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Chilli cookoff contestants needed in Norcross!

ABATE of Georgia, Georgia's largest State Motorcycle Rights Organization is hosting the May Motorcycle Madness Chili Cookoff Sunday, May 27th from 11:00am to 5:00pm.
Chilli will be judged by audience vote. Power will be provided, The event will be hosted outside so please bring your own propane setup, if you prefer to prepare your chili onsite.

For more information on the event please email

or contact the event orginizers listed in the attached photo :)

May 11, 2012
nedj10 in Atlanta

Smoked pork help

try an easy rose' pasta sauce 2 parts alfredo/cream sauce, 1 part marinara blend until the cause becomes a creamy pink sauce. Heat a skillet to high heat saute onions peppers and garlic with evoo, when when the peppers start to cook add in the pasta sauce and cook until it simmers, add in the pork, either shedded or chopped, add in the pasta, penne would be good , and toss everythng to combine serve hot, sprinkle a little parmessan over the top and drizzel a little evoo over the top.

Jan 30, 2011
nedj10 in Atlanta

Anyone know where to get Bougasta in the ATL

We have literally a zillion Greek diners it seems but not one of them makes Bougasta or so it would seem. Has anyone found any place that makes it?

Jan 20, 2011
nedj10 in Atlanta

Trader Joe's Offers a New Way to Get Fat

If you look at the foods from all over the world especially in the great street food cities of the world there is just as much bad for you food literally everywhere in the world excepting for some extreme situations. This author should stop hating Americans for liking to eat..especially on a food site..

Jan 06, 2011
nedj10 in Features

Has anyone ever had a good experience at IHOP?

I just wnted to add 2 cents to this very long thread. IHOP is hit or miss , it usually varies by individual store. Here in Atlanta the Roswell IHOP is spot on every time but the South Cobb location is the absolute pits. The trouble is the Management seems to care but it is a care motivated only by half attempts at profit concerns. A few months ago my girlfriend and I were in the South Cobb store and had deplorable service. I emailed IHOP and received a call from the "District Manager" He was polite and did apologize even offered to send me a gift certificate for the cost of our bill.. Well long store short despite having my Name, phone and email no certificate ever arrived. and a month later a friend said they had a bad time at the same store and would never go back. So I suppose I would say go to a new ihop with an open mind..but odds are your first impression will probably be a good one. Also I would highly reccomend the Roswell Rd IHOP and the Buckhead one both are welcome oasises at 2 am when you just can't do another trip to the ableit mighty and glorius Waffle House.

Jan 11, 2009
nedj10 in Chains