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HELP!!!! Want to introduce family to creative cuisine - Georgia

Hi I have some family members visiting on Saturday (we live in Dallas Ga). My husband and I are foodies and we are always talking to them about food, experimenting and training the palate. I want to use the opportunity of their visit to take them to a place with real good food. You know what I'm talking about the place where you look at the menu and think: "Really? That goes together?". I can't take them to Atlanta because they are afraid to drive there... I know that's another story. Anyway we are going to be around the Dallas-Hiram area so anything within half an hour from there I would think is ok. I'm not really looking for atmosphere this time. I'm really looking for creative cuisine. Also I would like some suggestions for good restaurants around Dallas Ga. We just moved here and are at a lost. Anything from diners to fine cuisine is highly appreciated. I know this is the site to go to as I traveled to Asheville, NC last month and this site helped me find the best restaurants. Kudos to all of you foodies out there!

Aug 08, 2012
Mpabon in Atlanta