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Boar N Wing, Etobicoke

Great review...what's pricing like at the Boar and Wing?

Definitely would like to know if there will be any wing night specials. Too bad you got attitude from the waitress.


Never Been - Toronto Downtown - Lunch/Dinner Recc'd?

Hi Kelly567,

A few suggestions:

For poutine (fries, gravy and cheese curds) - Smoke's -
Close to your hotel and casual dining - The Garbardine -
Cute, cozy French and very affordable - Le Paradis -
One good dinner (in your price range) - Sidecar - or Beer Bistro -

Good luck and enjoy Toronto.

Beer Bistro
18 King St. E, Toronto, ON M5C 1C4, CA

Le Paradis
166 Bedford Road, Toronto, ON M5R 2K9, CA

Lincoln Park - Brunch Recs?

Hi there,

We will be in town over Easter weekend and areplanning on visiting the Lincoln Park Zoo on Sunday morning. Looking to grab a tasty brunch ($10-$15/person) in the area after the zoo visit. We plan to be at the zoo as soon as it open (10am) so I think brunch will be around 1pm. Trying to avoid crazy lines but would be willing to wait if you think it's worth it. I know it will be Easter Sunday so it will probably be busy everywhere!

Thanks for the help!

Mar 10, 2011
LovesToEat in Chicago Area

La Revolucion - New Mexican Restaurant in the Junction

We checked out this place last week. Arrived around 6:00-ish and almost every table was taken. There was only one waitress so service was nice albeit very, very slow. Took almost 35-40 min. for our food to arrive. We ordered the chorizo flautas, one beef burrito and one order of the shrimp tacos. Food was good - fresh and home made tasting. Love the salsa verde that came with the flautas. Portions were fair. For drinks, we had 2 of the Mexican soft drinks (lime and grapefruit). Total with tax and tip was $35. Quite reasonable.

We liked the place and we realized that it's a small operation, hence the wait time. We would go back but only if we're not pressed for time. A nice addition to the Junction area.

'Upgraded' Omakase at Sushi Couture - Elegant, Exquisite, Extremely Enjoyable!!

My husband and I decided to try Sushi Couture on a Friday night around 7:30-ish. The place was busy but not packed and definitely no line up out the door like across the street at Sushi on Bloor.

We had a pretty simple order - tempura appetizer and 4 orders of some simple rolls. Little did we know this meal would last over an hour and a half! It took about 20 min. before any one came to take our order, and then another 20 min. to get tea, soup and salad.

We breathed a sigh of relief when we saw an order of tempura headed our way but the waitress walked right past us and placed the order on another table that had just recently arrived. The people at that table called her back and said it was not theirs. She picked up the tempura off their table, wandered around the room looking for the correct table, then walked to the back of the restaurant so she could fake like it was just coming out before she placed it on our table. Little did she know we were watching her. We were just so hungry that we didn't really care so we just ate it.

Almost 45 minutes of waiting our first rolls arrived, and then it would be about 10-15 min. between each roll arriving seperately. I don't really get that considering there were 3 chefs working behind the counter. With the arrival of our last roll at 9:15pm, I also asked for the bill at the same time. There was no complimentary rolls or dessert offered, although the table next to us was offered free ice cream when something they ordered was sold out. I know this because the tables were so close to each other that the guy sitting next to us pretty much molested our food with his eyes as he stared at everything that we got. Too close for comfort.

Overall price for the appetizer and 4 types of rolls was $50 (including tax and tip). I would never go back considering there are definitely places where the service is faster and the sushi is better. We thought the sushi was just okay...nothing special or worth going back for. The slowness really left us disgruntled. We should have just joined the line at Sushi on Bloor. We probably would have been done eating sooner.

Sushi Couture
456 Bloor St. W., Toronto, ON M5S 1X8, CA

Cowbell - Not Quite Ready for Prime Time

I went to Cowbell last week for dinner as my friend said she wanted to try it. I had been once before in July of 2009 and didn't particularly enjoy my meal or the experience. I agreed to go again hoping that it would be better than my first time.

