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Bangkok- Drinks at a riverside swanky bar before chow-ing?

My husband and I will be in Bangkok just one night- his birthday! We both love great street food
and I think the stalls in the Saochingcha district sound perfect for dinner but I'd like to take him
for a fabulous cocktail (or two) beforehand. We're staying at the Navalai Riverside on Pra Artith
and would like somewhere fairly close that we might get to on foot or ferry- one of the fancy hotel bars (like Shangri La or Oriental) perhaps? Thanks in advance.

Going in mid-aug. What's in season?

What about soft-shell crab in early August? Are these in season or more of a spring thing?

Aug 03, 2009
hamachihil in New Orleans

Reservation at Cochon?

I'll be in NO this coming week and have been busily perusing this board for recommendations.
I made a rez at Commanders Palace for lunch and am looking at smaller places like Felix, etc.
Would we need a reservation for Cochon on a Friday night (8pm -ish) this time of year? I would like to play it by ear but don't want to miss out!

Aug 03, 2009
hamachihil in New Orleans

A16 Recommendations?

Get a pizza with arugula on top and/or a poached egg- divine. Also great salads and unusual fishy-anchovy kind of apps.

Olema Dining

Olema Inn- slightly less casual but MUCH better food. I find Station House food to be pretty tired.

Night out in Downtown SF?

We've scored a free night at the Hotel Vitale in early May. Planning an SF mini-weekend
(live in Oakland) and wondering where folks would recommend for dinner. In the E.Bay
we're big fans of Flora, Pizziaola, Cesars, Sea Salt, Luka's. Would like a place with great
food and atmosphere- not crazy expensive, and preferably walking distance (Mission and
Embarcadero). Thinking about Canteen, Perbacco, Ame. Any thoughts, hounds?

Spicy Cocktails in the Bay Area?

Flora, in the Uptown section on Oakland has the best cocktails I've had in years. "Carter Beats the Devil" has a tincture of chili (maybe habanero) in it and is wonderful. I also highly recommend a drink called the Pegu Club- no chili but pure deliciousness. The
food there is amazing too.

Gefilte Fish

Help! I'm hosting a seder and I cannot bear the thought of those tasteless ovoids in wierd
jeely-substance. Growing up in NYC my Mom would buy it fresh (yum). Any thoughts about something more appetizing that I can buy (noted Brad levy's recipe on the boards but not willing to invest three days of boing, cooking, etc). Any suggestins, esp. in the E. Bay would be greatly appreciated.

Nice But Not So Fantastic Meal at Rivoli Restaurant in Berkeley

The one meal I ate at Rivoli was above average but I thought that many of their dishes relied on lots of fat to create flavor. I was unpleasantly stuffed at the end of the meal.

Has anyone been to Pres a Vi in San Francisco

My hubby works at Lucas and we went the first week it was open, so maybe the experience was not representative. However, we both thought the food was very average and overpriced for what you got. The decor was lovely, however, and the service very friendly yet professional. Will be giving it another shot.

Olema Inn Restaurant

So glad that the info was helpful- interesting history on the old PRS hotel. It's a gorgeous building and I'm really glad that someone is going to do something with it. Re: Bovine Bakery, we had a chocolate-cherry-almond cookie there that was truly killer.

Le Croissant – a delicious blast from the past – awesome omelets – how’s the pie?

I am a sucker for those huge almond croissant. I try to not finish it but usually end up doing so. It's not a classic but very tasty in a marzipan and butter kind of way. Warmed up it's even better.

Olema Inn Restaurant

Hubby, puppy and I just returned from two spectacular days in Point Reyes. Stayed for the first time at the Olema Inn (quite attractive, allow pets, no 2-night minimum but lousy hot water and non-existent service). This was Thursday evening, following the fire that closed down Manka's so getting a dinner rez was tight. However we wrangled an 8:30, went down to the bar around 8pm and were given a complimentary glass of champagne to ease the pain of the wait.

We started with Hog Isand oysters, 8 of them, each with a different topping. The four I tasted were all delicious, my fave being the "A La Russe" with lemon creme fraiche and caviar.
Then we shared the fresh crab frisee salad with citrus truffle vinegrette, light, complex and delicious. On to the mains: We got the Marin Farms steak with wild mushrooms and potatoes- beautifully cooked and really meaty tasting and statisfying, and probably the most fabulous dish of the evening, duck confit and apple ravioli with quince,fennel, bussell sprouts in a sherry au jus. The flavors were so unique and complimented each other so well we ALMOST didn't need dessert but who are we to skimp? We had a chocolate ice cream parfait which was fine but ordinary and a very good bread pudding with carmel sauce. All in all a terrific meal and most impressive considering we were one of the last tables after the kitchen had been unexpectedly slammed after the fire. We also had a nice chat with the sous chef who was doing double duty as a bartender/hostess. Sh said that she and the chef, Ed Vigil will be opening a new place in the large brick builing next to the Old West saloon in Point Reyes. She said it will also have rooms and be called Serefina. They are expecting to open sometime next year.

Your Favorite Chocolates Available in SF.

I absolutetly love these local chocolates called Poco Dolce. They have an assortment with flavors like Aztec with a hint of chili, or english toffee, all in dark chocolate with a spirnkle of grey salt or fleur de sel. They are, as the title suggests, not too sweet and utterly addictive. They have them at Whole Foods and The Gardener in Berkeley.

Good quick food in San Rafael?

Need a quick, perhaps take-out meal in San Rafael before meeting friends for bowling. Perhaps a good burrito???

Lunch in Menlo Park?

Any suggestions for a casual spot with good and non-Asian food? Anyone recommend Cafe Borrone or is it more a coffee and dessert place?

San Rafael - Silbermann's Ice Cream - organic, family run since 1966

This is my favorite ice cream in the Bay Area- used to live in Terra Linda and it's about the only thing I miss about living there! I'm a big fan of the chocolate chip and mint chocolate chip. Also really good fudge on sundaes. For me it hits the just rich enough to give fullness to the wonderful flavors without being so heavy that all you really experience is the weight of the cream ( a la Mitchell's)

Can you recommend a caterer for a dinner party in San Francisco?

Check out They did my wedding- the food is amazing and very reasonable for the quality.

New on Piedmont Ave- Cesar and Cyclo

Was just on the Ave this afternoon (saw "Little Miss Sunshine"- highly recommended) and saw that Cesar has finally opened as well as an upscale Vietnamese place called Cyclo- any reports?

Dinner in Burlingame or San Mateo?

I'm picking up a friend and his 9 year old son at SFO and having dinner before they head down to Menlo Park. Need somewhere with good food, not too surburban, quiet enough to catch up, and where a kid would be welcomed. I thought about driving up to the City but don't want to deal with traffic at rush hour. All suggestions very welcomed.