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40th birthday celebration in Miami

Headed to Miami with 8 girlfriends to collectively celebrate the year we all turn 40. We are looking for dinner suggestions for 3 nights. We are staying at the W in South Beach and won't have a car. We want one splurge night and the others kept more reasonable. We are coming in from Toronto which has great restaurants but no Cuban so that would be great. Food is more important than scene although scene is fun too. Can't wait to escape the snow!

Is there a restaurant in Toronto worth getting dressed up for?

Dress up if you want to. In order to amortize a tux purchase, some friends and I wore formal wear to North 44 a couple of years ago. We got the best table in the place and incredible service. You could tell everyone was wondering what the occasion was. At the end of the meal, the waiter asked about it and we had to admit it was just for fun. The entire evening was an absolute blast and we are planning to do it again very soon. Although this time we'll have to come up with a better story about why we're so spiffy (I'm thinking something very James Bondish).

ISO Great Cake for 1st Birthday

Anyone know where to get a great first birthday cake? I'm talking about the kind that will look great in pictures years from now - fun, colourful. Definitely more about the look than the taste because if you've never been allowed to have cake before I'm pretty sure even not great cake would seem to be outstanding.

JKWB now the Wine Bar - anyone been?

Has anyone been to the Wine Bar since Jamie Kennedy official sold it? Is the menu the same?

Jamie Kennedy
9 Church St, Toronto, ON M5E1M2, CA

Pre-Wedding Weekend Dinner - stumped!

My husband and I went to George for our pre-wedding dinner. The patio was absolutely perfect for a quiet, romantic dinner before the craziness started. We've now gone back for our anniversary and it was wonderful again.

Sweetie on Parliament??

Anyone know anything about 'Sweetie'?? There is a sign in the building beside Jet Fuel. Word on the street is that it will be ice cream/gelato. Any more details?

Chowfind! Big Momma's Boy on Parliament

I've never had anything but good service from Big Momma's Boy. Definitely superior delivery time compared with Magic Oven. The only time they've ever been seriously late they called to let us know. Magic Oven has also gotten really expensive and the portions sizes (at least of their salads) have gotten much smaller.

10tation Event Catering??

I used 10tation for my wedding at the Carlu and my cousin used them at the Design Exchange. Both meals were fantastic - we got many, many compliments on the food after the event. They were very easy to work with and the final event was exactly as presented at the tasting. I would recommend. I'm not sure what catering patches35 is used to as I am greatly surprised by that response.

Frida - New high end Mexican

Bayless style dishes executed at Bayless level...we should be so lucky! Milagro doesn't come close.

Birthday dinner Yonge/Rosedale Area

I'm trying to plan a birthday dinner and 1 guest is not very mobile so must be close to her house (knee surgery). We'd like something fancier than the Rebel House and I've lost touch with what is in the gerenal area. Thanks!

Caterer for Wedding

I used 10tation for my wedding and it was fabulous. The food was exactly like the tasting. Everyone raved about it. Really nice and easy to work with. They made it very easy.

Dying for Thai

I want to second the recommendation for Thai2Go on Gerrard. We generally get Thai delivered so that may influence our preference. We really like Mengrai but the delivery was spotty - not surprising given their focus on the restaurant - but forgetting half the order or taking more than an hour is not good. We now go to Thai2Go. I think it's just as good and the delivery is awesome. If it takes more than 1/2 hour they apologize (we are very close so that may not be true for everyone). They also do multiple versions of Pad Thai. The Royal. You also get a discount if you supply your own containers.

Eigensinn Farm - Details for Planning a Trip

Definitely the son opening in Signhampton. Across from Mylar & Lorretta's for those familar with the area. He was talking about it at the Maple Syrup and Leek festival at the farm. I overheard him mention a July opening.

Pre-Wedding Out of Towner's Dinner - Suggestions?

It's outside of your designated area but I had a fantastic rehearsal dinner at Bistro 990. Lots of flexibility in coming up with the menu and the upstairs area with private room and bar would be perfect for your numbers.

ISO fun, non-alcoholic drinks

I am joyously unable to drink for the next 29 weeks and looking for a place that serves creative virgin beverages along with good food (and preferably with a nice patio). I am growing tired of the pregnant lady's standard of cranberry juice and soda!

Danforth Pizza House - what to order?

My only complaint (and it's a small one - I am a die hard fan) is that they are sometimes off with their time estimates. Because there is only one oven, it just depends how many people called in ahead of you.

A perfect day to start the GREAT PATIOS thread

For a fancy dinner, the courtyard at George is incredible.

Very best PC products?

The PC stuff in the states is not the same quality and is limited (I am basing this on my experience living in Chicago 4 years ago so it may have changed). The chocolate chip cookies are widely available. Things like frozen chicken breast (not something you'd be shipping!) are much lower quality. Only the super popular sauces are around such as Schezuan (sp?) peanut.

Best pizza in Toronto?

Based on this thread I tried Danforth Pizza House. It is absolutely the best basic pizza you can get. I don't even mind that you have to pick up. Also, the price is ridiculously low. Went back to our old stand by (Big Momma's Boy) one night when we didn't want to drive and it was so disappointing compared to Danforth.
Still love Terroni for a fancier pizza.

Something to relish near Cabbagetown PLS.

I totally disagree on the HoP. It's the best thing about Cabbagetown. I've had nothing but extremely friendly and attentive service there. I've only started going recently so I'm not giving them any credit for prior performance.

What do you like so much about Ben Wicks? I've never been as I don't want to forego something I know I'll enjoy for the unknown.

Very best PC products?

For non-PC products, don't forget Shreddies and Coffee Crisp (among other chocolate bars)! These are not available in the states.

Private Room downtown

I had my wedding rehearsal dinner at Bistro 990. They can set the room up a number of different ways. We had about 50 people but wouldn't feel too big for 25. The food was great and they were very accomodating.

Best Muffins

Jet Fuel on Parliament. They are fresh and made with quality ingredients. You have to go early - gone by 9:30 on weekends and they don't make any more. Also incredibly cheap ($1 I think??). Generally only two varieties per day but all are fantastic.

Little India or east-end Indian delivery

What about Rashnaa at Wellesley and Parliament? I'm no expert but the food is consistently good, very cheap and they deliver (not sure about the range).

Celebration dinner in Collingwood

I went to 27 on 4th a couple of years ago and was pleasantly surprised. Cute place and very decent food. Haven't been there in a while though - don't even know if it's still there.

Best Thai Restos in Toronto...

Best Thai I've ever had outside of Thailand is the Siamese Gekko in Collingwood. It's run by the sweetest Thai family. Everything we've ever had is amazing and they will definitely give recommendations if you are unsure what to try. They also didn't hesitate to make something special for my young nieces when we took them there.

It's not Toronto but is definitely worth checking out if you are heading up to Collingwood.

Delivery in Cabbagetown

We moved to Cabbagetown 8 months ago and are still looking for good delivery in the area. Rashnaa is the only really great thing we've found so far. Any recommendations greatly appreciated!