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Luci Restaurant in the former Momo's Bistro space (Queensway & Royal York)

Thanks for the suggestion. We may check out Cellar Door. We are borderline baby boomers but not into a stuck up vibe! It sounds like the type of place we would like.

Luci Restaurant in the former Momo's Bistro space (Queensway & Royal York)

Has anyone been recently? Looking for a good Italian for an anniversary dinner.

25th Wedding Anniversary - restaurant suggestions, please?

Thanks for your recommendations. We went to Globe Bistro last night and had a lovely time. Food was great, service was friendly and the overall ambience was just what I was looking for. Since our anniversary is not actually until Tuesday (which is not a good day for celebrating), the celebrations continue at home today with a special home cooked meal and some champagne!

Gourmet Cupcakes?

For a recent work function, we ordered Dufflet's cupcakes and they were really good. Cake is not my preferred sweet and I'm not fond of icing. We got vanilla cupcakes and I was particularly impressed with the icing. Nice texture and not too sweet.

787 Queen St W, Toronto, ON M6J, CA

25th Wedding Anniversary - restaurant suggestions, please?

My husband and I are celebrating our 25th wedding anniversary in a couple of weeks and we are looking for some place to go to celebrate. We're pretty unpretentious people but we like good food. We don't go out much because we prefer to cook good food and drink great wine at home but you only have a 25th anniversary once! I'm looking for some recommendations. Places that I have checked out online so far include: Veritas, Mildred's Temple Kitchen, and Gilead Cafe and Bistro. We're definitely into local fare. We're looking for a great meal, a great atmosphere but not so upscale that we have to "dress up". I prefer to be kind of dressy/casual, i.e., really nice jeans and a pretty top. I look forward to your suggestions!

234 King St E, Toronto, ON M5A, CA

Mildred's Temple Kitchen
85 Hanna Avenue, Toronto, ON M6K 3S3, CA

Restaurant recommendations near Yonge & Gerrard

I am meeting an old friend for dinner. She is staying in the Yonge & Gerrard area and I was looking for a dinner location within walking distance and somewhat inexpensive. She's not keen on anything spicy so no Indian or Thai. Any recommendations?

Baby Back Ribs at St. Lawrence Market?

Who sells the best baby back ribs at the St. Lawrence Market? I was disappointed with Brown Bros. I felt there was too much dry loin meat still attached to the rib. I'm looking for a great juicy rib. Also would prefer not to get tail end.

LOBLAWS Deathwish

They renovated the Loblaws (or Loblaw Good Food as it's now called) near me, East Mall/Burnhamthorpe. It's difficult to find what you are looking for and the whole atmosphere changed. We now go to Longo's for everything we don't pick up at the St. Lawrence Market. I'll now only go to Loblaws for something I can't find elsewhere.

Recipe for a good basic french bread

I am a beginner bread baker and am looking for a good basic french bread recipe. I have Rose Levy Berenbaum's "The Bread Bible" but I'm finding her recipes to be a bit complex and I'm looking for something a bit simpler to get me started. Any suggestions would be appreciated.

Nov 04, 2008
Deborah B in Home Cooking

Oktoberfest Sausages

Gaucho at the St. Lawrence Market. They have a fine selection of all kinds of sausages. Haven't had one I didn't like. They are in the north market, Saturdays only.

Organic Homo Milk - Spoilage Issues

I have had problems with bagged milk - both organic and non-organic - with it going bad before the expiry date. I now buy Harmony in the bottles and have had no problems with it. The only downside is that 4 litres in bottles is significantly more expensive than 4 litres in bags.

best italian pork sausages in toronto?

My favourite sausages by far are the ones from Gaucho at the St. Lawrence Market (Saturday north market). They make a nice sweet Italian with fennel. Also, their spicy has a nice level of heat. They have a huge variety of all kinds of sausage and I haven't had one that I didn't like.

Monte Bello (Renforth Drive)

Monte Bello was replaced with a sports bar called In Cahoots a while back. If you're looking for something nearby, Oregano Grill on Dundas is nice. It's more Mediterranean than Italian. I also recently went to Il Posticino on The Queensway (near Royal York) and had a nice meal there. I'm also fond of the original Rocco's Plum Tomato also on the Queensway (east of Parklawn).

Fave Ontario Beer

I'd suggest King Pilsner. I second comments already made on Mill Street products.

Best Wine Book for Novice

Immer Robinson did release an updated version of the book a couple of years ago. I bought a copy as a gift for someone just starting out in the world of wine just prior to the new version coming out. Unfortunate bad timing on that one! I also have her Great Tastes Made Simple on wine pairing and Everyday Dining with Wine which are also nice books.

Oct 20, 2008
Deborah B in Wine

looking for cooking apples

I like the Mutsu for cooking. They're nicely tart and keep their shape well. But if you're intent on Spys, I've seen them at the St. Lawrence Market. Golden Orchard in the south market had them and you're also likely to find them in the north market on Saturdays.

Best Wine Book for Novice

A great beginner book is Great Wine Made Simple by Andrea Immer.

Oct 17, 2008
Deborah B in Wine

Goat Meat?

There's a vendor at the St. Lawrence Market (north market, Saturday only) that sells goat. I can't comment on whether boneless is available. I haven't actually purchased it. My husband has picked up their pre-prepared goat curry there.

