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rehearsal dinner site near Mystic, CT

Seamen's Inn? Might be spelt Seaman... but it sounds like what you are looking for. Great seafood. On the water. You should check it out.....

Looking for BYOB suggestions in Windham County area of CT......

I am having a hard time trying to locate some BYOB restaurants in the Windham County area of CT (Brooklyn, Putnam, Dayville, Killingly, Plainfield...etc). We are happy to drive further, but wondering if anyone knows of any in this vacinity??? Thanks for your help friends!

Girl's Dinner/ Cocktails - looking for relaxing place w/ fireplace...any ideas??

Sorry. Lack of sleep (I have a newborn). Things are fuzzy these days. : ) We are looking at the Providence area. Everyone is meeting around the Westin. We can drive though. I have had friends suggest the bar at the Westin, I also had a rec for Remmington House in East Greenwich. I know the area well, so driving is not an issue.

Melting Pot: Providence Place Mall

How is this place? The food, the atmosphere?

Girl's Dinner/ Cocktails - looking for relaxing place w/ fireplace...any ideas??

Hi All - I am meeting 6 old frinds from College for dinner in February. They want to find a good place, with a fireplace, to sit in front of, relax, and have some cocktails. We can always go somewhere else for dinner...but are looking for a nice place to kick back at, be warm, and catch up. Any suggestions?

Going to Providence for the weekend

Hi! Siena really isn't "italian" if you are looking for sort of the authentic, old-school italian food. Camille's is wonderful for italian.... but Siena is a good option non-the-less. Quite noisy though. What about Cafe Nuovo?? If the weekend is a "waterfire weekend"...are they doing them this year??... if so, you could have a wonderul dinner -Nice location, have always have great food. Good atmosphere too. Pane e Vino I am 0 for 2 on.

private function room providence?

The Providence Oyster Bar has a small room upstairs that seats about 15 -20 people. Lots of good seafood and some other choices as well. Their menu is online.

Baby Shower Breakfast in RI?

20 Water Street in East Greenwich does an excellent brunch. You can also include mimosas, or some fun breakfast cocktail type drinks if you'd like. They are very thoughtful and accommodating. Plus, you can't beat the view! Chelo's on the Water in East Greenwich is also a good choice. Only catch is that the outside bar on the same level as the function room is open during the shower, so there will be people at the outside bar looking in at your party. Not a huge deal, but you should be aware. The Harborside in East G. also does a brunch.

Worcester suggestion for dinner: 4 couples?

Our party of 8 dropped to a party of 4 by 5pm. Someone's sitter had to get her appendix out. That was the only legit excuse as far as I could tell ...but the 4 of us still kept plans. We with the Sole Proprietor and had a GREAT time. Our service was excellent -with 2 servers. The food was fabulous (the table ordered sushi rolls, tuna tartar, calamari, Haddock w/ Lobster, Almond Crusted Haddock, NY Sirloin, and a Seafood stir fry. Got there late, but was not rushed. Sat around 7:30pm, and we actually left out table around 10:30pm. Cocktails and dessert. A lovely espresso for me! YUM!! It was very nice. I liked that it was pretty loud and semi-casual, as we were seeing friends we hadn't seen in a while and laughing/having a great time. I would DEFINITELY go back. We had a great time. Thanks to all for suggesting. We are looking to try 111 next time. I also made note of Block 5 Bistro and Bocado and will try them as well. Worcester seems to be the 1/2 way meeting place for us, so suggestions are always welcome. THANKS again!!!! Michelle

Elmo cake in RI or south eastern MA?

Forgot to mention that the bakeries that WERE willing to do the elmo cake wer simply using an "elmo pan" type mold. It was uneventful! Also....the cupcake stand was a HUGE hit, but we bought it at Price Chopper (super market in Putnam CT)...not The Big Y. GOOD LUCK!!!!!!

Worcester suggestion for dinner: 4 couples?

Thanks everyone!!! I actually was able to get a res for us at Sole!!! It sounds like I lucked out!!

Elmo cake in RI or south eastern MA?

I am cringing to admit this.... : ) But we did a LOT of looking for the Elmo cake. The cutest one we found was actually AT BJ's. I must have called at LEAST 10 bakeries. Anyway, the cake is a street, with Elmo in a car and Big Bird is towing him. I had them do all primary color letters & numbers along the side. You can do a filling too. We did yellow cake w/ raspberry filling. The funny part was that everyone wanted to know where we got it It was very cute. We also bought the SESAME STREET cupcake stand from our local grocery store (the Big Y) bakery. (it is an oversized cardboard stand that looks like the actual Sesame Street...Hooper's store, the Fix it Shop...Oscar's can...etc. It holds about 20 cupcakes and comes with Sesame Street cardboard character heads to put on top of the cupcakes. I think Stop & Shop or Shaw's might have it. You can have the supermarket make the cupcakes for you, or you can make them yourself.

Has anyone tried Chinese Laundry in Providence?

The Kobe beef was delish (if you want to spend 49.99)! They also have good sushi. We found the place to be really fun for apps and drinks, but it just seemed a little crammed in there for dinner. There are only so many tables, as you know, so you'd really have to make a res early.

