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Solo Dining- 3 dinners, 2 lunches, 1 breakfast


Love Stoupsy's for quick Greek and Fratelli Milano is also a quick walk from your hotel 4 lunch or dinner. Inexpensive Italian, mom & pop operation, twin brother chefs do all fresh entrees & Italian bread/pastry. There is a filled pasta with pear that's pretty great... They deliver too!

All of the rest of the info on this thread is spot on! You may need to stay longer to fit it all in.

+1 to BlindMind's River Oyster Bar suggestion and afterward hit Tobacco Road next door for live music and a non-threatening atmosphere for solo visitors. Also great for lunch on the back deck or happy hour Fridays at 6pm


Dinner in Marathon and Key West


We like no-name pub but for a group of guys in Key West you've got to hit 2 cents!

Seriously schwing-inducing!


Dim Sum in Miami


Not to be a gerbil but perhaps a stickler:

Jumbo/Noodle/WTF is open, under new management, and cleaner... and I know this because we ate there yesterday and it was - without a hint of sarcasm -> merely adequate neighborhood Chinese food.

Dim sum was via checklist. Servers (some the same folks as last d.b.a./iteration) were unusually friendly and prompt. Place was crowded with locals and "landsmen." Usual suspects...

I'm thinking future 163rd Street Chinese food ventures may only include King Palace BBQ & Sang's - in a pinch.

In this region - Philip Ho is the way to go (though service is still SPOTTY). And Hakka$an remains the best on MIAMI Beach.

LAX2MIA is spot on about NYMart!


Help with itinerary


Sunday brunch at MGFD is my favorite thing > Hedy the pastry chef's sweet cakes are amazzzing.

If you like fine Japanese fare, try to get into NAOE one night if you can score reservations (or try Yakko San or Makoto if you can't). Otherwise - Sustain is probably a good pick in Midtown.

Check a website like to see what is open on the 4th. I'd suggest a waterside table at Gibraltar in the Grove if you want to be outdoors. Otherwise walk into town and have ceviche at Jaguar. You can hit a Downtown restaurant or bar that's high in a building -- like LEVEL 25 at the Conrad to see ALL the fireworks from a bird's eye view (9pm).

I'd skip Enriqueta's in favor of Morgan's or Crumb on Parchment Tuesday. In fact, have C on P pack up a few sandwiches for you to take on your Glades tour along with a hefty can of Deep Woods OFF! mosquito repeller because the hot humid swampy bugfest that is the Everglades is pretty daunting in the summertime. Upon your return to civilization, try GiGi.


175 Sunny Isles Boulevard, Sunny Isles Beach, FL 33160

22nd Birthday Ideas & Reccomendations


Hit for a great Asian cooking class!


SoBe recommendations please (Researched)!!


If you mean 600 Ocean Drive on South Beach, I can help. A few basic caveats: Joe's crabs are out of season and with a group averse to spending $$$, you may do better at Grill Fish. Likewise, the check at Pubbelly for 8 people will also be sticker-shocking.

To get where you need to go - take the 25 cent shuttle:

At happy hour M-F 4pm - visit Monty's at the Marina. Also see Room, Ted's Hideaway, and check out this listing:

To please a group of young SoBe partiers on a budget:

1. Fratelli la Bufala (not so usual Italian
)2. Indomania (fun for groups + vegetarian items too)
3. Taverna Opa (goofy Greek grilled seafood, mezze)
4. Tap Tap (Haitian with great mojitos, music Thursdays)
5. Bernie's LA Cafe (Latin) next door to JimmyZ (mofongo Fridays)
6. Clarke's (gastropub)
7. Otentic (French)
8. Miss Saigon (Vietnamese)
9. Las Olas (Cuban Sandwiches)

My guide is here



131 26th St, Miami Beach, FL 33140

Urgent: Pizza delivery in downtown Miami and ceviche in South Beach?


DeRodriguez Ocean at the Bentley on Ocean Drive has a dozen+ ceviche options. Downtown, I like Fratelli Milano on 1st.


