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What's good in Kitsap?

Wow. Haven't been on here for a while. I started this thread long ago. I've both agreed with and disagreed with lots of opinions on here--we all have different tastes so it's good to hear all the opinions. I just wanted to add that in Bremerton there is a new coffee house/bakery near Evergreen Park called Samudra. Great place! Unbelievable baked goods, even some vegan. Good coffee. And a yoga studio upstairs... Also, CJs Evergreen Market has started carrying some of their catering food. It's frozen but their soups and pies are great--two tiny tables. Try both!

What's good in Kitsap?

Absolutely awful. Had Pad Thai that wasn't. Made with noodles and probably ketchup. Dear GOD--there is no ketchup in Pad Thai. Literally couldn't finish. Pho was mediocre. Try Heidi's in the Safeway plaza in Silverdale--much better!

Simply Pho
3900 Wheaton Way, Bremerton, WA 98310

What's good in Kitsap?

I tried the new Second Park Lounge and Cafe. I was sadly disappointed! I'm pulling for them to get better because we SO need good restaurants around here. Especially small, affordable places. Unfortunately I got a veggie sandwich with (pre-packaged) shredded iceberg, 3 round cut slices of cuc, 2 pale slices of tomato, alfalfa sprouts, 2 slices pre-packaged/sliced cheese and stale, small, grocery store-type square wheat bread. Asked for specific condiments and it was all skimped on. I really want this place to make it, but WOW, and it was $7 or $8.

I always wonder if an anonymous, well-intentioned note sent to them is a good thing to do. Any opinions?

What's good in Kitsap?

Thanks, everyone! Some really great suggestions. And some repeats so I'll definitely have to try those. Anyone else? Please post!

What's good in Kitsap?

Just moved here and am having BIG trouble finding quality food--any kind, just looking for outstanding. Hi-Lo's Cafe in Bremerton was good. Thai food has been mediocre to bad so far (five different trys!) Found great pie and mediocre food at Pat's Restaurant in Bremerton. One bagel place in Silverdale.

Two good restaurants in Port Townsend (although that's not Kitsap), I think it was the Public Barn and Grill(?) and directly across the street another seafood restaurant. I probably shouldn't mention them if I can't even remember the names...

Anyway, would love some suggestions. Thanks.

Gone but not forgotten, Grandma's Sugarplum's [moved from L.A. board]

I was poking around and found some comments about missing Grandma's Sugarplum's (Belmont Shore). Count me in. Their Ultra Chocolate Mousse was my religion. I heard a few years ago that the owner had sold the recipes to the Rossmoor Bakery (on Redondo in Signal Hill now) and I got hold of one, but it was NOT quite the same?

Anyone know what happened to the recipes? if the owners are baking for someone else now? if they're coming out with a cookbook? I'd spend my last dollar....

Oct 19, 2007
ultrachoclover in Home Cooking