Our sevice that night wasn't terrible but wasn't great either. Got the eye roll from our server when we said we weren't interested in ordering any alcoholic drinks. We shared the elk carpaccio ($12) to start which was good...very fresh and flavorful. I ordered the pork as my main ($25) and my friend ordered the fish (I think it was pickerel) ($25), My dish came with 3 very small bits of pork cooked medium rare. They were good albeit a very small portion. The pork sat a top a mound of beans which were super salty and the dish came with a hunk of smoked pork belly. My friend's portion of fish was better sized and came atop a mound of risotto. She liked it. I thought my dish was just okay. We passed on dessert.

The whole experience was just very meh. I didn't hate it but nothing made me want to ever go back. Food was average, experience totally unforgettable.

Mad Mexican on Jane. Open Yet?

No, it's not open yet. They've had the signage up for a few months now but every time we walk by, the place looks untouched.

Disgraceland for dinner?

Don't order the poutine. The gravy is lumpy and gelatinous. I won't make that horrible mistake again!

Mississauga - Dundas/Hurontario Recs?

Any recommendations for chow out in the Dundas/Mississuaga area? Heading out there this evening and would like to grab something. No specific cravings but Indian/Chinese or mains under $15 would be great.

Thanks in advance for the help!

Poutine Shacks - Trafalgar Road

Thanks for the report! I've made note and we will check it out!

Where are all the chip trucks (outside of TO)

Now that road trip season is upon us, please post your favourite chip trucks outside of Toronto. Any hidden gems? Any worth day tripping for?


Chuck & Co (Liberty Village)

I went last Thursday.

The place has a really nice interior but they have no ventilation so we walked in to a huge haze of smoke from grill.

I had the reg. was $6.00. $4.00 extra for fries and $1.00 for pickles! We waited 10-15 min. for the burger, all the while choking on the smoke.

The burger was good...had a nice charcoal taste...but the meat patty was thin. About the same thickness as a McDonald's beef patty. They were pretty cheap with the toppings too...2 measly slices of tomato and a small tuff of lettuce...they put onions on but thank god that slid off before I ate it. You have to put on your own ketchup and relish is kept behind the have to ask for it!

I wasn't overly full, I could have probably eaten a 2nd one and I'm a small eater and a female. Having said all that, I would probably go back.

Peaktop - Brief Review

Which location did you go to - Vaughan or Markham?


I want to get married in a pub (Toronto)!!

I second the Granite Brewery. Went to a wedding there a couple of years ago. They had the ceremony on the back patio and dinner in the dining room. Food was okay but I think everyone was there for the beer! It's a nice venue.

Custom Made Cakes - What did you pay?

I'm wondering what is the average price for a custom made 3D birthday cake (feeds 15-20 people?) with simple flavours like chocolate/vanilla. I'm ordering it from a local baker, not a grocery store.

What have you paid in the past?


Jan 04, 2010
LovesToEat in General Topics

My Place: A Canadian Pub

I've been twice...once just for drinks. They have a variety of decent beers on tap.

And we went on Sunday for brunch...I ordered the "Brunch Poutine". It was a very generous sized poutine but the chicken drippings gravy and cheese curds...the menu said it was suppose to come with sausage but there was none in mine. Price was $12 which I think is a bit pricey for a poutine.

Will most likely go back as it's a nice space and kid friendly.

Danforth Music Hall - concession stand?

They do have a small concession stand selling chips, pop and candy. Good luck!

Recs for dinner before Cirque (Ovo) show?

Dang, should have checked this before I headed up...Weezies would have been great! Ended up at the Mill Street Brew pub. I had the mussels, hubby had the ribs with fries. Food was just okay and lukewarm. Service was friendly and brisk. Dinners with 3 beers and tips was $75.00. Place was pretty busy and a line up was forming as we were heading out. Probably wouldn't go back again. A tad too touristy for me.

Recs for dinner before Cirque (Ovo) show?

Any recommendations for a good dinner place before the Cirque show in either Leslieville, south Riverdale or Distillery District that have entrees under $15?


