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lunch around the Brooklyn Museum

Al Di La is one of my favorite destination restaurants that deserves a trip from upper Manhattan. But this time I'd like to try a new place. Cafe Corvo, a off-shoot of ADL & closer to the museum, has been suggested any other recs?

Jan 16, 2013
4 seasons in Outer Boroughs

lunch around the Brooklyn Museum

what new or really good places for lunch within walking distance of the Brooklyn Museum would be recommended (with whys, please)?

Jan 14, 2013
4 seasons in Outer Boroughs

lunch in the Bedford area

of course it's fair. Since no one reviewed The Barn, I believe it's a service to Chowhounds to: 1) confirm other posts; 2) detail my experience at The Barn since others were curious, like myself. Fair? Given the Bedford area which is very upscale and my desire to do more hikes at the Resevation, I still would like to know about alternatives other than bringing up a picnic.

lunch in the Bedford area

Well, we did make our way to Bedford Post after a robust hike in Ward Pound Ridge Reservation, which was a few miles away. Lunch @ The Barn: hamburger ($18) which was ordered medium rare arrived med-well with a toasted bun festooned with a blob of butter. It was sent back. While my partner polished off his Post Breakfast (a relative bargain @$15 - eggs, bacon, a sausage, lots of white toast), I waited and waited. Ten minutes later the plate arrived with new hamburger (this time pretty rare and tasteless with another huge dollop of butter) and a pile of soggy salad (substitued for the frites). Enjoyment of dining (added to this distress, several tables of crying toddlers) was spoiled. The bill arrived: one beer, a cup of coffee, a side of sweet potato fries, and the two dishes came to $60. Wow, we ran back to the city, happy to leave behind our day in the country.

lunch in the Bedford area

why do you hate Bedford Post? specifics please. Just want good simple food in a calm lovely, ambiance. Upscale or casual doesn't make the difference.

lunch in the Bedford area

thanks for both (north looks particularly fun) but both are CLOSED on Sunday. Anybody try the Bedford Post (Inn & two restaurants)?

lunch in the Bedford area

What's better but a good hike and a great lunch afterwards. We're walking Pound Ridge. Any suggestions for places to go for lunch? My research uncovered The Barn @ Bedford Post? Any news?

Why are there no really good Indian restaurants?

thank you Simon et al. I thought that's exactly what a chowhound does: experiment, discover, savor (or not) using his (or her, in my case) critical faculties and experiences. Rather than merely reacting impulsively, as I fear many replies reflect (sneakereater who blames without reading posts carefully), we all need to ingest and digest (including analysis) our food, Chowhound Team!

Dec 13, 2011
4 seasons in Manhattan

Why are there no really good Indian restaurants?

I have a guest coming for the holidays and he wants spicy, full-flavored delicious Indian food, Either places have bit the dust that were once very good, and the reminders serve overcooked, dreary v ery boring food, Why? are there any not on these boards secreted away?

Dec 11, 2011
4 seasons in Manhattan

What are the 5 best medium-priced places to have lunch in Venice where locals go?

for a trip in November, I'm looking for places off the-beaten path in Venice (which means away from San Marco), I'd appreciate local suggestions. And also for a day-trip to Torcello (not Cipriani- too expensive & branded).

thanks much.

Nov 06, 2011
4 seasons in Italy

Culinary Buenos Aires off The Tourist Trail: latest and the historic

Qualifications: i'm a cook in nyc who well researched her trip to explore a variety of food experiences. Firstly, I'd suggest you buy a wonderful little book, "The Authentic Bars, Cafes, and Restaurants of Buenos Aires" by Gabriela Kogan which steered me to the most interesting places off the beaten path, more a culinary history of the people's eateries than a Zagat guide. Here's an entirely personal list with commentary/locations:

Parrillas (mostly red meat grills that run from over-priced tourist halls to whole-in-the wall neighborhood joints):
Classic Don Julio, delivers the best cuts perfectly grilled to order along with beautiful salads and the freshest fries; great selection of Malbecs. Guatemala 4691 (Palermo Soho)
Hot, lively Cabras is a favorite of the locals, especially on Sunday brunch when everybody & his family chews the fat; cheap & fun - go for the mixed grill/share. Fitzroy (Palermo Hollywood)

North Argentine native:
Tiny La Cocina limits itself to the best, most authentic empanadas & locro in town; inexpensive, tasty takeaways; Calle Florida 142 (Microcentro) & Ave. Pueyrredon 1508 (Barrio Norte)

