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What would you do to fix the Food Network?

How many episodes of DDD are there? It seems like the FN runs a DDD marathon every other day! Only so many fist-bumps, hoo-wa's, and flavor towns, a person can take!

Charleston Local oyster ETA

I'll be in Charleston next weekend, are any oysters available now? I was looking forward to them.

Sep 05, 2013
kpaumer in Southeast

Mango Question

I recently ordered Alfonso mangos straight outta India from, Delicious! they are similiar to the Ataulfos, but darker in color and IMO sweeter. I gave some to friends but I made black bean & mango salsa, mango bread, and a Mango relish I served with Swordfish. I little pricey, but I wanted to try them, MangoZZ did an excellent job of shipping and all arrived well packaged it took about a week for them to fully ripen.

May 14, 2013
kpaumer in General Topics

Ultimate Breakfast Sandwich

Sunday morning splurge: Homemade sage sausage pattie,
one double yolk egg, Am. Cheese on a Thomas's Sandwich size English muffin.

Pumpernickel Bagel, with flaked salmon, cream-cheese, with fresh chives.

Apr 08, 2013
kpaumer in General Topics

What new food have you discovered recently?

Boneless & skinless Mackerel. In a tin like sardines, they're larger and milder.

Mar 11, 2013
kpaumer in General Topics

Best brand of frozen fish to make homemade filet-o-fish?

I have been buying Icelandic brand breaded frozen fish portions for years, they are lightly breaded and square. The fish is pollock. They are larger the average hamburger bun. I buy them a local seafood/fish market.

Jan 31, 2013
kpaumer in General Topics

Does anyone eat tartar sauce with anything other than fish?

Funny you should mention tartar sauce! As God is my witness I shall NEVER eat tartar sauce from a packet AGAIN! I hate those nasty little packets,first I'm left handed and they a B!T#% to open, and when you do get them open the TS resembles Elmer's glue, numerous ingredients, all of
which I cannot pronounce. I recently had a bad experience at White Castle, the TS used to come in little tubs, easy to open and perfect for dipping the fish "nibblers", now they switched to the packets. I damn near choked when a plastic corner of the torn packet found its way on my fish, I started choking, while driving and had to pull over (not to mention I had to go to the bathroom) ever choke and have to pee at the same time, I can laugh now, but it was pretty ugly then. So from now on I will make TS at home and put some in my travel cooler, just in case!

Jan 22, 2013
kpaumer in General Topics

What is this called?

Holland Rusk. My mother was a server at a country club (over 30 years), she always referred to Holland Rusk as the proper way to plate a steak. It is rather tasty, the hard biscuit like texture soaks up the juices nicely.

Jan 09, 2013
kpaumer in General Topics

What ever happened to...(tastes from the past)

I remember Murray's Pizza Burgers, oozy cheese between the hamburger patties. I'd be afraid to eat them now, but boy, they sure were good then.

Jan 03, 2013
kpaumer in General Topics

Dim Sum - Anything within an hour of Lancaster?

I've been to the China Tea House, and I was not impressed by the dim sum. The shimai dumplings left a lot to be desired, nothing but tough dough wrapped around mystery meat. Not a lot of selections! Even the Hong Kong noodle soup was bland & tasteless I' m afraid there IS no good dim sum, or non buffet Chinese food up this way. There should be a flashing beacon around this area, "signaling no good Chinese food here, look elsewhere":-(

Jan 03, 2013
kpaumer in Pennsylvania

Show of hands!

I did. I live in Central PA, ( so Pork & Sauerkraut w/Mashed Potatos). My family from the South, so...(Black-eyed Peas, 5 Green(s) mixture , (Turnip, Kale, Mustard, Collards and Rape) and Rice. Everyone was Happy!

Jan 02, 2013
kpaumer in General Topics

Tasty Kake

And each Tasty Kake truck is equipped with "Tasty Brakes".LOL No, really that is on the TK trucks. I live in Central PA and see them quite often.

Nov 28, 2012
kpaumer in General Topics

American Wagyu/Kobe beef

While I too cannot vouch for the overall "technicalities of Wagyu", I can vouch for the tastiness of Snake River Farms American Wagyu steaks, I recently ordered the 8oz tenderloin filets and they were excellent. Very tender and moist, I also ordered the sirloin. While they are not cheap, it is worth an order just to taste. The packing and delivery was outstanding.

Sep 18, 2012
kpaumer in General Topics

Luke Nguyen Vietnam Australian show

Yes! That's her, she was great, The lady really knew how to work a cleaver. The show itself was slow paced and had almost a calming effect, sort of the "feng shui" of cooking shows.

Jun 08, 2012
kpaumer in Food Media & News

Luke Nguyen Vietnam Australian show

Where has the show gone! I miss Luke, I really enjoyed his cooking and the people he highlighted. There was another cooking show from Australian, is was a female chef/restaurant owener who cooked Chinese. Her food looked awesome! Both shows were very interesting, not the "boxed" version of cooking shows we have now.

Jun 07, 2012
kpaumer in Food Media & News

Does anyone actually like Sandra Lee?

While I'm not a big fan, of her food or "table-scapes", as a woman I do admire her story. She was not ashamed to admit that she was poor or went hungry at times. Her humbleness impressed me. And I have to admit, I too love the kwanzaa cake episode. LOL

May 15, 2012
kpaumer in Food Media & News

american chinese food cravings?

