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Hi Fellow Hounds! I need help with Toronto dining

you have the harbord room on the list but right next door it is the DT Bistro which is a favorite for my wife and I. the deserts (DT stands for dessert trends) are amazing as this is the chefs speciality but there entrees are so good my mouth is watering just thinking about them. i would definatly put this place on your list.

T.O's Best Sangria?

Summer has arrived, the patios are filling up and there is nothing I like more than sitting out in the sun with a jug of sangria. I like to think that my sangria can hold its own amoung the best but for me to prove this theory i would like to get everyones opinion as to what the best is. If you know of a place which does a great sangria (it has to be great as my sangria is very good and i am looking for better.) please let me know and i will take a few of my friends and check it out.

The best make your own salad spots?

freshii at york mills is aces. their wraps and salads are delicious with decent portions and their rice bowls are very filling too. price wise its ok. ive had much worse.

Recommendations for Superb Breakfast Place?

eggspactations is good. its down on yonge street at the eton center.
or Mars is a nice classic diner type on yonge street just north of eglington on the east side.


Apples are good in a sangria. 1 green and 1 red go in every sangria i have made. i have never used sugar in the sangria either. i usually add a dash of orange juice and that sweetens it all up.

Jun 22, 2009
BritinCan in Recipes

Montreal Smoked Meat in Toronto

so is there anywhere in downtown T.O. that serves a really good sandwich on a sunday? Wanted to go to Caplansky's but i heard it was shut on sunday. Reading this board has got me salivating for a gorgeuos smoked meat (or closest thing to.) sandwich.

Best All You Can Eat Japanese in Toronto GTA

i have to second kimono. been a couple of times and it has a really good AYCE list.
i am wondering why people are saying "AYCE Sushi is NEVER a good idea". i thought they were the healthiest of places to eat.

Most Romantic Restaurants in T.O.?

I think i will try this one as soon as i can as it looks like it has a fabulous view. Thanks for the tip.

Best Piri Piri Chicken in T.O.?

still closer to frank's than the dressing they use back in portugal. sorry.
but as i said it was still nice.

Most Romantic Restaurants in T.O.?

Cant wait to try sopra, it looks devine!!

Best Piri Piri Chicken in T.O.?

OK. Went to Churrasco St. Clair last night and the plain grilled chicken took me right back to big family meals back in portugal with mum, dad and my co-siblings. Plus my daughter loved the rice and their potatoes which is awsome as she is so hard to please. and from leaving house to my return took all of 7mins. Awsome! On a down note i was not impressed by the hot sauce. maybe i ordered it wrong by saying i wanted "hot Sauce" instead of "piri piri" as what i got was 1/4 chicken that was covered in the same stuff you get on your wings at the pub. Dont get me wrong it was still delicious but it wasnt what we get in the many (and i really mean MANY) places we eat in back in portugal. There (at least in the Algarve.) the piri piri sauce is oil based. the one i had yesterday was that tomato based veriety the kind you find at Nandos (a place i wont even give the time of day to seeing as they cant even spell piri piri. ). but aside from that mild let down it was tasty. and as the fam like it i will be frequenting it more often as i have been looking for a substitute for ordering in pizza, chinese etc..

Most Romantic Restaurants in T.O.?

No I just love food and am relativly new to the city. I used to be all about the clubs and bars but now my tastes are maturing. i have been so caught up with work and the likes that i dont get time to explore and try new things. So now I have found this site I just wanted to find out what other people might recomend. there is nothing worse than looking forward to going out and then ending up somewhere awfull.

Most Romantic Restaurants in T.O.?

I am a hopeless romantic. And there is nothing I love more than treating my wife to a great meal. We have had a few great eats and fun nights (kitkat2 springs to mind.) but i was wondering if anyone had any suggestions.

The Best Montreal Smoked Meat Sandwich in T.O.?

I recently ventured east (for the first time since moving here.) and visited Montreal where I went to Dunn's and had an amazing smoked meat sandwich. Is there anywhere in T.O. that serves up similar fare? Please let me know.

Best Piri Piri Chicken in T.O.?

i will definatly be checking that place out and i will pass on the "hello" if i get the chance.

Hidden gems in Chritie-Dupont area?

Hi There,
Does anyone know of any good restaurants in this area. I have had a look around but as I am at work all day I rarely get the chance to really explore and tend to just head downtown with the mrs when we go out. We have just had a baby and so we dont want to go to far from home for the next year or so. I have done Faema cafe and although i like the food the service is not always good. any suggestions would be appreciated.


Best Piri Piri Chicken in T.O.?

I have been told that SLM has great piri piri chicken. is this so? and if so where in the market is it located?

The Great Pizza Debate

you forgot to add faema to thin list.

Best Piri Piri Chicken in T.O.?

which carlos?

Best Piri Piri Chicken in T.O.?

Ok lets start this one. Where do you think sells the best/most authentic Piri Piri chicken in T.O. ? I used to live in portugal and am hankering for some good chicken.

The Great Pizza Debate

thin-faema (christie-dupont)
think-? Don't know of good ones but will try danforth P.H. next time i pass by.

Mushroom mmm mmms

i third that!!!! sounds heavenly......mmmmmm

Restaurant Makeover

Although the resaurants on the show do seem to need their help (most of the time.) i cant help but feel that they all end up looking like they could be part of a chain. i prefer places that look cosy and warm and "lived in". I dont like most of the make overs that they do. And if they really wanted to do proper RM's then they would have to get rid of the owners and staff and start over because they are the reasons that the business is going down hill. not how the place looks. some of my favorite restaurants look like someones garage but the food is so good and you have so much fun that you dont care what the place looks like.