Newest Culinary sensation:
Tegui (several town chefs highly recommended) owned by an auteur cuisinier (which means he directs everything: from the tranquil California setting to the pristine kitchen); nouvelle cuisine takes on classic Argentine dishes; costly but worth it (about $US 50 for lunch). Costa Rica 5852 (Palermo Hollywood)

Best Salon/Gelato:
just-opened Italian cafe Arkakao for the most flavorful true gelato, perfect coffee/pastries, & best of all, an elegant & delicious hot/cold buffet for lunch (didn't eat anything until the day after), a bargain at $US 12. Quintana 188 (Recoleta)

La Boca Bodegas:
Rowdy but genuine El Obrero, a joint for true parrillo enjoyed by portenos who cherish futbol & assorted cuts. Good value; go with a group. Agustin Caffarena 64

Traditional Cafes:
El Federal, atmospheric cafe in San Telmo, exudes the intellectual/tango history of the city, offers the usual & nice toasted sandwiches. Carlos Calvi 399 (San Telmo) and Cafe Margot, lovely hangout for the stars of yesteryear's tango; some lovely dishes. Ave. Boedo 857 (Boedo)

Tango Heaven;
avoid the tango shows & go for the real deal, milongas at Confiteria Ideal on Sunday afternoons. Born at the height of the tango nadir, 1912, it's more decrepit now, but where dancers tangoing all their lives carry on this great tradition of elegant coupling. sample the pastries with tea. Suipacha 380 (Corrientes).

City Food Market:
San Telmo Market offers lovely fresh fruits, vegetables, meats, dried fruits/nuts along with flea market goodies. nearby fresh pasta shops selling everything for an Italian repast

Avoid: Cafe Tortoni with its long line of tourists; ditto for over-priced, crowded Cabrera with its stale menu!

Buenos Aires in October

Looking for interesting & authentic food experiences in BA: recommendations for restaurants, outdoor food markets, cafes, gelato would be most appreciated.

L'Impero or ? for quiet evening before N Y Eve

What's happening at L'Impero after Scott left? Any recs for a intimate dining experience with great food without Per Se prices? Love most cuisines. And even willing to go into Brooklyn if it's worthwhile.

Nov 16, 2007
4 seasons in Manhattan

Good Indian Food on the UWS?

Earthen Oven, 72nd St & Columbus which offers special chef from the South.

Oct 22, 2007
4 seasons in Manhattan

Why is it impossible to find really good food on the UWS?

to peter 1: still doesn't answer the ?, UWSers don't need a lot of money to enjoy a really soul-satisfying meal; I look for consistency in fresh, well-prepared food, congenial atmosphere, and caring towards patrons (especially if they're regulars). I always feel "at home" at Yuki, Earthen Oven and have never had a dreadful or mediocre dining experience at either. Perhaps Cimui has restaurants mixed up, or we have different values when it cimes to dining out. In Queens, when I've ventured out, I love Sweet n' Tart (Chinese in Flushing) and Sripraphai (Thai in Woodside). In the West Village: Spotted Pig (early only), Piccolo Angolo (family-style Italian - early only), Le Gigot (intimate French bistro), Moustache (Lebanonese cafe), Mary's Fish Camp (early only) and East Village: Prune (early only), Momofuku (early only), Jewel Bakao (splurge time but what a culinary experience), Peasant, and for afternoon tea - cozy Podunk - freshly-made tea and authentic scones and tea cakes. Now Brooklyn offers wholely a breadth of wonderful places to eat (and reminds me of Manhattan neighborhoods decades ago).

So maybe that's the answer. Instead of more expensive real estate and attitude to go with that, we need to go back to mixed (in every sense) neighborhoods, small family-owned places and authentic cooking/service which rely on regular patrons who know and care about what they eat.

Oct 20, 2007
4 seasons in Manhattan

after the marathon, what to feed the runner? [moved from Manhattan board]

All you serious runners out there, in salute to a friend who's doing the marathon for the 1st time, what would suggest I serve afterwards?

Oct 19, 2007
4 seasons in General Topics

Why is it impossible to find really good food on the UWS?

Had a terrible brunch At Telepan (burnt food & lackadaisal service); Cesca lunch was awful, Compass pretty uninteresting, Calle Ocho can be fun but very loud with an emphasis on the scene over the food.

Oct 19, 2007
4 seasons in Manhattan