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J sheekey - oyster bar or restaurant

Trying to decide on reservations in restaurant or oyster bar. Mainly interested in oysters and a few other smaller dishes vs a heavy meal. Party of 2. Never been to either so hoping you can tell me why to choose one over the other.

Apr 02, 2015
lisabnyc in U.K./Ireland

Chiang mai sausage from local butcher

I picked up chiang mai sausage from the farmers market and threw in the freezer a few weeks back. Ready to use and forgot suggestions from the butcher. Any here?

Sep 16, 2014
lisabnyc in Home Cooking

food road trips from charleston, sc

this sounds great. that's the perfect distance away!

Mar 05, 2014
lisabnyc in Southeast

food road trips from charleston, sc

love fat hen but havent tried tomato shed yet. thanks!

Mar 05, 2014
lisabnyc in Southeast

food road trips from charleston, sc

always looking for day trips from charleston for good food finds.

a few i've enjoyed so far:

hemingway for scott's bbq
mcclennanville for t.w. grahams
holly hill for sweatmans
st. helena island for shrimp shack
ladson for el centro
savannah for many things

any others that you love?

Feb 28, 2014
lisabnyc in Southeast

How does my eating itinerary look?

lao wang sounds amazing - it's going on the list! thank you!

Jan 29, 2014
lisabnyc in Mountain States

Lamb top round substitution - lamb shoulder chop?

I am cooking a lamb tagine and the recipe calls for 2 lbs boneless lamb top round. Lamb shoulder chop is all my grocery had. I picked up 4 lbs because of bones. Will this work? This is my first time cooking with lamb. Thank you!

Jan 24, 2014
lisabnyc in Home Cooking

How does my eating itinerary look?

I'm a Charlestonian coming to Denver for the first time. Did some research on this site and others and have a good list started but wanted your advice on it. As far as what I'm looking for: good local foods and specialties that make Denver, well, Denver. What's a great dish I can get there and only there? I am not interested in southern cuisine or tasting menus. Cost isn't a major factor as well. Have a car so able to travel within Denver.

Also, I will be arriving Superbowl Sunday and staying at Sheraton Downtown. Is there a good place nearby to watch the game? Go Broncos!

lunch: biker jim's
dinner: euclid hall

lunch: cherry cricket
dinner: uncle

lunch pho 95 or new saigon (lakewood)
dinner ???

Jan 24, 2014
lisabnyc in Mountain States


i would personally go to FIG and share appetizers and 1 entree. another good option for sharing is The Grocery.

May 28, 2013
lisabnyc in Southeast


hi, if you can let us know more detail, we'll be able to help you a it more. what type of cuisine, atmosphere, price limitations?

for breakfast, you'll definitely want hominy grill.

for dinner, i would do fig over husk for sure. husk is a good lunch or brunch option.

but let us know what you like or what you dont have where you live and we can get more specific

May 17, 2013
lisabnyc in Southeast

post 10k party

i am hosting a casual party in my apartment to celebrate the finish of one of most popular 10k runs in my area. the guest list will be around 30, which includes a mix of runners and spectators (like myself). i want to be able to watch the run but be ready to serve up drinks & food as soon as people arrive afterwards. what can i prepare ahead of time that will be filling, as well as appetizing? i'd still like to show off some of my cooking skills even if that means preparing it early. no crudites and sandwich trays here.

was thinking mini sliders (pulled pork, italian, meatball, or ham & cheese), pasta or potato salad, some sort of dip, and a few sides....but there really is no theme or story. any advice is appreciated.

Jan 29, 2013
lisabnyc in Home Cooking

Recap of my quick eating-focused weekend

i do love crab, but in order to eat 5 meals/day, i had to draw the line somewhere. will definitely try it next time!

Recap of my quick eating-focused weekend

Thanks to Chowhounders for feedback/suggestions. What a fantastic city you live in!

Friday night I went to the Cliffhouse (downstairs restaurant) with co-workers. Not my choice, but wow, what a view! Would have felt uncomfortable here as a solo diner, but catching the sunset here is unbelievable. Food was good as well, but nothing too memorable. I had a crab soup which was light and had a butternut squash or pumpkin base which seemed a little off for June, but I was actually happy that it was lighter than expected. Halibut entree with spring vegetables was my entree. Fish was fresh, but slightly overcooked. I liked the simple preparation. Seems like a place that can get away with serving slighty above average food due to the view. Glad I came, but also glad it was expensed!

a.m.: Ferry Building. First stop was 4505 meats for the maple breakfast sausage sandwich . oh my breakfast god. so good. get this. thank me later. Also tried "real korean taco" with beef at namo - a stunner of a 3 bite snack. I wanted to eat more there, but had limited time in town and needed to move on.

lunch: Swan Oyster Depot. Line was about 15 minutes long and friendly people in line. Grabbed an Anchor Steam, Chowder and Mixed Dozen Oysters. What a spot - I didn't want to leave! Chowder wasn't very creamy, but that seems to be their style. The guys here are hilarious - definitely seems like an institution. Glad the line was short enough so that I was able to enjoy.

afternoon: Gioia Pizzeria. Really weird service but a nice space. Had a glass of wine and pepperoni pie. Got whole pie vs. slice due to time of day and I wanted to make sure I had the freshest version. The crust was spot-on but the rest of the pie was a bit greasy. I know there were more exciting options topping-wise, but I wanted to start with the basics, which is what I compare all pizza on....and they didn't have fresh basil, which I thought was odd. Walked by Pizzeria Delfina on Sunday and wish I had saved my pizza meal for there.

night: beers at a pub then a light dinner at anchor & hope with a friend. we shared a mix of oysters and salt & pepper calamari. oyster selection was limited since they had run out of a few earlier that night, but the ones we got were all fresh and full of the brininess I love! the calamari was cooked well, but needed more seasoning. we ended up ordering tons of lemon to try to elevate it a bit. a cool spot if you are downtown, but i wouldn't travel here for it.

drunken late night: leftover pizza and champagne from the great service desk at the inter-continental!

a.m. who goes to dim sum as 1? this girl. yank sing seated me right away, but between being 1 and the hangover i had, i wasn't able to try as much as i liked. i got the soup dumplings which were full of flavor, but a little smaller than anticipated and the cost was double the usual amount. i had pork shumai and har gow, but ended there. definitely bring someone with you here.

lunch: in-n-out cheeseburger, animal style. and a coke. hangover cured.

dinner: grabbed a super burrito (carne asade) from la cumbre in the mission on way to the airport for the red eye. this was the size of a small child. got about half way through and quit, but not due to lack of flavor, just sheer size.

wow - san francisco, you have so much great food...i like you. we are gonna have to do this again!

Last minute trip to San Francisco for First Timer - Approve my Itinerary Please

thanks to everyone for the advice - will report back once i've made progress.

Last minute trip to San Francisco for First Timer - Approve my Itinerary Please

Have a few hours to kill tomorrow for lunch before heading to Walnut Creek for work. Is there anything worth eating out there? If not, I will have suitcase in tow but happy to roll it somewhere conveniently located near Bart system before heading that way.

Otherwise, back to San Francisco on Friday night and ready to EAT.
Was thinking Gioia PIzzeria for dinner Friday.
Bourbon & Branch for drinks

Ferry Market in the morning
snack at Swan
then heading to Mission Chinese for dinner

either lunch or early dinner at Slanted Door. Which do you prefer?

still want to try to find really good Vietnamese bun or Chinese dumplings.. will be staying in SoMa near Union Square East but willing to travel if deemed safe for a solo female.

Thanks in advance for any advice and happy to reciprocate if you find yourself in the Charleston, SC area.

Rec's: BYOB or Low Corkage Fee for 6-10pp Group Dinner ??

cafe china is currently byob. schezuan food in midtown - been twice and enjoyed both times!

Cafe China
13 E 37th St, New York, NY 10016

Dec 11, 2011
lisabnyc in Manhattan

Recommendations around 50th and Lexington?

p.j. clarke's is a great spot for both a burger and a drink.