Back in the day, when I was less guilty about what I ate, I'd go to 3-4 different Chinese restaurants for my complete take-out meal. One for Shrimp in Garlic Sauce, another for good fried rice, then a Thai place for spring-rolls (I hate those fat, tastless egg-rolls) associated with some CR. Then to a place that had really good crispy duck and ribs. Also I REALLY loved Shrimp toast (wiser now!). Talk about Full & Happy!! Does anyone still make Lobster Cantonese? That was a special treat. I also order hot & sour soup at least once a week, but now I eat the soup with non-fried Viet Springrolls instead of the fried ones.

Apr 16, 2012
kpaumer in General Topics

In Praise of the Fish Sandwich

I hade a grouper sandwich from BO's back in the 80's. Remember his slogan, "If it smells like fish, it ain't fresh. I didn't realize how good fresh fish could taste!

Mar 30, 2012
kpaumer in General Topics

Ground Beef at Supermarkets Contains ‘Pink Slime’

Soylent Pink, anyone?

All the more reason to grind your own.

Mar 08, 2012
kpaumer in Food Media & News

New 'Menu Items That Need to Be Retired", 2012 edition...

Sick of sweet potatoes fries, sp mashed, sp chips, etc.
bad tiramisu
A "nugget" anything
Lamb "pop" chops
....and just because bacon is good! IT SHOULD NOT BE IN donuts, cakes, or ice cream!
Pork Belly, (my southern grandmother used to call it "streak-o-lean, streak-o-fat") and it was damned cheap!
Lastly, flavored corn-on-the-cob, ! No rolling in the herbs, chiles, lime, whatever just
S&P, butter, please

Feb 22, 2012
kpaumer in General Topics

Sauerkraut on New Year's Day

I was born in Central PA, but my family's originally from the Piedmont area of Virginia (Edna Lewis territory), so the New Year's Day meal always includes greens, black-eyed peas with rice, pork and sauerkraut w/ mashed potatos. My grandmother used to insist a spoonful of everything on the plate, just to be sure.

Jan 05, 2012
kpaumer in General Topics

Sweetango apples - good for baking?

I found them at Wegman's, crisp and sweet. Holds up well in the frig.

Nov 04, 2011
kpaumer in General Topics

Costco food finds - 4th quarter 2011 [old]

Harrisburg, PA - Don Lee Farms Veggie Patties, nice substitute for potatos/rice, season,
add cooking spray to pan and lightly saute. Also I like the Chicken of the Sea Shrimp wonton soup, its not very good by itself, too garlicky but each wonton holds a nice size shrimp, thaw and toss the wontons alone in Hot & Sour soup or Pho, GREAT!! Going to Costco this weekend, I'll be checking stuff out.

Oct 28, 2011
kpaumer in Chains

Black Walnuts From Tree

We forage for black walnuts this time of year, I have found that the worms disappear once the green husks fall away. We dry the walnuts out in our garage, a clean brick works really well as long as you have a hard surface (concrete) underneath. I use just enough force to crack the walnut maybe 1-2 times without smashing the walnut meat. I then use a toothpick to get into the chambers, this is time consuming so I do a few walnuts at a time until I have enough for my holiday baking. I must admit I enjoy pricing the walnuts at various stores and farmers markets, knowing I got my free, curtesy of Mother Nature!

Oct 13, 2011
kpaumer in General Topics

Good Eats Return

For all you Alton Brown fans, Goods Eats is coming to the Cooking Channel, beginning 30 Sep. Check your local listings

Sep 22, 2011
kpaumer in Food Media & News

You rub on the magical Chowhound Lamp and.... (Part II)

Pay tribute to your mother, then cook the meal, even if it doesn't turn out like hers you are still thinking of her while you are doing it God Bless!

Sep 05, 2011
kpaumer in General Topics

Recommendations for the Cooking Channel?

I really like Luke's Vietnam, Part food and part travel log. It is amazing to see those elderly ladies (80+) still making noodles by hand. Such patience! I like Emeril's "Fresh, Food, Fast" and the "Originals". Also like Hook, Line & Dinner. Enjoy the Two Fat Ladies, but I do not want to cook their food., I watch it and respond like "No, They Didn't"......but they are fun to watch.

Aug 25, 2011
kpaumer in Food Media & News

What is your most disgusting grocery store convenience food purchase?

I was heading down South thru the Virginia area and stopped to get gas. At the checkout counter saw these cute little Coconut Custard pies. Just the right size, brown and flaky
looking crust. Well I bought two, talk about lousy, bit into it, tasteless and crumbled in my mouth, couldn't get it out my mouth fast enough, then it left a greasy film in my mouth. If ever you see these "little treats" BUYER BEWARE:-)

Aug 19, 2011
kpaumer in General Topics

Fruits these days... goes bad before ripening

I don't know how true it is, but I have been told that cold storage destroys fruits and vegetables. The fruits & veggies are picked well before they are ripe, and kept in cold storage and shipped in climate controlled trucks. Once they hit the supermarkets they are periodically sprayed with a combination of water and perservatives. By the time you take them home, and they are exposed to just "regular" air they start to rot. Unfortunately fruits are grown now to travel better than they are grown for taste. Heres an experiment put fresh flowers next to your store bought
fruit (especially bananas) and see how long your flowers last.

Aug 18, 2011
kpaumer in General Topics

Squishing potato chips in your sandwich...anyone else do this?

1) tuna fish salad sandwich, puts lots on tuna fish on said sandwich, smush it down, use potato chips to scrap the salad off the sides.

2) Sweet bologna samwich w/American Cheese on soft white bread, add chips, again smush!

Question: Does anyone else sing the Oscar Mayer Bologna song when spelling out BOLOGNA?LOL

Aug 04, 2011
kpaumer in General Topics