Found - Kawartha Ice Cream in TO

I've seen it at Bruno's at the corner of Jane/Annette. I love me some Moose Tracks!

Southern BBQ in Mississauga! Blue Sage

Sounds excellent...can anyone comment on the price range of the meals here?


Finally! Some good news. Add these openings to your "To-Do" list.

We live very close to My Place: A Canadian Pub so will stop by for a beer and maybe a poutine. The outside decor is a complete eyesore.

A fruit called ponpon?

jumpingmonk - you got it! It is the long-kong/langsat! I don't know why the sign said ponpon, unless that's another name for it!

Thanks for your help.

Sep 02, 2009
LovesToEat in General Topics

A fruit called ponpon?

My parents came back from the Asian grocery store last night with a bunch of fruit that they said was called ponpon. I Googled for more info but couldn't find anything.

The fruit are small, round with a light brown peel. Same idea as a lychee but looks like a larger logan fruit. They come bunched up like grapes. Once you take off the peel, the fruit is segemented into wedges with a small seed inside each wedge. Taste reminds me of pomelos.

Any ideas where I can get more info on this fruit...or if it's even called ponpon.


Sep 01, 2009
LovesToEat in General Topics

Tati Bistro - Review

I had dinner at Tati back in early April. It was on a weeknight, I think a Wed. Made reservations beforehand using Open Table. Restaurant was dead when we arrived around 6:00pm. They had a prix fixe dinner at the time so we had that. Food and service was decent. Was considering going back but after hearing about the issues in this post, I'll probably avoid.

Muskoka Dry Pale Ginger Ale: Best Ginger Ale by far !!!!!

Just spotted the Muskoka Pale Ale @ Metro in Liberty Village. Price was $5.79 for 6 bottles.

LCBO Strike Survival

We live close enough to Great Lakes Brewery that we can just drop by and pick up some Orange Peel Ale!

New poutine spot - Poutini

Got down to Poutini's tonight around 7:30-ish. A sign posted in the window says they are now open for lunch at 12:00pm!

We ordered two regular poutines...wait time was about 10 minutes but worth it. I agree with the previous reviews that said the poutine could use a bit more gravy. I was impressed with the chunky, squeaky curds. Love that the fries were well done and crispy...and I was thrilled with the good amount of crispy small bits!

Overall, a much better poutine than Smoke's and we'll definitely be back.

My War on Banh Mi (West End)

I love banh mi so much so that I bought a dozen of them on my wedding day as lunch for myself and our wedding party! They were enjoyed by all!

Chef's House Restaurant (George Brown College)

We finally got into the Chef's House to use up the gift certificate I received almost a year ago!

We arrived Friday night around 6:00-ish...the restaurant was pretty empty but filled up quickly by 7:00pm. Our server was fine...kinda a quiet talker, not very personable. The Chef came out after we placed our order and offered us a fresh cevishe.

For apps, I ordered the spring salad with peas and DH ordered procuitto. Salad was fresh but a bit greasy/oily from the pesto dressing. For mains, I got the bacon wrapped chicken while DH got the lamb. The chicken was very moist and done perfectly. DH also enjoyed his lamb. Dessert was a rhubarb strawberry tart and brown bread ice cream. Both a good end to the meal. For drinks, DH had a beer and I had a glass of chardonnay.

The space for the restaurant is very modern and sleek so if you're looking for prix fixe meal on a weekend night for $40 per person, it's a good choice. Our bill was under $100.00 before tip for two meals and two alcoholic drinks. There were moments of Hell's Kitchen as we heard sounds of "Yes, Chef!" and "I need one lamb, one chicken and one fish!" coming from the open air kitchen and we enjoyed watching the action from the kitchen on the flat screen tvs around us.

Would we go back? Maybe...I felt that the price point was a bit high. My theory is that you can find a pretty good meal for $40/person (just mains and dessert or app. and main) elsewhere. But if you are looking for a nice, modern restaurant for a three-course meal, then this is a good choice.