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My Butcher and More-Annapolis

hi its me Mike from My Butcher and More try Regina's on West Annapolis on Annapolis St. Stephanie the owner on occassion sell Binkert sausages. i would google for their phone number and ask whatthey carry on a regular basis.

i do have a My Butcher and More facebook page where I can be contacted in the future.

Good Luck!


My Butcher and More-Annapolis

Hi Lucinda thanks for your kind words there was a combination of problems my shop endured. The constant prolonged power outages we endured always fell on holiday weeks or weekends in the past two years. Forty five days of 100 degree average heat last summer kept people inside. Ontop of the economy, the elecetinn uncertainty and high feed prices it was the perfect storm of negative
Hurdles people just stopped supporting us. i can name about 100 cusomers who stayed loyal but we had 1000 + two years ago.

i just hope this is a wake up call everyone needs ro support locally owned businesses no matter what!

happy Holidays!

Mike Smollon, Owner
My Butcher and More - Closed 11/25/2012

Ben Ali of Ben's Chili Bowl has died

If I'm ever in DC which has been to few since I opened my business enjoying the atmosphere and eating a chili dog at Bens was always a must. I'd always have to double park out front or on the corner nearby the mad dash back to my car was always worth it! Thanks for the story.

Houstons in Rockville Closing!!!

Didn't Houstons get bought out as a chain? Heard Woodmont Grill the old Houstons in Bethesda just changed names. Maybe thats whats going on Houstons out and Woodmont will re-open. I always liked the opineapple marinated rib eye steak at Houstons when I'm in the area I've been going to Golden Bull off Delemar St. in Gathersburg their an old school steakhouse and family owned.