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your recommendations for Laguna Beach?

You are 100% right about the Ritz. Great property, views, and lunch outdoors on the patio! O

Fine Sushi is in the shopping center right across the street from The Montage. Head towards Albertdons and it is in the corner of the plaza by Z Pizza.

The Deck was ok. Great views but my fish tacos were not edible. They were like freezer fried fish sticks.

Passed by Taco Loco and looked really good.

Had one of the best blackened shrimp wrap at Mosaics though.

Aug 12, 2012
4seasonsgirl in Los Angeles Area

your recommendations for Laguna Beach?

Have stayed at the Montage many times and at first didn't go off property. What a mistake! With the exception of the poolside bistro mosaic, the other 2 restaurants are only ok. Mosaic is great!!! Service across the resort is fantastic and the expresso martinis in the lobby lounge are delish!

Sushi-across pch is a shopping center...go to O Fine sushi. Small and not scene but great quality. Bluefin in Newport Beach/Crystal Cove area is good but not great. The had good toro though.

Italian-hands down Alessa. The best 3 meatballs (big enough for an entree) and chicken parmesan. The restaurant even packed the food to take on the plane. Have the concierge make the reservation and take the house car service. Parking can be annoying. It's located down near the main beach. We went there twice!

Mexican-Asada. Fantastic, food great energy! Las Brisas is a landmark but the food was only ok.

Apps-The Rooftop bar. Ocean views and ok bar food.

Milkshakes and fries-if you have a car, take it down to Crystal Cove. Ruby's is a roadside burger shack on pch with the best milkshakes. Beautiful at sunset. Only outdoor picnic seating.

General rule of thumb, if it has an ocean view, the food is mediocre at best.

Aug 12, 2012
4seasonsgirl in Los Angeles Area