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NY Hound coming to DC- Dinner Idea?

Definitely Rasika, although it's not near Dupont Circle. It's in the Penn Quarter area. Jaleo (Spanish) and Zaytinia (Mediterranea), also in Penn Quarter, have good small plates. I'm not sure of Monday closing times, though.

Best corned beef and cabbage in DC?

I'm craving corned beef and cabbage. Are there any places in DC that serve old fashioned (not extremely lean) corned beef anymore?

Fried Liver and Onions?

Awesome, thanks! Montmartre is very close to home. I have no idea why I'd not heard of it.

What happened to Chicken Out?

I loved Chicken Out; I used to go there for lunch 2 to 3 days/week years ago. The chicken was tasty (better than Boston Market) and the sides were really fresh. I'm glad to read they're reorganizing. I hope their new plans bring an outlet to DC, on or near Capitol Hill.

Fried Liver and Onions?

What restaurant serves the best fried (sauteed) liver and onions in DC?

How do you drink your milk?

8 to 10 ounces of cold (38 degrees), non-fat/skim milk, nothing fancy ... Harris Teeter house brand.

Aug 18, 2012
dcn8v in General Topics

A Casual Over 45 Birthday Venue.... Decent Food and Near the Water ?????

Another vote for Cantina Marina.

Best Cupcakes DC/NoVa

I love Red Velvet Cupcakery on 7th Street, NW (Penn Quarter) near F Street. Their carrot cake cupcakes are yummy-licious.

New restaurant for Jordan Cappolla (Jordan's 8 on Barrack's Row)?

*snort* That's too funny (and just a little creepy)!

Looking for a wedding cake that tastes amazing.

Yikes! Too bad about those dry cupcakes, ivysmom. :(

As mentioned, our wedding cake was fab, as was a friend's wedding and groom's cakes. Good luck, HungryGrad!

Looking for a wedding cake that tastes amazing.

I highly recommend "Oh What a Cake!" for wedding cake nirvana. We absolutely loved our wedding cake. The bakery is located in Columbia. Marcia will make whatever you desire -- taste and decoration. Amazing!

New restaurant for Jordan Cappolla (Jordan's 8 on Barrack's Row)?

Does anyone know if Jordan Cappolla. owner of the late Jordan's 8 on Barrack's Row on Capitol Hill, has any plans to open a new restaurant in DC? Where? When?

Romantic dinner for 2 in Downtown DC

Agreed. My husband and I enjoy Bistro Cacao every time we go. Call ahead of time and ask for one of the "booths." There's nothing that screams romantic (or bordello) like red velvet curtains. ;) Enjoy!