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Shanghai; Why no Chowhound Meets?

I also would like to attend.

Maybe we plan on certain days of the month, eg. every third thursday or every fourth sunday, etc.

Shanghai recs?

Buttertart, I'm embarrassed to ask this having lived in Suzhou, but where is Wangsi and what type of cuisine?

Shanghai; Why no Chowhound Meets?

I agree it is a good question. I've just moved back to Shanghai and Am surprised at the lack of get- togethers. Epeter03 are you based here? Maybe it's time to get something going

Bluebird vs. The Publican

Thanks for the input. I am by myself and managed to get in tomorrow evening. I'll report back.

Apr 05, 2010
sganarelle in Chicago Area

Bluebird vs. The Publican

Opinions? If you had to choose one, which and why?


Apr 05, 2010
sganarelle in Chicago Area

Amusing menu gaffes - what's yours? [moved from Boston board]

My favorite of all time was at a Hunanese Restaurant in Suzhou (just West of Shanghai). The glossy menu complete with Chinese and English names had one dish called: "Chicken with stir fried f**kness" (naturally, this was mougu, and therefore "fungus". They have since changed the menu.

Dec 06, 2009
sganarelle in Not About Food

Californian cuisine & Seafood

Fair enough, perhaps I should be a bit more specific:

I live in Asia so Chinese, Vietnamese, etc. is not on my list.
I feel I have good recs for Mexican, mainly places in the Mission District.

By seafood, of course I mean local varieties, so if there are species of local fish you feel I should be on the lookout for, I'd love to hear it. Also, I would like to Dungeness a try unless you feel it's really not worth it. I primarily eat hairy crabs in China.

I have eaten at Zuni as i mentioned and am booked for Tue eve at CP. As I am an outsider I am interested in sampling some of the SF institutions, but I am really interested in trying tasty local produce in a casual environment.

I have no car so Napa / Sonoma is out for this trip.

Commis seems not bad and I've read up on Salt House, Fish & Farm and several others near The Tenderloin which I am close to. Any other recs are appreciated.

Californian cuisine & Seafood

I've just learned that I will be SF this Tue & Wed and am looking for restaurant recs.

Last year I had a great meal at Zuni, Swanson's for seafood (really cozy place), and sampled a few of the many taquerias in the Mission District.

For this trip, I managed to get into Chez Panisse for dinner and am looking for other Californian & seafood recs.

Many Thanks!

Seafood in Hong Kong?

I plan to spend part of this weekend in HK and am looking for suggestions for good seafood, preferably Cantonese style as I get plenty of the Da Zha Xie, etc. up in the Greater Shanghai area. Decor is a distant second to the quality of the food. Thanks in advance!