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Availability of Fresh Crab in Santa Barbara

Early Saturday mornings at the harbor, Sam Shrout, 805 705-5464, sells his live local crabs on the dock. You can call him to see if he is going to be there, or he can save you a couple if you want. You would have a bit more variety at the Ventura harbor Saturday mornings too.

Dec 18, 2011
cookstr in California

Wedding rehearsal dinner restaurant in the UC Berekley area.

After looking at several venues, we decided on Le Bateau Ivre in Berkeley and was very pleased. Arlene, the owner tried to help in all ways possible. We had a private room and set menu for a reasonable price compared with other restaurants. The building was built at the turn of the 1800's and was converted to a charming, quaint restaurant with delicious food. I highly recommend this place.

Le Bateau Ivre Restaurant
2629 Telegraph Ave, Berkeley, CA

Wedding rehearsal dinner in the Berkeley area that is a Thai restaurant with a private room.

Anyone has any ideas for a dinner for 20 people that has a private room for a rehearsal dinner around the UC Berkeley area?

Wedding rehearsal dinner restaurant in the UC Berekley area.

Please help us. We live in the Southern California area and need a wedding rehearsal dinner restaurant in the Berkeley area for 20 people with a private room.

Looking for a Chinese banquet restaurant near UC Berkeley.

The wedding will be on the UC Berkeley campus on a Saturday with the rehearsal the night before. The groom's family live 7 hours away and have no idea on Chinese restaurant quality. I guess that we should limit the area to around 20 miles with a nice restaurant with great banquet food and atmosphere. The highest prices doesn't necessarily command the best food either, so we are looking for a nice setting with great food if that help everybody. Thanks.

Looking for a Chinese banquet restaurant near UC Berkeley.

We are planning a wedding rehearsal dinner for 20 people in the East Bay area and need a Chinese restaurant that has a banquet menu. Any ideas?

Hmong Strawberries .OMG!.......Clovis

The Albion cultivar was developed by UC Davis a few years ago and are delicious but hard to find nowadays with newer varieties such as Gaviota and Camarosa. The latter two vary on their sweetness from week to week, but all are large, deep red, extremely aromatic and luscious. It's too bad that they can't be shipped, so get them at farmers markets or from fruit stands.

May 09, 2011
cookstr in California

Whole Roasted Suckling Pig

In my lifetime, I can't remember how many times I have roasted whole pigs on spits. The absolute tastiest way was to season the pig on the inside with seasoned salt and pepper, stuff it with whole chickens and stuff the birds with onions with a few whole cloves. When the pig is done, the chicken meat nearly fall off the bones cooking for hours in the seasoned pig cavity. And the cooked onions with cloves in the chickens, ...ahh, what can I say? Throw the crispy-skinned pig and eat the chicken.

Dec 13, 2008
cookstr in Recipes

Santa Barbara Monday Lunch

The Boathouse just opened up recently at the old Brown Pelican Restaurant location at Hendry's Beach. You can dine, literally, on the edge of the sand at the beach in their outdoor patio. They have the freshest and best seafood I have eaten in recent times. You will love it.

Nov 09, 2008
cookstr in California

Kaui and Big Island help...

.We were on the North Shore of Kauai just a couple of months ago in Haena. The Hanalei Farmers market is on Tuesday between 2:00 PM and 4:00 PM, but be there at 2:00 with your racing shoes when they open for great fruit and veggies. Costco in Lihue next to the shopping center on the west side has really fresh fish. The marlin for $6.99 a pound was the freshest I have ever tasted since moving away from the islands. The Foodland in Kapaa has a good selection of poke as does the one in Princeville. Have fun there.

Sep 14, 2008
cookstr in Hawaii

Esau's Cafe is Back in Santa Barbara

After a long wait, Esau's Cafe has reopened in Downtown Santa Barbara. Just one block off of State Street, across the street from Paseo Nuevo Mall, the completely new restaurant is on Chapala Avenue and now serves dinner with a new and innovative evening chef.

Breakfast has the same menu as before with slightly higher prices, but it is like the light turning on in the evening with a different take on the surfer chow digs of the morning. The reasonably priced duck breast salad for $16.95 is almost comparable to the seared duck breast entree at the Ballard Inn Restaurant with chef Budi Kazali. We first munched on fresh and hot potato chips while waiting for our appetizers. The fried green tomatoes need a bit more work, possibly with thicker slices, but the horseradish sauce that accomplemented the dish was tasty. The fried calamari strips were a meal in itself, but the cucumber tartar sauce needed more of a punch that grated cucumber. My cowboy steak with bernaise sauce was more that I could handle, with more than I could possibly eat in one sitting.

The service was wonderful, and I would surely make a return trip for an evening repast.

Sep 14, 2008
cookstr in California

Santa Barbara Restaurants?

We had a wonderful dinner at Brummis tonight with absolutely hearty portions of delicious dishes. My crackling pork with BOTH klosse and spatzle hit the spot with ample amounts of that salty, crisp skin. The sweet and sour cabbage and sauerkraut was the best I have ever eaten in my life. It was not gourmet fare, but a great, honest value for your dollar with mouthwatering returns. I would definitely go back there again with friends, and the mom and daughter are there to please your every wish.

Sep 12, 2008
cookstr in California

1 week in Santa Barbara- help please

I can't believe that someone recommended The Chase. Although the sparklie lights are pretty, the food is far from great after the Caliguri family sold it. A few years ago, I took my staff out to lunch, and my assistant ordered a ham and cheese sandwich. What come to the table was a french roll with Swiss cheese and luncheon meat. What?? LUNCHEON MEAT?? I have not been back there since.

