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Chopped/Diced white Onions

I bought one of these years ago from Cayne's ( and it has saved my eyes ever since. It also a handy tool for chopping veg for soups and stews.

Best soufganyot?(Chanukah donuts)

Von Doughnuts on the Danforth near Pape has Soufanyot. I bought some last weekend (raspberry jam filling) and they were awesome. Just make sure to call before you head over as supplies can be limited.

Where to find Split Top Hot Dog Buns in GTA?

Which Loblaw's have you seen them in? I've looked in a couple (Redway, Bathurst/St. Clair) and I haven't seen them.

Where to find Split Top Hot Dog Buns in GTA?

After spending another glorious summer out in Cape Breton, I find myself back in Toronto craving New England Style (aka Split Top) Hot Dog buns. Any ideas on where I can find some?

Hole-E Burger Bar

I ordered from them this past Sunday and as I was eating my burger, it fell apart in the bun. I also found the patty to be unevenly cooked. Some parts were dry and others moist and pink. That being said, Mrs. U got their Turkey burger and declared it delicious. It was much better than my burger. The patty was evenly cooked (no holes) and moist and flavourful.

In my opinion, they should ditch the beef and stick with the Turkey. We also ordered fries, not very salty (which we didn't mind), but definitely not double fried. Unless I was hard up for a burger, I'd either make one at home or drive the 15 minutes down to BP.

quick dinner near Queen St E and Woodbine?

Burger's Priest @ Coxwell & Queen or Burrito Bandito's also @ Coxwell and Queen

Expensive and Ugly looking French Pastries at 'Patisserie La Cigogne!

I live in the Coxwell/Cosburn area and headed up to the Mon K Patisserie two weeks ago (during their soft opening). I had an Earl Grey macaron. The texture of the shell was very good and the filling was a little buttery, not overpowering. Personally, I prefer a Yuzu filling, but I would go back to try something else.

Old-school glass bottle soda in Mississauga

Metro grocery stores also stock Canada Dry and Sprite in glass bottles as well.

Looking for Lemon Squash Drink Mix

I've been looking for Lemon Squash drink mix (I think it may have been made by Rose). I used to buy it at Loblaws/No Frills/Superstore, but I haven't seen it in a while. Anybody seen a bottle around?

Dodgiest looking restaurant you've been to but turned out to be a winner (or least better than expected)

I'll third Allwyn's. I work in the area and I always make sure to have a jerk chicken sandwich now and again. I am impressed that he also makes his own coleslaw in there as well.

Moe Pancer's Reno

What about Yitz's? I know I've eaten there once, a long time ago, but I can't remember anything about my meal. I do know that Katz's on Dufferin is to be avoided at all costs though. Has anyone eaten at Jody's ( They have two locations in the East end and I just haven't had a chance to check them out.

Old East York food crawl (east of Pape)

I'll second Folia. I've been a big fan of theirs since they opened. I have a weakness for the Zucchini Fries and the fresh feta they bring in for their salads.

Old East York food crawl (east of Pape)

If you're already at Rally, keep heading North to Vic Park, and Eglinton and in the same plaza as the No Frills, there is a fantastic Turkish place called Shirin Kebob House. Really nice pide's, beef and chicken shwarma wraps, and a nice selection of other Turkish dishes.

Old East York food crawl (east of Pape)

I also have to toss in a recommendation for Sultan of Samosas. They have a great selection and since they are busy, there is really good turnover of the samosas so nothing is sitting out long. The pakoras are also really nice.

Moe Pancer's Reno

Dr. Laffa is still closed because Passover doesn't end until sundown tonight (Apr/2). Truth be told, I am done with the Bathurst & Wilson Pancers. I've been eating there for about 15 years, and ever since Lorne sold, the quality has been declining. The last time I was there, about 6 months ago, the meat was way too salty. Don't get me wrong, I know that I'm not going into a deli for a low-sodium meal, but the saltiness dominated everything. I'm hoping that Ben & Izzy's are up to the challenge of good Kosher deli.