Fratelli Milano
213 SE 1st St, Miami, FL 33131

Looking for a restaurant with a "Florida" feel. Ft. Lauderdale/Hollywood

chinese roast duck in Miami?


So glad you found PK!

We love roast duck but I find it hard (and messy) to make at home. I think it is only the Pei Pa ducks that are a weekend offering but that may have changed. While the shops and restaurants along that corridor are no match for the Chinatown districts in many other cities, it is fun exploring the markets and restaurants around there.


NEED YOUR HELP: Please critique my Miami/SB itinerary!


Here is my version of your plan w/some vacation-friendly tweaks. Last weekend in May is on SW 8th Street so have your Mexican food and then see the Calle late afternoon.You can also buy tix to the hop on hop off bus to combine sightseeing and dining

Fri -

LUNCH: Skip Versailles and hit nearby Riconcito Mexicano 1961 SW 8th Street
DINNER: Walk Design District before dusk (galleries & showrooms are open) then have drinks & apps at Sra Martinez then dinner @Michael's - late drinks Mai Tardi

Sat -

LUNCH: Joe's Takeaway by the water in South Pointe Park then drinks Smith & Wollensky outdoor bar (cruise ships pass by late afternoon
)DINNER: Check out Wynwood galleries before dusk & a drinks (only) at Wynwood Kitchen before dinner at JimmyZ Wynwood


LUNCH: Do Sunday Ssam at Sakaya Kitchen MidTown
DINNER: food trucks at Haulover Beach 108/Collins Av near the kite flying kiosk (look for the kites)


Sra Martinez
4000 NE 2nd Ave, Miami, FL

Smith & Wollensky
1 Washington Avenue, Miami Beach, FL 33139

Wynwood Kitchen and Bar
2550 NW 2nd Ave, Miami, FL 33127

Bachelorette Party Heading to Miami: Need Hip/Semi-Affordable Suggestions please!


You might consider limiting your search to South Beach if you don't want the hassle of transporting 10+ girls around town (kind of a buzz kill). As TP mentioned, a goofy night of dancing on the tables and mezze small plates at Taverna Opa South Beach is a popular bachelorette party destination. Nearby find ROOM - a chill bar at 100 Collins or Pre-Game at Monty's at the marina 300 Alton Rd. (do NOT do dinner at Monty's but definitely half priced happy hour as the sun sets 4-8pm) and then Opa and then Room (or Abraxas on Meridian).

If the bride might prefer a wine tasting and tapas - check out Wine Depot/ Bistro 555 or hit Fratelli la Bufala for a few bottles of vino and the "La Bufalata" appetizer platter which is one of my favorite things for a group night out.

You might also consider Burger & Beer Joint on the west side of town were there are meat, fish and veggie options, a rocking soundtrack and 99 bottles of beer (provided your girls aren't the "oooh I'll just have a salad" type). Nearby - find Purdy lounge for a flip flops wearing locals vibe.

TP> I have to say the creepy advance photos of HAVEN on UD look like they bought the discarded sets from TRON 3D. More money than taste...


The Burger & Beer Joint
1766 Bay Road, Miami Beach, FL 33139

chinese roast duck in Miami?


Have you visited the few Chinese shops along 163rd/167th Street that comprise our VERY modest "Chinatown?" PK Oriental Market 255 NE 167th Street, Miami 305-654-9646 opens on Saturday morning and sells regular roast AND Pei Pa ducks to the first shoppers (the make 3 of the fried Pei Pa ducks on Saturday and 3 on Sunday). For a sit-down meal - King Palace 330 NE 167th St. 305-949-2339 is my favorite and Sang's and HK Noodle have the glass boxes with hanging ducks, chicken and pork on display.


Aroz Con Pollo Made to Order?


In North Miami (125th & US-1) Little Havana Restaurant is as humble and lovable as UnderDog.

