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Local 121, Providence

Yeah, I pretty much agree w/ the majority of these posts. Went there w/ a group of 6 last night, expecting to like the place. Actually my first impression was good--very nice negroni at the bar. Unfortunately, the food is lacking, pretty much across the board. To echo some of the other critiques--great concept, poor execution. Do the cooks here taste anything before they put it out. Seasoning 101 folks...

Beer-cheese--nasty texture and flavor--like curdled band-aid paste--the accompanying bread pieces were WAY too salty,
Root "crisps"--again--soggy--I would have been much happier if they'd dumped a bag of TERRA chips into a bowel. Accompanying creme fraiche--not good.
Pasta special--the best of the night--but nothing special--it was the only main served that wasn't inappropriately seasoned though.
Pork chop special--well cooked, poorly seasoned, vanilla gastrique was WAY too sweet and the spaetzle were WAY too salty.
fried clam/risotto cakes--tasted like fried and not much else.

Nice place for drinks.
Avoid the food unless they radically shake things up.