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Decatur's (IL) Best....

You are evil -- I am originally from the area and I have not thought about La Gondola for years, and they do have the best, best bread aroud and I have to agree that nothing compares with Monical's pizza.

The one place you missed --- Del's Popcorn, I still to this day make my parents bring it to me, yum....

Within an hour of Champaign-Urbana

The airport in Mattoon, has a wonderful elephant ear breaded pork tenderloin and their deep fried mushrooms are great, and you can also try the original Burger King -- I have to agree about the placed in Arthur, they are okay but nothing wonderful. The Beef House is wonderful.

Best Hamburger in Midwest

I would have to say it is either a Hooter at the original Burger King in Mattoon, IL (look it up, it was there before the chain) the same way they have always been or a Crabill's in Urbana, Ohio's double cheese the hometown way, onion, relish and house mustard and Crabills has made the Bon Appeitt and Gourmet lists for best burger in the country -- it is a little dive but the best burgers....

I-70 Eats?

I still love my lovely little italian place Paradisio in Urbana, Ohio, just 15 minutes from 70 on 68 between Dayton and Columbus and they just added additional hours -- we also have Crabills Hamburgers which was has mentioned in Bon Appeit and many other magazines for their hamburgers and a bargin at $0.95, but you will need several and a good stomach, but they taste soo good


I completely forgot about Midland --- it used to be very good....I am not sure if it is as good as 17th Street -- but it is good. There used to be a great mexican place called Tres Hombres, and it was really good, and they served a great margarita and phenom black bean and chorizo burrito....


The BBQ place in Murphysboro is yummy, but expect to wait, and I remember that the Giant City Lodge in Makanda has a great sunday lunch family style lunch and I believe they serve food all the time, other than that the place has changed so much -- and eat a bagel for me....

Auto trip-St. Louis to Carbondale,Illinois

I think he comes out in the early evening around 8ish....but it is worth the time and energy to have one ---- whenever I go back -- which is not often as I now live on Columbus, Ohio -- I do not miss one, out of everything I remember from my time at SIU - that is the one thing I miss the most and have never seen anywhere else....

Auto trip-St. Louis to Carbondale,Illinois

There is a guy on the strip that puts bagels on a charcol grill and puts just about anything you can imagine on them -- cream cheese, onions, sunflower seeds, apples, bacon bits, etc. and then cooks them on the bbq grill -- to die for -- and i am sure since i have had one he has added more toppings --- look for the old guy

Auto trip-St. Louis to Carbondale,Illinois

depending on when you are there -- have a bbq'd bagel on the strip in the evening -- seems like a strange thing - but nothing compares -- and this coming from a Saluki....

Columbus vs Cleveland, a stomach's point of view

I have found has a lot of great original columbus places -- and they are all over town --

Italian food (Columbus, OH)

I have to say that I agree with Florentine, old school and never had a bad meal, Vitos, not sure about but used to go to Bella's there old resturaunt in the Brewery District and it was good, another choice is Ann & Tony's in West Jefferson, not a bad drive only about 15-20 minutes and they have been there for over 20 years and the food is good.

Recommendations for Sunday Brunch - Indy

I want to take my dad and stepmom out for Sunday Brunch for my dad's 60th birthday, they are staying out by the airport, and I am coming from between Dayton and Columbus. They will not go into downtown, so any suggestions would be appreciated.

Sunday Brunch near Indy Airport

I have no issue going closer to downtown - it is just that my dad and stepmom are attending an event near the airport - I would prefer downtown - as I am coming from Ohio --

Sunday Brunch near Indy Airport

Need a good place for a Sunday lunch/brunch near the Indy airport - it is my fathers 60th birthday the next weekend and this is when I will get to see him - so looking for something good - but he is diabetic and my stepmother is a very (i mean very) picky eater.

COLUMBUS, OH-Any good meeting suggestions...

Both Barley's, the Smokehouse and the Original have rooms that can be used, but the Smokehouse is much larger and you might not have to use the room on the right night, and the parking is free - those are the first places that come to mind

Downtown Columbus Delivery

you might look at - I am not sure what his rate is compared to cafe courier but I think it is better - and I like his selection of places - a little better and I was talking to the owner last week and he is getting ready to try and add a bunch more placed in the coming months

Surviving Columbus after Manhattan

There is also another delivery service in town - depending on where you live - - they have a smaller selection of resturaunts - but still some good ones -- like cafe corner, easy street cafe, paul liu, etc. I also think his rates are pretty good and the service is good as well -- and he is a small local guy who is just trying to get going.

Terre Haute thru Wheeling - on I-70

Off of Interstate 70 between Dayton and Columbus on Rt 68 in Urbana, is a great little italian cafe called Paradisio. It is right on the square in Urbana.

columbus ohio cafe corner

I love Cafe Corner....they have the best food and I have never had a bad sandwich and they serve breakfast all day, which in my book is a wonderful thing...and it is not just your everyday breakfast. I love their avocado and bacon sandwich. They use fresh bread and the best ingredients. They are also willing if they are out of something to tell you or go to the store to get it....

I also like that in the summer they use ingredients from the local growers, the best tomatoes, etc.

STL - comprehensive sushi list

Thanks so much, I will be in St. Louis for several days and this will be helpful to save my I want it for dinner here in Columbus....

St. Louis - good reasonable food around Barnes-Jewish

Thanks to everyone.....

St. Louis - good reasonable food around Barnes-Jewish

I will be in St. Louis at the end of the month for about a week, while my mom is in Barnes-Jewish and have not been to the area for almost 10 years, need ideas good reasonable priced food in the area? Do not want to have to drive to far out of the area. Thanks!

Columbus - Recommendations for Sunday, Dec. 23?

go to which lists a number of local resturaunts, and includes many of their websites. I am sure that you can find one that is open.

Greek in Columbus? (NOT Happy Greek)

You cannot go wrong with Yanni's. May be in a strip mall, but has been in business for 10 years or more, and so good.

Cape Girardeau for a week

about 40 minutes from there is Sikeston, MO, and there is a place called Lambert's Cafe. It is pure comfort food and they do throw the rolls across the resturaunt at you. I have not been there in years, since I was in college at SIU in Carbondale, but i am sure that it is still as good as it was back then.

Sushi in Columbus, OH?

Also, if you are looking for a good place to go when the in-laws are not in town, Nida's in the North Market is good. Well priced but no seating and no ambience. She is just a straight forward carry out.

Thanksgiving in Columbus, OH

go to which has a lisiting of a number of resturaunts in Columbus and a number of them are in the downtown, german village, victorian village, grandview area and they are all smaller locally owned places. you can then ask what they are doing. Any one of these places would be wonderful. You could also try Confluence Park, which has a wonderful view of downtown....

springfield, oh update??

If you feel like driving up 68 to Urbana, there are several good places. Cafe Paradiso, a really good italian place, Roberts on Miami, a good sit down, and Rothchild Farms....and there are several good places in Springfield, you just have to search them out....