Dessert at Russ and Daughters. So good!
I also stopped by El Ray(LES) cute spot that serves great food (limited menu) and pastries.

Jul 31, 2014
six dower in Manhattan

Noise level at the Ordinary

You will be fine at 6:30 upstairs. You have to go! Glad you are going to Coda. Please report back.

Jul 17, 2014
six dower in Southeast

Noise level at the Ordinary

Depends on what time and which day of the week?
I had two excellent dinners at Coda Del Pesce this month. CDP is my new favorite spot in Charleston. The sound level is fairly low. Enjoy!

Jul 16, 2014
six dower in Southeast

Famous foods from your region you find tasty and delicious.

I am in Charleston. Which place serves your fav? Looks like I need to make a drive north!

Jul 13, 2014
six dower in General Topics

Famous foods from your region you find tasty and delicious.

Where do you find the "light as air" hushpuppies in SC? The only ones that I have had in SC are dense and over fried. I like the NC style...light and sweet.
Do you know of a few spots in SC?

Jul 12, 2014
six dower in General Topics

Trip guidance for tomorrow

Need your help again for this trip…

Gato – having dinner at the bar. Best dishes not to miss?
Ice Cream/Gelato shops – too many new ones are popping up in NYC. I do love bitter dark chocolate ( I love Grom’s) Which one should I try?
New places for almond croissant – my current favs are Payards and Breads. Thinking of trying Zuckers?
El Rey Coffee shop for breakfast – thoughts?
Russ and Daughters café – have to try the halva(my new obsession) ice cream and babka French Toast.
Price point/location not an issue.

I am also shopping and Union Market on Friday for items to take home. Suggestions for the best items? They must be capable of making it on a short one hour plane trip.

Jun 11, 2014
six dower in Manhattan

Obstinate Daughter,Sullivan's Island...anybody been yet?

I have been twice. The first time was excellent. The second time was just ok.
I would suggest checking it out for lunch before committing to a dinner.

Jun 07, 2014
six dower in Southeast

Coconut cake to go at Peninsula Grill? [Charleston, SC]

I agree with danna. Much better options in the city for dessert.

May 31, 2014
six dower in Southeast

Croissants revisited (SOHO)

My next trip I would like to try the Almond Croissant at Aroma Espresso. I have tried them in Miami, they are very good. Anyone have feedback?
The halva pastry is my new favorite dessert.

May 09, 2014
six dower in Manhattan

Is Russ & Daughters Cafe everything l hoped it would be? Yes.

They have Babka French Toast? I can't wait until my next trip....

May 09, 2014
six dower in Manhattan

Charleston Specialty Shops (gift certificate)?

Southern Seasons for sure

May 02, 2014
six dower in Southeast

recommendation for a dinner in Charleston next week

Afternoon drink prior to meal - Zero George
Meal - Ordinary or Fig
After Drink - if you go to Ordinary go to Belmont, if you go to Fig go to McCradys

May 02, 2014
six dower in Southeast

Visiting from Toronto - thoughts/suggestions?

Try the Food Hall inside the Plaza Hotel. Many options for lunch.

Apr 17, 2014
six dower in Manhattan

Touristy Spots Worth Visiting

You should have had the cookies from Levain. You must go back!!

Apr 13, 2014
six dower in Manhattan

Help finding pastry

Hi NYC Chowhounds! I recently had a pastry at the Aroma Espresso in Miami:
Rich, dense and sweet sesame-based confectionery
The same cafe carries the pastry in NYC. It is the best pastry I have had in a long time. I am not even sure what compelled me to order it....
Now I am on a mission to find a similar pastry in NYC. Perhaps a different version than Aroma's? I do know of Brooklyn Sesame that sells Halva Spread. Has anyone had a similar pastry or dessert? If yes, please tell where???

