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Hyannis Lunch

Burrito Bistro -- across from the mall / NYAJ, near Kmart. Good enough to survive and prosper, 2 doors away from a Panera bread.

What I wish I could find on Cape Cod

Never been to sandwich. I have been going to Osterville for 9+ years. that plus Fancy's/Swift's add up to 99% of the trips I've ever made to that village.

What I wish I could find on Cape Cod

The Roobars were one business until about 5-6 years ago. The partners divided the locations so there was no longer any joint ownership of any location, although they kept common name, website, and gift cards. Rumor had it that one partner's repeated dalliances with employees were considered to be too risky to the overall business.

I believe that Falmouth has always seemed the most upscale and had the best food. Hyannis had an excellent bar; it was bought in late 2007 by the owner of the Pavilion (indian place across the street), who seemed to have no grasp of how to run it as a bar or as a restaurant. It closed without notice a few months ago, and is supposedly reopening soon.

Related news: The people who ran the Hyannis Roobar in its heyday have opened Pearl, on Wellfleet Harbor. Chef used to be at Mahoney's Atlantic in Orleans - not sure if that's good or bad (any comments?). It looks just beautiful -- exactly what a place on the water should look like.

Re: Lambert's -- I agree with CC Guy. New option: The new Guaranteed Fresh Market on Rte 28 near the airport has good produce and great prices.

Re: Thin crust pizza: I do like Sweet Tomatoes, especially their roasted peppers, but their pizza is almost too thin -- it is wet and floppy in the middle.

Re: Thin Crust Pizza: Try Siena in Mashpee, especially their most basic pizza, just cheese, chunky tomato, basil leaves. A bit charred at the edges, crispy all the way through. Classically excellent.

Moving to Cape- who are the local CH's?

I have been to exactly one place on the Cape that makes a margarita on a par with what I've had in Mexico. Siena in Mashpee -- with Herradura Reposado Tequila, and fresh lime juice. That's the brand, and the type, that you see a lot at good places in Mexico.

It seems strange that an Italian place would care to make a good margarita -- maybe it's because there aren't any good Italian cocktails.

Mashpee food recs

Just west of Mashpee is the village of Cotuit. Exactly 1 restaurant in the village proper, the Kettle Ho. It's a locals' hangout, combination of boaters, builders, families early in the evening. The fish is fresh, and it's outstanding. Beats all the famous seafood shacks on the Cape. Tried it many times, consistent results. Stuffed Quahog good too. Club Sandwich, burger, fries were all better-than-average bar food.

I'll second your vote for Siena. It's always consistently very good for the adults; kids always find plenty of things they like there too. They "get" the idea that adults don't always want to sacrifice their own dinners when they've got the kids. Staff is very nice and helpful.

After those two, you might have to head towards Hyannis, but even there, there isn't much to be optimistic about. (I will now don my flameproof coat)

Casual Seafood Recommendation on Cape Cod?

It's not a perfectly complete list, but a reporter for the Boston Globe drove the length of the Cape looking for "authentic Cape Cod" places -- this link should go to the story: