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Looking for Sweet/Young Kimchi

its not straight sugar they add its a sweet rice porridge that gives it that great sweet taste

Looking for Sweet/Young Kimchi

i make fresh sweet kimchi maybe if you would like i could make it for you and mail it to you i live in rhode island so i believe you arent to far away the only thing i ask is 20 dollars to make it and that you pay for the supplies needed for it so my cost and the ingredients cost and of course the cost of some jumbo jars and the shipping and handling it would get to you over night in bulk and sweet the way you like i was taught by my korean grandmother who pretty much adopted me as a kid so if you are interested let me know you can email me at for the subject say "make me kimchi". and i will know who you are and we can talk further .


should kimchi have a sweetness to it because i have some that a korean made and it has a little hint of sweetness to it she said she added sweet rice porridge what does she mean and huh?

Aug 10, 2012
ivylynn in General Topics