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NoBe restaurant that is dog-friendly &...

can accommodate a party of 10 this Sunday at 1 pm - does it exist? We just moved from SoBe to NoBe & I'm not completely familiar with my new 'hood. I have family coming into town & we want a nice meal but nothing over-the-top pricey. Would love to try CPrimaPasta but are they dog-friendly?

Thanks!!! Kat

May 16, 2008
blisskat in Florida

Mark's South Beach Closing

Agreed - see my reply to the entire post:

May 02, 2008
blisskat in Florida

Mark's South Beach Closing

My husband got a job at Mark's SoBe about a month before they closed, worked 7 days/week for them when their other new server for the new breakfast/lunch service didn't work out and STILL has not received his final paycheck from there for two weeks of work.

VERY shady & disappointing considering Mark's good rep up until now.

May 02, 2008
blisskat in Florida

Chicharrones in South Beach?

What can I say - my husband & I both enjoy chicharrones and I'm wondering if there is anywhere on Miami Beach, preferably South Beach, to get them? I did see them at SoBe Munchies on Lincoln Road but the employees were not interested in helping me since I don't speak Spanish, so I have not been back. Is there anywhere else to try?


Mar 11, 2008
blisskat in Florida

texas de brazil, south beach open?

Actually I called the Dolphin Mall location yesterday to ask & they said hopefully by the end of November but no firm date yet. :(

Nov 08, 2007
blisskat in Florida

Thanksgiving on South Beach

Since we aren't able to head out of town this year, some of the family is coming to visit us. We live in a tiny apt in Miami Beach with just a mere kitchenette, so T-giving dinner at home is not an option.

Opentable is not a big help with ideas for a SoBe Thanksgiving lunch so I'm reaching out to the Florida Chowhounds for some ideas! Definitely looking for something budget-friendly, $20-25/entree so that leaves out the extravagant brunches like The Ritz-Carlton.

Any ideas? Are most restaurants going to be open midday in the SoBe area?

Thanks all! Kat

Nov 06, 2007
blisskat in Florida

Best steakhouse in Miami/Miami Beach?

Any thoughts on Prime Blue Grille? Is it even in the same category as Morton's & Capital Grille?

The Hubby is interested in The Forge but all the recent reviews I've read have been negative.

Best steakhouse in Miami/Miami Beach?

Hi Chowhounds! Long time reader, first time poster.

Our 2nd Anniversary is coming up & I've decided to take The Hubby to a steakhouse since he is a self-proclaimed 'meat & potatoes guy.' I'm a wannabe chowhound with champagne tastes but a kool-aid budget & he humors me by going wherever I want to go, so I want to go somewhere I know he will truly enjoy our dinner.

I can't say 'money is no object' but am prepared for a big splurge for the special occasion, so I'd love to see what names comes up the most & why. I've probably heard of all the places you are going to mention but I want to see which ones you Chowhounds truly like the best!

Thanks SO much!