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One Napa Winery Tour Recommendation

Thanks so much for the advice. So Pride and Kenzo. And after Kenzo, if time allows, to Domaine Carneros.

One Napa Winery Tour Recommendation

Just asked Kenzo if they could make the time later and they replied that they could push it to 1pm. Do you think that this would be doable?

The last resort is to reschedule Kenzo to Sunday. But as, I said, I won't have a driver on Sunday.

One Napa Winery Tour Recommendation

Actually, we are flying to San Francisco on Friday, staying downtown for a night, and then heading to Napa on Saturday (and now possibly staying Sunday), before going back to San Francisco. So we only have a day or two in Napa.

To get around, we are going to rent a car from SFO.

I thought of hiring a driver because I was worried about being under the influence after visiting the wineries. I thought of calling a cab or something like that, but it just seems that getting a driver would be the better option.

One Napa Winery Tour Recommendation I am kind of worried. I am thinking that maybe I should stay the night in Napa and reschedule Kenzo to Sunday. The thing is that I hired a driver on Saturday hoping to visit those two wineries. And that is another worry. Hiring a driver is kind of expensive, considering that you have to hire them for a minimum of 6 hours. I don't have the time to hire the driver again just for Kenzo on Sunday. Maybe I can go to Kenzo and just hang out there. I am wondering what the policy is for lingering after the tour and tasting.

Thanks for the comments. Please keep them coming.

One Napa Winery Tour Recommendation

Thanks for the information. I just double checked the exact times. Pride starts at 10. And Kenzo is at 12:30. Is that still cutting it close?

And in your opinion, goldangI95, would you go to Farella or Carneros after Kenzo?

One Napa Winery Tour Recommendation

Thanks everyone for your input.

Actually, we are flying to San Francisco on Friday, staying a night downtown, then heading to Napa Saturday morning, staying overnight at the Arbor Guest House, then heading back to San Francisco and beyond.

Since I wasn't sure of the geography of Napa, I was researching which wineries would be great to visit and came to the conclusion of Kenzo first, then Pride. Pride doesn't have tours on Sundays (which I was thinking of asking for), and the tours are only at 10AM. So that is why our itinerary is Pride and then Kenzo in the afternoon.

I really like cortez's idea of choosing one and 'maximizing the fun,' thanks for that, but I really have my heart set out for Pride and Kenzo.

And with Jason, zin1953, I can understand that when you've seen one, you've seen them all. That's one reason I don't want to spend the Sunday lingering around more wineries.

So it seems that ceekskat's recommendation of Farella or Jason's Domaine Carneros, which are both near Kenzo (I think. I really should have looked at a map and planned this better. Sorry.), are the best to choose from. Hmm..

What to do?

Again, many thanks for everyone's input. It's great to have a community that cares so much. Any addition thoughts or opinions are really welcome.

One Napa Winery Tour Recommendation

Thanks for the replies.

I had a feeling that the Kenzo and Pride would be too far apart. But I was originally looking for two wineries that would be awesome. And since I was unfamiliar with the area, I reserved the two. Hey, haven't you driven miles away for that one special bagel or something like that? Or is that just me?

Anyway, I had wanted to stay at Kenzo and linger but since we hired a driver (and that is another story in itself. We had to reserve her for a minimum of 6 hours. Ouch.), she offered to take us to one more winery. And that is where I am now.

zin1953, are you saying that we should go for Domaine Carneros? Or is there another sparkling winery that you would recommend? Like Schramsberg Vineyards? Or Iron Horse Vineyards?


Thanks for any comments. I really appreciate it.

One Napa Winery Tour Recommendation


We are planning to visit Napa for the first time but only for a day. After reading numerous reviews, comments, and the like, we have decided to go to Pride Mountain Vineyards for a tour and tasting in the morning, and then head to Kenzo Estate around noon.

We would like to add just one more winery to our itinerary but it is so hard to decide. Domaine Carneros is one place that seems nice but after reading several negative reviews, it makes me wonder. And Hall Rutherford is another winery that is on the top of my list. In addition, Farella Vineyards. And Mayacamus Vineyards. Hmm..

So if you were to choose one last winery to visit, which would it be? It doesn't have to be the ones I mentioned.

We are looking for a unique experience with great wine.

Any information would be most appreciated.