"favorite single dish at a very humble place to eat"

For other top ten Latin dishes that fit your criteria -

Check out JimmyZ (mofongo weekends) and LA Cafe on Alton Road, Chalan on Washington, Las Olas on 6th - South Beach.


Little Havana Restaurant
12727 Biscayne Blvd, North Miami, FL 33181

bachelorette party help in the Grove


Scotty's Landing is fun, outdoors and has live music weekends. If you must be indoors - Jaguar can handle 20 people.


Scotty's Landing
3381 Pan American Dr, Miami, FL 33133

Makoto in Bal Harbour


We are doing a Makoto and new Yakko San crawl. Glad there are two Japanese tapas spots close enough to do this. Yakko San moved to the IntraCoastal Mall...



Need Help with Choices for catering Birthday Lunch with food trucks

Oh yeah!

I want to go too. Will help u build.


Anyone been to Pescacane lately? Ideas for a quiet dinner NOT on Miami Beach Saturday night?


Timo in Sunny Isles is a great idea.

If it HAS to be Surfside, Ragazzi.


Timo Restaurant
17624 Collins Avenue, Sunny Isles, FL 33160

South Beach Deco Bars


Do a 90 minute Deco walking tour and have drinks at the Martini Bar at the Raleigh, at the Coral Bar at the Tides, and at the rooftop Spire Lounge.


Just NAOE or several other restaurants?

To the OP on a travel budget:

I definitely agree with mikek / TPigeon's great budget-dining ideas.

I don't mean to suggest Pubbelly will kill you... it's just not WORTH it to walk out $100+ poorer, still hungry and feeling - frankly - annoyed that you had an extra guy at your table and HE's the only one who scored - "Deliverance" style. Unless you eat at a granny-friendly Boca del Vista 6pm, there will be a long wait to sit down and rather than the "tapas-meets-gastropub" experience they advertise - which to me means lingering over good drinks, talking with good friends, grazing on good food - you'll be rushed, pushed and overwhelmed by loud retro-rock and a guy who desperately wants to turn that table.

Since most SoBe restaurants have BAD service, I wouldn't really care about deliberately aggressive service and blasting Bon Jovi if the food was good. But the few tasty bites we liked were lost in the exhausting atmosphere. The uber-popular McBelly slider is a wee, slippery 2-bite bitty burger for $6 (sold separately) so our happiest McMoment @$12 passed FAST! Burger & Beer Joint is a street away and that same twelve bucks GUARANTEES you a happier meal. We did not like the flat, gummy 4/$10 half-dollar sized, undercooked duck ravioli "dumplings" served in a pool of clarified butter nor the oily pork belly ramen for sixteen.

Again, if you had an unlimited meal budget and couldn't easily drive one street away to Burger & Beer Joint or Shake Shack for a tasty full-sized burger (and better music), ChowDownGrill for real, chubby dumplings for six bucks, or American Noodle for a soulful bowl of noodles for seven dollars ... Pricey Pubbelly is - at the very least - trendy right now.

After all, when I contacted them about our bad experience, they told me,

"Everyone loves us on YELP."


The Burger & Beer Joint
1766 Bay Road, Miami Beach, FL 33139

American Noodle Bar
6730 Biscayne Blvd, Miami, FL 33138

Vino e Olio, Miami


V e O is not on Miami Beach and frankly there are better spots for Italian fare closer to Miami Beach at all price points. Depending on your budget you can try Sardinia, Fratelli la Bufala, Osteria del Teatro, Fiamma, Spris Pizza, Grazie...


701 Washington Avenue, Maimi Beach, FL 33139

2305 Ponce De Leon Blvd, Coral Gables, FL 33134

Just NAOE or several other restaurants?


Gotta agree with L2M and SteveBM that Pubbelly was a big #fail for us. Very promising atmosphere but we got a waiter who should work at a used car lot he was soooo aggressive. There are dozens of small plate menus in Miami that are tastier, cheaper, and you are not made to feel like your evening is being hijacked by a truly imposing waiter blatantly kiting the check (and a painfully loud Bon Jovi soundtrack drowning any conversation). I literally said to him, "Please - listen to me - you need to take it easy..." and he sort of laughed and walked away and started the same hard-sell pitch on another table. Auto-Pilot.

