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The Alice Waters breakfast

I prefer grilled tomatoes, which are especially convenient considering that you can cook everything in a single pan. Halve the tomatoes, swipe the cut ends through a bit of salt, and cut-side down into the pan; toast the bread and fry the egg alongside. By the time the egg is cooked through, the tomatoes will be nicely softened and caramelized.

Jan 28, 2010
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Visit to Marietta

another vote for Sam & Daves

Atlanta (Buford Hwy) - Machu Picchu?

Excuse me for butting in, but ohmygawd there's so much.

Unfortunately, most of the good stuff is way further north than Machu Picchu. The exception is the Havana Sandwich Shop that serves a decent Cuban -- it's a bit further south of Machu.

Around Clairmont & Buford, there's good viet -- Pho #1 (pho and mi quang) and Lee's Bakery (banh mi and banh xeo).

Down near 285, there's Canton House and Oriental Pearl (both for dim sum), Chef Liu (dumplings, especially soup dumplings), El Rey de Taco (great tacos), and 88 Tofu House (Korean; not the greatest but if you have a craving at 4AM it's the only place to go and VERY CLEAN).