Aug 05, 2008
cookstr in California

Gardena Bowl Cafe

Here in the Central Coast, we can get sausage products from Ray's Own Brand (Ray Cattaneo). He makes a very good linguisa but an outstanding, bold linguisa called, Salchicha Caballero. The latter is not heavily infused with allspice that some makers like to use like the Cattaneo Brothers brand. It is a little lighter in the paprika that the Azores Portuguese in Hawaii like, but the flavor is different and packs a punch. One of these days, I will bring one down to your home.

Mar 30, 2008
cookstr in Los Angeles Area

The Greatest Deli in Truckee

This great deli is just east of Safeway. While you are there, try the turkey and avocado and bacon on Truckee sourdough. Man, I mouth is watering right now. Yum

Feb 15, 2008
cookstr in California

The Greatest Deli in Truckee

While driving through Truckee last week, we came across Old Gateway Deli on on Donner Pass Rd. The sandwiches were the most delicious that I have come across in a long time. I must recommend this place whole heartedly to anyone going through this town. Has anybody been here??

Feb 15, 2008
cookstr in California

Oahu Bound

This is a little island trivia. The Golden Dragon in the mid 1960's was the restaurant to present the Chilled Ginger Chicken dish that Sam Choy said is on every other table in Cantonese restaurants each evening in Hawaii. It is a great juxtaposition of cold chicken with the smoking hot peanut oil-green onion ginger sauce.

San DIego and Mussels?

The mussels that are raised in the Santa Barbara channel are always plump and succulent. The clean off-shore raised bivalves are monitored daily to check for dinoflagellates that causes red tides. I find them each Saturday at the Farmer's Market downtown and are quite different from the ones that you can find in the supermarkets.

Dec 08, 2007
cookstr in California

Peking Duck in San Francisco

We must be in San Francisco over the Thanksgiving Weekend. Does anyone know of a good restaurant that serves great Peking Duck?

Plate Lunch In Waikiki

Facing the beach from the Rainbow tower, go right along the shore on the Pearl Harbor side, pass the wooden barrier for the construction site, and you will find a lunch wagon right at the end of your very short walk. You can probably see it as your feet first touches the sand from the pool area.

Chef's Choice Electric Knife Sharpener

These electric knife sharpeners are metal eaters. I use a flat stone on my knives about once a month on the average and steel each knife before each use, which means, daily to align the burs. If you like, I will go over to your kitchen and show you how to do it.

Nov 04, 2007
cookstr in Cookware

seeking succulent rabbit in SB

The only place that I have had rabbit is at Cold Springs Tavern where they would saute medallions in a sauce of wild mushrooms, garlic and brandy. I have not seen roast rabbit in any menus in any of my travels since the delicate flavor pairs well with moist cooking such as in Bohemian hasenpeffer dishes.

Nov 03, 2007
cookstr in California

Santa Barbara (need Rec.'s) [Moved from Los Angeles Area board]

You said, "breakfast?" didn't you?? There is no question but Esau's which, hopefully, will reopen in November across the street from Paseo Nuevo mall on Chapala St. Otherwise, their other restaurant, also Esau's, is in Carpinteria, some 15 minutes south. All eggs are local, ham cut from shanks, pancakes and biscuits are from scratch, homemade jams made fresh 3 times a week, incredibly large portions, real maple syrup, chiles from only one grower in Oxnard for their red salsa, and VERY homey. It is a breakfast not to miss. Cajun Kitchen is okay, but don't order anything cajun or creole. I feel that their cooks have never been to New Orleans and tasted real cajun or creole food. A lot of cayenne pepper does not make it right.

Oct 26, 2007
cookstr in California

ordering my thanksgiving turkey from the la jolla whole foods again or no???

I must admit that free range birds are much tastier than others. Before Thanksgiving, you might want to try out this method: Get a cheap, frozen turkey that does NOT have butter injected into the meat, ie, Butterball. Brine it in a salt solution (you can find the proportion of water, kosher salt and brown sugar on the Internet) and roast it to an internal temperature of 165 degrees, not 180 degrees as old cookbooks or what your grandmother told you to overcook the bird. It would be moist and flavorful. Before roasting, rinse off the brine, coat with olive oil (butter solids burn on the skin with brown speckles) and roast. This is how The French Laundry Restaurant in Yountville cook the best tasting roast chicken in the world. Turkey is the same with some fresh herbs on top of the turkey as it cooks. We toured the restaurant and kitchen the day after Thanksgiving last year and the staff was having their lunch with turkey done this way with dressing, not stuffing. Magnificent.

Oct 20, 2007
cookstr in California

One night alone in Santa Barbara. What should I eat?

I have been living in Santa Barbara for 31 years, and my wife and I eat out nearly every friday night. The Palace Cafe is within walking distance of your hotel and is one of my favorite. It is not Cajun but Creole with a touch of Mediterranean and Italian. La Super Rica is not a place that I would recommend for a single lady in the evening because of the neighborhood. Carlitos has wonderful Mexican food, atmosphere and entertainment. Opal, across the street has great California cuisine which is not too pricey. My son in law who lived in Cambridge, MA loves this place. Bouchon is absolutely wonderful on a date or for anniversary, or if you have an expense account to use. I love the Osso Bucco with saffron rissoto at Ca Dario's. Santa Barbara is a great place to dine.

Oct 16, 2007
cookstr in California