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Richard Gere was not there but Jean-Georges showed up...

Tried the place for Saturday brunch. The food was very good, and that is why we will give it another try. Service was sloppy, slow, disorganized and indifferent. Orders came late, in wrong sequence, wrong or plain forgotten.

We waited 20+ minutes while several tables were available, and even clean. People were seated out of sequence of arrival, which irritated some.

Lots of staff, way more than I would expect for the number of customers (and the place was full), but no one was in charge or at least no manager was in evidence, and I think that is clearly the problem.

The decor is great, but the front door needs some protection from the wind on cold winter days. The hostess would hold it open for 3 - 4 minutes for some, and close it in the face of others, but each time we'd get a blast of chill all the way across the room. I would not want to be sitting at the table by the door.

But our food was very good, and the tables around us all raved about their food.

Best Burger

Mango's on Main Street in Mt. Kisco. Mexican/Central American cuisine. Simple, tasty and very juicy burger. Inexpensive and great. Not a fancy gourmet experience, jsut a burger as it should be.

Ask for the Chipotle Mayo if you like spicy.

Outdoor Lunch places?

The Lex & Tuscan Oven in Mount Kisco. Brio (used to be John's Worst Pizza) is good too, though a bit noisy from 117. Deer Park in Katonah (rt. 35 & 22). La Fontaine in Somers (Rt 100 north of PepsiCo) and Baccio in Cross River (Rt 35 and 121, owned by the same people)

Outdoor Lunch places?

Nancy, I fly, and most of us at least ride a bike. For a good outdoor restuarant I'd even go to Joisy.

Learn to appreciate some geographic diversity and you'll have a lot more fun in life, not just cyberspace.

Thai in Westchester - Rate Your Best

Best Thai food we've had in a long time, certainly in Westchester. Best Tom Yum soup since 1981 and East Broadway. Red Curry, Spicy Basil Chicken and Pad See You were all done perfectly. Service was good for a Thai restuarant.

I hgihly recommend it, and we'll be back.

Also tried them for lunch. At $8.95 it beats any other deals around and the quality is as good as dinner.