Worcester suggestion for dinner: 4 couples?

Hi! We are looking for a steak house type place for dinner on Saturday night. We were supposed to be dining at Atkinson Country Club, but plans moved to Worcester. Called 111 Chop House (only place I now seeing that I live in CT) and they can only seat us at 5:30pm. The sitter can't come until 6pm, and ...well...who wants to eat at 5:30pm anyways?? Can you send me suggestions for a semi-upscale dining option for 4 couples looking for a nice adult night out? Obviously have to make these reservations soon, Thanks for your help!!! Michelle

The Golden Lamb Buttery???

An older woman (who is "in the know") in town informed me that I am apparently not very smart for calling before April. They close down for the winter. Sometimes open in April, but often do not re-open until May. She mentioned that she heard they may be putting the "Buttery" up for sale, but to her knowledge, it has NOT been sold.

The Golden Lamb Buttery???

Hi JaneRI - I will DEFINITELY try Still River. i am always looking for suggestins in this area. We always seem to end up at Point Breeze in the summer. Need some good options. Thanks for suggesting!

Girls weekend in Newport...recs?

i also am a big fan of the Salvation Cafe. The Bay Voyage Inn has a great brunch as well. They are located over the Newport Bridge in Portsmouth (10 min drive).

The Golden Lamb Buttery???

I have heard that the Golden Lamb Buttery is a GREAT place to eat in the Quiet Corner of CT. My issue is that I've been calling for 2 weeks (random days/ various times) and get no answer. Our neighbors said they heard it was being sold. I've searched the internet and have come up empty handed. Does anyone know if the Golden Lamb has shut their doors forever?

Recs in Merrimack Valley, MA area?

Hi - We are heading up to the Merrimack Valley area to have dinner w/ my husband's friends from High School. Looking for a good rec other than the Atkinson Country Club...been a million times and looking for something different. Any suggestions? We really liked One Mills Street, but it closed down... Thanks!

Any Cranston Recs?

Spain is one of my favs too. My friend is addicted to a place that opened in the new plaza across from Garden City. She says they have awesome Thai and that they are owned by the same co as PF Chengs. Might be worth a look. Cafe Itri is a great choice. So is Cafe Luna. Last 2 times we ate at Efendi, it was very blahhh. Average service, average food. Disappointing b/c I've had some great meals there. Not recently though.

Any recommendations for lunch place in Worcester???

Thanks for all of your replies. As I mention above, I gave up on the "nice" factor... and just went for something that is more a fun, pub style. the girls are voting between O'Connors (recommendation from someone who works in Worcester) and Brew City. Will have to see. But thanks again!!!! (and yes, you are all correct, Nice would imply something a little diff than a bar/pub...but what can you do? Lunch, on a Sunday is tough!!)

Any recommendations for lunch place in Worcester???

Sorry - I gave up on "nice" and just went for "fun". : ) You are right...I wouldn't consider it in the nice category either. To be honest, I am originally from Providence and work in Boston, so finding something in Worcester was not my bag. I just finally went with a pub that happens to be open, on a Sunday, for lunch...Not sure why they had me pick the place anyways! ha!!!

Need recs for Belfast, ME for next week. What's still open?

my friend says Rhumb Line is's in Searsport

Any recommendations for lunch place in Worcester???

ding ding ding...WE HAVE A WINNER!!!!!!!!!! Thanks Jeremy. This looks good.

Great Italian Restaurant in Providence

Pane vino would be a great choice. Too bad Cafe Romanza on Wickenden closed...that would have been perfect, and it was BYOB. Don't do Siena. It is loud. Ok, very loud considering I was at a table for 2 and still couldn't be heard. Great place for night out w/ friends. Not clients. Cafe Andiamo in Johnston is a 15 in ride, it is BYOB, great italian food, and very cute/eclectic interior. It is small, and quaint. Would be a good choice if you feel like the drive.

Need a Rec for business dinner in Providence on Wed. night.

100% agree w/ Garris's comment about the noise at Ten. Also agree about the "cheese" factor of the Providence Prime...but it is a step above a Capital Grill, and many of our New York clients come in to town and RAVE about it. If your clients are high-end, with a little bit of corporate cheesiness to them, they will love Providence Prime. I would recommend requesting the "larger booth". They have 2 that are good for business meetings.

50th Birthday Dinner in Providence this Friday

one comment: Ten Steak & Sushi isn't up Federal Hill.... so If they want a nice dinner, head somewhere else for desserts...somewhere else for more drinks...I would stick to the Federal Hill area...Gracies or Siena. Agree w comments below.. Lunch is great at CAV, but they lack in the dinner department. Camilles is a great choice as well. If they want a steakhouse, I would do Providence Prime, owned by sister restaurant, Providence Oyster Bar.

Any recommendations for lunch place in Worcester???

Thanks Rick -checked the looks good. You're right, I'd prob have to bring my own fun!! no problem with that. Thanks again.

Any recommendations for lunch place in Worcester???

Thanks Earle!!!

Any recommendations for lunch place in Worcester???

I'll also search for the link you mention