Alternatives to Pusateris

I'm another SLM fan. My husband and I go every Saturday. There's not much you can't get there.

What was your favourite restaurant that went downhill after they solidified their status

I echo some of the comments above about Alice Fazooli's. I much preferred it in its original concept. At that time, they also the option of getting a smaller portion of their pasta dishes which was really nice. Now, it's one size only. Another disappointment from that family of restaurants was the change of Al Frisco's to Frisco's Brasserie. My mother and I would always go to Al Frisco's pre-theatre and had really nice meals there. Then they changed the format. We went once and had a really mediocre and over salty meal and never went back. It turns out it's being changed to a Jack Astor's now.

Where to buy VillaWare in Toronto?

Have you tried Williams-Sonoma? I got my VillaWare waffle iron there but it was a few years ago. As for ice cream maker, I have the Cuisinart one. It's not too expensive, works well and is available most places that sell small kitchen appliances.

Where can I find burrata in Toronto?

I also saw at Schleffer's at St. Lawrence Market. I believe the Cheese Boutique may carry it.

Terroni's it is..

Do you mean they only take reservations if it's 6pm or later? I've only been twice. The first time was when they were on Victoria St. I went with my mother and we really enjoyed the food and the atmosphere there. My second visit was to their new Adelaide location and I went for lunch with a friend. It was incredibly busy. Our server seemed challenged with all aspects of my order (pizza margherita and a glass of white wine). She brought me red wine and then I had to wait ages for her to bring me the correct white wine. She also forgot what I had ordered in terms of food so the order went into the kitchen separately from my friend's and her meal came first. She had finished eating by the time I got my food. Needless to say, I wasn't too impressed with the service on this visit and the pizza didn't seem as good as on my previous visit. I'm considering returning again but on a Saturday night pre-theatre. We usually go early, 5:30 pm, which I'm hoping is early enough on Saturday night to avoid any wait to get in.

Foodstuffs in South Etobicoke

I live in Central Etobicoke and although there is the farmer's market at the Etobicoke Civic Centre, my husband and I go to the St. Lawrence Market every Saturday. Occasionally, we'll head up to The Big Carrot since it's only about 10 mins from the market. Also, we may do double duty and check out the Brickworks as well. Another place we'll go to on occasion is Organic Garage in Oakville. Another market to keep in mind is the Liberty Village one on Sundays. It's a really short drive from South Etobicoke and it's nice little market.

Foodstuffs in South Etobicoke

Pasquale Brothers is only open on weekdays and close at 4:30 pm. They used to be open on Saturdays. It's too bad they changed their hours since getting there on a weekday could be a challenge for many.

i *want* to like sundried tomatoes....

I think the brand makes all the difference. I enjoy Pastene which are packed in oil.

Sep 21, 2008
Deborah B in Home Cooking

Best Italian Cookbook?

Some of my favourite recipes come from Biba Caggiano books. One of the first cookbooks I ever bought close to 30 years ago was Biba's Northern Italian Cooking and there are recipes I still use today such as her bolognese and spaghetti primavera. Other favourites come from her Trattoria Cooking such as the gnocchi with Leonida's sauce and the chicken cacciatore. I also have Marcella Hazan's Essentials of Italian Cooking, also good. I recently made the bolognese recipe from that book and it was very good. Batali's Molto Italiano is a more approachable book than his Simple Italian Food. Giada de Laurentiis's books are good but a little less traditional than Marcella and Biba. Not from an Italian cookbook but an excellent recipe for spaghetti and meatballs can be found in Tyler Florence's Tyler's Ultimate.

Sep 21, 2008
Deborah B in Home Cooking

Meat, fish and chicken at St. Lawrence Market

If you are shopping on a Saturday, you should go to the North farmer's market. For meat, Rowe Farms is excellent although their poultry is really expensive. While slightly less expensive, Clement Poultry is also very good and I have been shopping there of late. Both Rowe and Clement have chicken that has true flavour unlike grocery store product or worse something frozen from M&M. Go to Gaucho for sausages. They are the best. I haven't had a variety that I haven't liked. They are more expensive than the vendors in the south market but they are superior. Quite lean but they still have great texture and flavour. While you're in the north market, pick up cheese at either Monforte or Best Baa Farm/Ewenity as well as the Stirling Creamery butter. For fish, Mike's in the south market is great. I've had the dry scallops previously mentioned and they are better. We were given a free sample of a "regular" scallop to do a comparison when we cooked them at home. If you live in the west end, Mike's has an outlet in Etobicoke that is cheaper than SLM. Many of meat vendors in the south market are very good too. I like Whitehouse for things that are different such as game and cornish hens. They also have Berkshire pork. La Boucherie has fabulous thinly pounded provimi veal cutlets. De Liso has very good product as well. While more expensive, I think SLM is worth it. The smell in the fish and meat section as T&T is enough to put me off buying anything "fresh". I'll stick to packaged good there!

Looking for good take out in Etobicoke

I second Milano's for pizza and their wings are good. Also, like McNie's which if you're up for it do haggis. It's too heavy for me but the small taste I had was tasty. My husband likes to get it.

Sauerkraut & Mushroom Perogies?

They have frozen ones which are $10 for a bag of 50. They are the Pelmen brand (see post below from bill_best). They are the best frozen perogies I've had.