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Whats the best Grocery Market in Downtown LA ? (Whole Foods, Trader Joes,...)

A new Ralph's just opened downtown. Fogot the address but just google "Raph's Fresh Market Downtown Los Angeles" and you will get the address. The store is upscale--hence the "Ralph's Fresh Market" name. The store has basic groceries like a regular super but also a nice selection of specialty and natural products, fresh foods, ect. It's on the groound floor of a new condo building...looking good it is.

Things you like slightly burned or burnt?

I'm a burnt-edges person when it comes to pancakes and omlets. Just a slight burned (or darker) edge on them.

I also like BBQed ribs with a slight burn on them. From the sauce of course.


Where to Buy Cane Syrup?

Try any Andronico's store (Berkeley, Palo Alto, San Francisco) or Mollie Stones' store. Also, most larger Safeway's should have it. Tate & Lyle is a popular brand. Also in SF try Cal Mart. Berkely Bowl should have as well. The more upscale the store the more likely they will have cane syrup.


Meat market in Sonoma County

I usually go to the butcher shop inside the Sonoma Market. It's a full-service style shop and the butchers know how to really cut meat rather than just take it out of a box and slice it into pieces. Good quality I have found. Prime as well as choice. Organic meats and poulty.