We are not meek/pushovers but we won't go back to Pubbelly again... an unsatisfying meal + one round was $50 per person. Fifty bucks goes a lot farther at friendlier places all over town... Burger and Beer Joint, Bernies LA Cafe, Spris Pizza, etc. I would rather go out more often for a $50 dinner for two than spend $100+ and leave annoyed and hungry at Pubbelly. Super disappointing #fail.

To the OP I'd suggest ChowDownGrill, American Noodle, GiGi, Sakaya Kitchen, Buena Vista Bistro, Mandolin Aegean Cafe, Happy Hours at some of the trendy new restaurants offers bargain bites at the bar (Sustain, SugarCane, Trulucks, etc) Latin American (Cuban) restaurant in North Miami...

100 Montaditos on Wednesdays when everything including beer is a dollar or other days when it is $2,$3 - fun and real cheap.

You can easily eat well all over town without blowing your travel budget.


Buena Vista Bistro
4582 NE 2nd Ave, Miami, FL 33137

2305 Ponce De Leon Blvd, Coral Gables, FL 33134

American Noodle Bar
6730 Biscayne Blvd, Miami, FL 33138

Mexican near Aventura Mall


Paquito's at 163rd and US-1 is fun, good food and mariachis to boot. We like the Chiles Rellenos and the Mexican style chicken soup with sliced avocado on top... about 5 minutes south of the mall.


Bachelorette Party: Dinner and Brunch


WALK a few doors south to Cecconi's at the SoHo Beach House - Brunch or lunch could be lovely outside.

1500 at the Eden Roc is close and good too.


Wedding Cake Bakery - South Miami or the Keys

Going to Miami for Spring Break


Hop on free or the SoBe local bus for 25 cents to get to the west side of town and Burger/Beer and the Purdy Lounge.

TP -

On your advice we tried Keeses and had a great lunch of lamb kebab sandwiches and Greek salads! Thanks so much for the tip. Noticed that Cerveceria 100 Montaditos is opening right next door to 5 Guys - smart move!

Can't wait for $1 beers on South Beach...


Purdy Lounge
1811 Purdy Ave, Miami Beach, FL 33139

South Beach for 50th B'day - thinking about the following:


If you are here now (or before the weather turns warm and wet in summer ) I'd point to romantic places near the Catalina like the garden at the Raleigh (Royal), terrace at Delano, garden at the Eden on 23rd Street, Cecconi's or Casa Tua (tho' TP is right it is spendy).

If you prefer glitz over greenery, Meat Market on Lincoln is good food and a sceney atmosphere (Prime 112 still the #1 steak scene).


Meat Market
915 Lincoln road, Miami Beach, FL 33139

Casa Tua
1700 James Avenue, Miami Beach, FL 33139

New, coming to Miami in 2011


In this case they jumped the Dolphins... sad. You need a quarter mil in cash and a mil net worth to party with Big Don.

New-ish news - Lou's Beer Garden is doing Saturday AND Sunday brunch 11:30-4 targeting heavy drinkers with beer pairings on the menu and unlimited mimosas for $12.

7337 Harding Ave, Miami Beach


New, coming to Miami in 2011


Just checked out their website and they are "Miami's Best Soul Food Restaurant " - except they aren't open and they aren't in Miami. Ouch. PLEASE tell me this isn't the same Daddy from Ver Daddy's terrible taco shop deciding to take their talents to South Beach?!



Help! What is the name of the new restaurant in Miami Beach with former Casa Tua chef?


C......ecconi's at the Soho Beach House.


Lookie here>

BurgerFi Fort Lauderdale


Your wannabe Shake Shack review sounds good - but Jennifer's fleur de sel truffle fries and onion compote ???


Road trip.