P.J. Clarke's
915 3rd Ave, New York, NY 10022

May 17, 2011
lisabnyc in Manhattan

DIshes that start with L

i love "lace and lima beans" - it's a bunch of southerners....we have a winner! thank you!

May 16, 2011
lisabnyc in General Topics

DIshes that start with L

I am helping throw a lingerie & kitchen tool themed shower....i want to change it from the usual name of "^%$ in the kitchen" to something a bit more tasteful. i was thinking of calling it "lace and linguini" but i don't like the sound of any foods I can think of that starts with an L. this bride knows her food, so i would like to think of a more sophistiicated dish than lasagna, linguini, lo mein, etc.

any ideas?

May 15, 2011
lisabnyc in General Topics

Young Couple Looking for Inexpensive Eats

here is a good spot nearby - and it's byob in case you feel like drinking for a change!

nook - it's small so try to make a reservation.

also, i was pleasantly suprised at a dinner with friends in that area at trattoria there better italian in nyc? yes. but this is close, the price is right and i was VERY happy with my pasta dish, as well as my guests.

Trattoria Trecolori
254 W 47th St, New York, NY 10036

746 9th Ave, New York, NY 10019

May 11, 2011
lisabnyc in Manhattan

Shanghai Gourmet, Pell Street, yum!

i've also recently tried it and enjoyed it too! the soup dumplings were just as legit as across the street, and the double cooked pork was spot on....walked buy a few times - never too busy - good for people not looking for a wait but hopefully they are doing good enough to stick around for a while...

Apr 17, 2011
lisabnyc in Manhattan

Crawfish Boils This Weekend 2011

does anyone know how much yo mama's is charging per lb?

Mar 27, 2011
lisabnyc in New Orleans

Chinese New Year for 3

Looking for a good place to eat next Thursday evening to celebrate Chinese New Year.

-Preferably in Chinatown (or at least downtown)
-Nothing foufy - no Chinatown Brasserie
-Delicious Food - we are adventurous eaters
-Reservations for 3 would be a plus
-Festive atmosphere for holiday would be a plus too

Thanks in advance.

Chinatown Brasserie
380 Lafayette St, New York, NY 10012

Jan 26, 2011
lisabnyc in Manhattan


i like the gnocci at supper.

Oct 05, 2010
lisabnyc in Manhattan

Vietnamese Food in Chinatown

thai son is my fave....and i am not alone - the place is always packed!

Sep 26, 2010
lisabnyc in Manhattan

Restaurant Recommendations for either Pizza or Burgers for a fun thirtysomething's birthday?

i second hill country. did my birthday there this year - LOTS of fun and atmosphere was perfect.

Aug 03, 2010
lisabnyc in Manhattan

where can i find victoria beer?

thanks for the heads up! can't wait to not have to pay for the illegal version in ny!

Jul 25, 2010
lisabnyc in Outer Boroughs

Help - I am awful at cooking breakfast

those look decadent - please share your secret!

Jul 24, 2010
lisabnyc in Home Cooking

Help - I am awful at cooking breakfast

I am awful at cooking eggs---scrambled ones never turn out like they do in the restaurant, and i always seem to break the yolk or overcook fried eggs..omelettes always fall apart on me....

i am going to have to cook breakfast for 2 this weekend at a beach house and need your help. is there an easy fool-proof breakfast recipe you would be willing to share that doesn't involve a ton of ingredients?

i want to stick with with egg based recipes ins tead of going the french toast or pancake route.... i have a mini le creuset casserole - i was thinking maybe something baked in this.

thanks in advance for any suggestions.

Jul 24, 2010
lisabnyc in Home Cooking

Tuesday night deals?

I know certain restaurants offer deals on certain days - usually Sunday and Monday when things are slow, but do you know any that offer deals on Tuesday evening, such as half-priced wines, no corkage fees, or anything along those lines?

Jun 13, 2010
lisabnyc in Manhattan