Apr 11, 2014
six dower in Manhattan

Touristy Spots Worth Visiting

I am in the same boat, Chowser.
recent trip to NYC with daughter:
Shopsins - she will love it due to the insane food combo and surly service. we had a blast and the food is great. Read the menu prior to your visit. Read the rules.
Eataly/Shake Shack - Sit at the pizza counter at Eataly. Order small pie to share. Shop around the store for take home items. Try some gelato. Walk across the street to Shake Shack and split a burger and custard.
Jocques Torres/Levain Bakery: They are very close neighbors. My teen loved the Century 21 store which is very close to both...nice afternoon treat. Hot choc. from JT and cookies from Levain.
We also toured around Chinatown eating at few spots. We walked to SoHo for lunch at Lafayette then dessert at Ansels Bakery.
You have to take her to Dylans. Yes it is crazy busy and dirty but the teens love it.
We did dine at Minetta Taven - we are both steak lovers but it may be out of your price range for her.
She also LOVES ordering a dirty water dog from the guy outside of the Plaza Hotel. We always make a stop at the Food Hall inside the Plaza for treats and sushi while taking a break from shopping.

Apr 10, 2014
six dower in Manhattan

Planning Charleston trip, need "less fancy" suggestions

Skip Hominy, Pen Grill, and Grocery.
Ordinary should be on your list fir dinner and then stop by Belmont for drinks after (they have homemade poptarts).
You have to go to Martha Lou's for lunch - go right before or after the lunch crowd, cash only
Butcher and Bee is good for late night
If you visit the Oak Tree, stop by JB's SmokeHouse for lunch. It is a dive buffet but it is decent BBQ and fried chicken.
I like Husk for lunch and the bar is great for small eats/drinks
For sweets - stop by Browns Court Bakery and Christophe Chocolates)

Apr 04, 2014
six dower in Southeast

Trader Joe's YAY/NAY - April 2014 [OLD]

I finally bought the marinated mushrooms this week and poured a few with some juice in a food processor. WOW! so good...spread or topped onto many dishes this week.

Apr 03, 2014
six dower in Chains

decent brunch around 55th street 5 and 6 av. - possible on workday

I LOVE Little Collins Olive Oil Cake.

Apr 03, 2014
six dower in Manhattan

Best desserts in NYC

Olive Oil Cake is great at Little Collins near 57 and Lex. Monica - you must stop by this shop is in your work area.

Mar 26, 2014
six dower in Manhattan

MInetta Tavern - The Big Conundrum

I will get groans when I say this but I prefer the Burger vs the Black Label Burger. It is so much better, IMO. The bartender, Fabrezio(?) encouraged me to try it side by side when I was dining with a group of friends( we were discussing the "bet burger" in NYC). We agreed that it was much better. Anyone else agree?
Also in our group was the VP of Marketing for Danny Meyers. She orders the burger once a week...she claims it is the best in the city.

Mar 24, 2014
six dower in Manhattan

Weight Watchers Foodies -- March Forth Edition! -- March 2014 [OLD]

I have the same travel schedule as you aimee. A few tips:
Marriott Breakfast: Skip the yogurt - it is full of sugar/fat. Stick with the hot oatmeal and add a few nuts and fruits to eat. No cheese or meats unless they have smoked salmon. Skip the cereal - processed and yucky. I always take a few apples or pieces or fruit with me for the road. If they have hard boiled eggs, I stick a couple in a cup with lid and I have them on a salad for lunch.
Lunch - veggs/protein or salad/protein. Learn to eat salad without dressing.
Dinner - either have one piece of bread or a glass of wine. No dessert unless you can steal a bite from your coworker. I try to go for sushi however we tend to stick to steak houses. I order shrimp cocktail with a salad or steamed veggies. Most places dump so much oil and butter on fish, steak, and think you are ordering healthy but the kitchen is added way more calories than you would count. Stick to "fresh as possible" and learn how to order wisely. Spend some time in a kitchen at a steakhouse and you will be amazed at what goes in/on your "healthy" dinner.
It is very hard having that damn breadbasket stare at you along with the butter and oil. It is so tempting but at the end of the day, not worth it!

Mar 16, 2014
six dower in Home Cooking

Low Country Road Trip

Skip SeeWees, Eli's Table, and Taco Boy. Your other choices are ok; however you should include the Ordinary. Hit Xiao Bao for lunch. Two Borrows Ladder is a great dinner spot and Twenty Six Divine is a hidden gem for lunch. Park Cafe is new and they serve breakfast, lunch, and dinner.If you like sweets, you must try Christophe's on Society and King.

Mar 14, 2014
six dower in Southeast