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Where do the foodies eat in Wilmington, NC

As a fellow New Yorker I have to disagree. There are definantly a lot of restaurants in Wilmington that rely on the fact that they have a riverfront view or are on the beach, but there are some places that have delicious food. Not all of them are fancy but I would take good food over candles any day. Taste of Italy has delicious sandwiches and is owned by a New Yorker. The bagel basket had the best bagles I've had outside of NY. There is also Islands Fred mex grill. It's not fancy but it's good and cheep and there margaritas are to die for. There are also places to class it up. The little dipper on Front street is delicious and has great specials if you know when to look. There is also Mixto for great Mexican in the downtown atmosphere. Wilmington has great food for a small city and mos of the places are going to be in the cheap to modedrate range because we are a college town and tourists who come here are typically families, but that doesn't take away from Wilmington's great food offerings.

Aug 11, 2012
TKDChc in Southeast