Sushi - Danforth & Logan area

I've been getting delivery from Aji Sai Sushi (near Danforth & Jones)

Everything tastes fresh, and it is easy on the wallet. Definately not high-end, but it will do in a pinch if you don't want to travel far.

Barely any hot dog vendors in Mississauga

The problem probably is that there is very little foot traffic in Mississauga. If you look at where the vendors are in Toronto, they are mostly downtown and midtown where there is sufficient pedestrian traffic. There are some vendors in Toronto that setup outside of high schools where there is a large lunchtime crowd, but they are few and far between.

Coxwell Avenue Restaurants

Remarks is on Coxwell on the West side of the street, about a 3 minute walk South from O'Connor. I've only eaten at San Francesco once, and I think I prefer the sandwiches from California Sandwiches (Warden & Eglinton location). There wasn't enough sauce on the sandwich and the veal was kind of dry.

My wife and I also enjoy Thai Fusion (a 1 minute walk North of Coxwell and Plains on the East side of the street). While not the best (and certainly not the worst), they have a fairly good menu and the food quality is always consistent.

Coxwell Avenue Restaurants

I've had a couple of good meals at Remarks Bar & Grill

Woodlot Recomendations

I'm organizing a guys night out to Woodlot and I was wondering if anyone has any recommendations on apps and mains I should try on the meat menu.

Haggis, Tatties and Neeps in Toronto

You can go to the Caledonian ( It is a regular item on their menu.

The Caledonian
856 College St, Toronto, ON M6H 1A1, CA

The Burger's Priest new location??

What is the "altar boy"?

Ethiopian Recommendations - Danforth

My wife and I went to Dukem recently and had a fantastic meal. The service was great and the food was very tasty. We used to eat at Ethiopia House on Irwin St., but we would vote Dukem our favourite hands down.

950 Danforth Ave, Toronto, ON M4J 1L9, CA

Ethiopian House
4 Irwin Ave, Toronto, ON M4Y1K9, CA

Best Jerk Chicken SANDWICH in Toronto

I've tried the Jerk Chicken sandwich at Ackee Tree at Spadina & Queen. But I didn't find nearly as tasty (or as well assembled) as the one at the bakery at Parkwoods Plaza.

FYI: That plaza is going to be torn down in the near future (I don't know the exact time line). It is going to be redeveloped into condos with attached townhouses. As far as I know, the only things that will remain are the grocery store and the Shoppers Drug Mart. more sandwiches!

Where to buy good quality Sauerkraut?

Starky's has excellen barrel cured products, including sauerkraut.

Woodbine/Danforth - decent restaurants?

Do you have a link to the review?

Looking for Shwarma around Coxwell and Danforth

While I am fond of Folia Grill (and believe me, I am very fond of it). Sometimes I crave the flavour oomph of a shwarma. And Mrs. Vache really enjoys a falafel now and again. I know I saw some places on Pape around Folia Grill that advertised shwarma. Anyone been?

Folia Grill
1031 Pape Ave, Toronto, ON M4K 3V9, CA

Looking for Shwarma around Coxwell and Danforth

Hello All,

I was wondering if anyone had any recommendations around a shwarma/falafel joint around Coxwell and Danforth. I would be willing to go as far as Pape and Danforth. If anyone can recommend a place that is close to Coxwell and Cosburn, that would be perfect!

Woodbine/Danforth - decent restaurants?

Pineapple Legend has closed and re-opened as Little Coxwell Restaurant. Looks like the same menu and owners. I prefer the Thai place across the street (I believe it is called Thai Fusion). They have a better menu selection. Little Coxwell seems more like a Vietnamese place with a couple of Thai dishes. I hope they actually dump the Thai dishes and go completely Vietnamese.

Thai Fusion Restaurant
969 Coxwell Ave, Toronto, ON M4C3G4, CA

Best Reuben Sandwich in Toronto?

Sorry to say that the Corned Beef House is gone.

Corned Beef House
303 Adelaide St W, Toronto, ON M5V1P7, CA