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June 2014 Openings and Closings

I've got to wonder at the wisdom of opening a place in a storefront where three (I think) similar businesses all failed.

Sono Sushi in Arlington - anyone been?

Searching for "sono arlington" worked for me:

They do have hours on the Facebook page, but my wife mentioned that they've had them there for as long as the page has been around, so it's no real indicator they are open yet. If taken literally, 1 week from January 1st is today. I didn't go past today but there was no indication that anything was imminent when we walked past yesterday.

Sono Sushi in Arlington - anyone been?

Apparently not open. Their Facebook page said "just 1 one week" a few days ago.

Their site is:

Edit: I guess looking over the menu, they aren't doing Chinese like Fusion Taste, so not quite as pan-asian as them... but they have the usual variety such as noodle soups and so forth.

Saturday Lunch near Regent Theater in Arlington

Personally, I'd recommend Thai Moon (about 7-8 minute walk up Mass. Ave.) over Sweet Chili.

Madrona Tree is just around the corner. Good middle-eastern wraps and sandwiches. Stay way from the burgers, though, which are tiny, sad little affairs that they tend to burn to a crisp.

Anyone have experience with RedBones catering?

My company has had their catering twice. First time, I guess they went with a deluxe package, because they showed up with a grill and smoker, a tent, the works. I recall it being quite good.

Second time around, I guess they had a lower budget... Redbones showed up with a bunch of those rolling insulated boxes full of trays of pre-made food. Service was bit BBQ Nazi... we weren't allowed to dish out our own stuff, we had to have them do it for us (I guess they were worried about running out? I'm not sure). That food was pretty lackluster, since I guess BBQ doesn't travel well.

So, maybe the moral is... go big or stay home?

In general, I am OK with Redbones, but give a slight edge to Blue Ribbon. I've had better BBQ in the past, but those two are really the only two easily available options I know of.

Sick of Being Sick and Need Soup

Yes, they have several types of congee (seafood, fish fillet, and vegetable). Oddly, I only find it under the "Noodle Soup" section of their menu, instead of the soup section. This secton asks you to choose a type of noodle to add to your soup. I'm not sure if adding noodles is standard to congee (I've just had straight congee before, from a place near where I used to live on Comm. Ave.).

I haven't tried the congee, but I can vouch for everything I've had there before, minus the Gen. Gau's I got delivered earlier this week. Oddly, not doing a good americanized dish makes me think even more highly of them...

Where to buy Pistachio paste?

My wife found one can a few weeks back at Pemberton Farms (Mass. Ave in North Cambridge). I think it was their last can, though...

August 2012 Openings and Closings

A new Indian place, Punjabi Tadka, opened in Arlington Center last weekend in the old Midami/ Asiana Grill location (444, Mass. Ave). Seems like it has been under construction since February or so. I halfway thought they might have given up. It's bound to cause some confusion, given that it's across the street from a restaurant named Punjab...