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So Cal 'hound looking for high end experience for celebratory dinner

I *love* Casa B and recommend to pretty much everyone I know. In Union Square, Somerville. It's not necessarily "refined" in a typical way, but it feels special. Great cocktails and decent wines. Food tastes wonderful and rooms have a hip feel, but service is really, really great.

Edited to add: I was at T.W. Food recently and found it to be stuffy, actually. Food was nice, service was nice, but it felt like we were the youngest (read: most laid-back) people there... and we were celebrating my husband's 44th birthday!

Feeling frustrated by the Arlington-Lexington dining scene

So I agree with your assessments of all of your regular places. But I really feel like you are leaving out a lot of the good places! How about Little Q? The hotpot is excellent, and their other food is pretty good as well. I find Taipei Gourmet to be very hit or miss, but Formosa Taipei can be pretty darn good and they deliver as well. I like the sushi at Daikanyama. It is definitely NOT traditional nor as good as Toraya and it is expensive, but sometimes it's what I want. I actually prefer their noodle soups over Toraya. Royal India in Lexington is good and they deliver, too. For pizza, I like Andrina's. And if you are in Arlington Joe Pizza in West Medford will deliver to you and they are good. I often really enjoy Tryst, and they are even kid friendly if you go early. It's too expensive for every day, but their shrimp taco app is tasty, I like their kale salad (which you can also order salmon or chicken with), and the burger with truffle fries hits the spot when I am feeling like I want a calorie bomb. My daughter LOVES Thai Moon. I find it a little sweeter than I like my Thai to be, but it's still really tasty. I live in Lexington, and I feel like the dining scene here has improved tons in the last ten years. I also wish we could get a better Mexican place and better pizza-- agree with you there. Not even my kids will abide Ixtapa. And that's saying something.

Pizza in Lexington/Belmont/Arlington?

We are also in East Lexington, and Andrina's is our choice for delivery. But if you are up for a short drive Joe Pizza in West Medford is very good. It's not Greek style, though the crust is not as thin as Andrina's. The sauce is very good. You can get any combo, but some of their specialty pizzas are very good. I particularly like one they have with caramelized onions and gorgonzola. Joe Pizza also makes great salads with an excellent homemade balsamic vinaigrette. Andrina's salads are okay but nothing special.

Tryst or Flora

Hi Karl. We frequent Tryst and sometimes end up at Flora, too. Like them both. I love the shrimp tacos at Tryst, and also the truffle fries. They have a wonderful kale and brussel sprout salad that you can add salmon, chicken or shrimp to for a healthy meal. And it's super delicious! We were at Flora last night and the food was decent, though not fabulous. I had a lobster salad with avocado, mango, and arugula that was lovely, but the spicy shrimp was overcooked and just okay. The desserts were great, though. Overall, I must say I prefer Tryst (though I wish they would lose the televisions). I would ask to be seated at a table in the bar at either place since I vastly prefer the bar to the dining room in either case.

Abigail's - food?

I actually ate at Abigail's just this week and had a great meal. My favorite dish out of all we ordered was a salad that contained grilled artichokes, burrata, simply dressed arugula, and a whipped concoction they called a "smoked tomato pesto." it was a delicious, very well-balanced dish. We had to ask for bread because the tomato "pesto" seemed more like a spread. The bread seemed a little sad, but my friends and I all enjoyed everything else we ate, and we are a pretty tough crowd.