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Excellent food at Thai Spices and Sushi in Cary, NC

We ate at the Thai Spices and Sushi place in 0Preston Corners right at the intersection of High House and Cary Parkway, yesterday night. The place was empty at about 8:30 pm, which is probably past most folks dinnertime in Cary, but we did see a good number of folks come in to get takeout.

Let me start off by saying that the food and service both were excellent. We got the fresh rolls for appetizers, which were great with carrots, cabbage, and tofu with plum sauce and peanuts. Highly recommend this. For the main course we had udon noodles in spicy basil sauce, and sauteed tofu with cashew nuts. The udon noodes dish is a japanese-thai combination, that I was suspicious of, but it was very well done. All ingredients were extremely fresh and of excellent quality right down to the cashew nuts. I am a big cashewnuts lover, and I am make out the difference in quality. Food+tip was around $30 and well worth it IMHO.

I am not heard good reviews about the sushi so I kept away from that, but the thai part of this restaurant is undoubtedly good. We have always needed to go to North Raleigh to get our Thai fix, so this being so close to home is great.

Tasca Brava - Raleigh, NC

$50 entree?? how expensive is this place?

Ocean Grill in Cary, NC. Has anyone tried it?

where is this place located in Cary?

Tiramisu in RDU area

I was at Casalinga this weekend, and did order the tiramisu, but found it to be a little too creamy for my taste. I liked the tiramisu at Macaroni Grill on my last visit there FWIW.

Tiramisu in RDU area

Whats the best place to get a tiramisu in the Triangle area? Restaurants and/or bake shops. I have sampled at a number of places and found them to be hit or miss. I do love the tiramisu shortcake from Madhatters on Ninth Street in Durham. Any recommendations for actual tiramisu slice though?

Biranyi House in Cary?

We tried it last week during Eid time. They have the best meat offerings in Pakistani/North Indian cuisine in the area. Their seekh kababs were excellent. Its not for the faint of heart or stomach though, their rating was 82.5