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A Prodigal Son Returns........

I live and work in the industry in NO, so for what it's worth, here's is more than my 2 cents.

riday night: Emeril's. We are staying in the Quarter and this seems a good place to start. GOOD.

Saturday lunch: Casamento's for raw oysters, oyster loaf, maybe soft shelled crab. Shells may not be availble in OCT, Last oyster loaf I had from Casemento's was disappointing. However, their oyster shucker the best in town. Oysters on the half shell are superb.

Saturday dinner: Upperline or Clancy's. Help here, please. I favor Clancy's over Upperline.

Sunday brunch: CP, hopefully in the Garden Room. CP brunch is a hell of a lot of fun. However, the food is better at dinner and the Garden Room is over-rated.

Sunday dinner: Not hungry probably, maybe horse some oysters standing at the bar at Felix' if they have their liquor license back by then. See notes about Casementos.

Monday lunch: Poche's at Breaux Bridge during a driving look through Cajun country. Don't know it.

Monday dinner: Drago's in Metarie on the way back into town. Roasted oysters for sure. Yeah, Drago's BBQ oysters are rocking good. Cant say the same about the rest of the menu...but that doesn't keep me out of there. The oysters are just that good.

Tuesday lunch: Parkway, for roast beef or shrimp poorboys. Parkway hands down makes the best shrimp poboy in town.

Tuesday dinner: Brightsen's Yes. Big fan.

Wednesday lunch: B&C Seafood on the way down River Rd. to visit the mansions. Don't know it.

Wednesday dinner: Gals, probably.....unless we want a change from Creole, then maybe Cafe Minh. I'd suggest Pho Tau Bai over Cafe Minh

Thursday lunch: August for the prix fixe lunch, or Mr. B's for BBQ shrimp. Thoughts? August for the pre fix.

Thursday dinner: Herbsaint. Fine.

In my humble professional opinion, you'd during yourself a disservice by missing Bayona and Cochon. Also, since you're staying in the quarter, I'd at least stop in at the latest Brennnan creation Soubu (in the W hotel).

Aug 08, 2012
nolahound in New Orleans