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Inland Empire is great compared to Victorville!!

I had dinner at Go Bangkok last week - the flavors are mild, as might be expected, but tasted authentic. Four diners at a table near us were speaking in Thai, which was a good sign. Service was slightly slow but friendly. No alcohol, though.

Nov 03, 2014
FoodObsessive in California

does anyone remember gem cafe in hermosa beach?

I do! Tiny place, great homemade pies. Closed sometime in the 80's, as I remember.

Anything in or near Victorville/Apple Valley

I'm looking for something tasty in the area, and the most recent post here is from 2008. I want to take someone out for a good meal - doesn't have to be fancy, but want something very good and if possible eclectic. Willing to drive a bit, but don't want to come all the way down the hill... Any help is greatly appreciated.

Oct 27, 2014
FoodObsessive in California

Estonian Black Bread Garlic Toast

Gambrinus on the Redondo Boardwalk has it, and other Baltic items. The service can be slow, and it's good to go early on weekends when they are likely to have the full menu - they run out of things sometimes, especially the shuba salad.

New to Hermosa/Manhattan Area

Unfortunately they've converted it to the Falcon Cantina - no morse fried chicken, the mainstay of the place.

New Northern (?) Chinese Restaurant next to Sea Empress- Gardena

Apparently it changed hands shortly before opening, without changing name. The menu on the wall that can be seen from outside is both incomplete and inaccurate. They do offer most of the dumplings that are up there and also steamed or pan fried buns, a few standard items like kung pao chicken and broccoli beef, and a hodgepodge of northern Chinese items.

I was alone so couldn't try much, But had what they referred to as a beef burrito and an order of fried cumin chicken wings. The beef burrito was a mild version of the cilantro beef pancake, and it was okay but not brilliant. For this particular dish I prefer the version at dumpling house down the street. The chicken wings were very much like American fried chicken with a little cumin and spice in the batter and a dusting of cumin on top. This was not what I expected, But it's something I might order again as an appetizer. Neither item had any red pepper heat.

Server was cheerful and friendly though his English was limited.The interior is spartan but they do have dine in space. I'll be back to try more.

African food(not Ethopiean or Moroccan)??

Banadir is very good but basic -only about five items in the menu. We had the goat and fish, liked both.

New to Hermosa/Manhattan Area

I have been to the Gelato Lounge, on Manhattan beach Boulevard across from Cafe Pierre. Very good, and the friendly people there give tastes.

Looking for good Italian in the Redondo Beach area for my mom's 84 birthday -- she's pretty spry!

Very good for Venetian-style cuisine - not Southern.

rec's near LMU , Playa del Rey

Best fried chicken in a very wide radius...

Kabsa (Kabseh) in LA?

I have had it at Sesame Moe's in Manhattan Beach (Formerly Open Sesame). It has been a while, but I remember it as being pretty good.

Park's vs. Kang Hodong Baekjeong?

I went there with a very picky Korean friend and had an excellent meal - the pork neck was splendid. Excellent banchan, too. We were lucky and waited only about ten minutes, but I'd be willing to wait longer to have that again.

Slovenian food and some general eastern europe questions

Their specialty is fresh and house-smoked sausages and hams, but they have a lot of Polish and German items - Northern European rather than Eastern European. They have a better than average selection of pierogies, kraut, and other items. I have found the quality to be high and the service reasonably good.

I haven't heard anything about the ownership changing - I'll have to find out.

Looking for a New Filipino Restaurant

I found Max's very bland - not bad, but a very gringo version of Filipino food.

Looking for a New Filipino Restaurant

It was a group meal with the Culinary Historians, so many dishes - lumpia, beef mechado, chicken inasal, chicken adobo, ginataang na gulay, something else I can't remember with vegetables in coconut milk and ginger. I liked it all.

Special event near Marina Del Rey

Concur on Del Rey Kitchen - excellent food and hospitality. No liquor license, but you may bring your own wine.

Looking for a New Filipino Restaurant

It has been a few months since I went there, but I had an excellent meal at LA Rose. Excellent Filipino food, including lechon on weekends, and a pleasant atmosphere. More expensive than steam table places, but so much better.

South End on Abbot Kinney (sort of) - brief report

Very good! Room is loud and dark, but the pizzas and salads were superb. Location is indeed hard to find - you are at the back door if you use your GPS.

Filipino restaurants

It is very good, and far and away the most pleasant atmosphere, much like someone's living room. The owner Len is a great host and if you call in advance and ask him to create a menu, you will get fine food and personal attention.

Filipino restaurants

Strongly recommend LA Rose - they have lechon on weekends, and if you want a particularly excellent Filipino dinner then call owner Lem in advance and he will set you up. I sent someone who was Filipino there and she liked it so much that she went back with the whole family - even her mother who had never liked any Filipino restaurant in LA approved of it.

Woodlands open again on Pioneer Boulevard, Artesia

Meat dishes at Woodlands??????? You sure? I'm an enthusiastic omnivore but appreciate the authenticity of their Hindu South Indian concept. Eating meat there would be weird.

Torrance/Lawndale Resturants suggestions

I know it's too late for the lunch, but in case the question comes up again, here are a few recommendations.

Lawndale has become increasingly interesting for Middle Eastern and Vietnamese, but though there are many little hole in the wall Mexican places, none really stand out. In Old Torrance you might try Lucio's, a charming old place that hasn't changed since the 1950's. It's a clean, quiet family place, and while the food isn't innovative but it is reliably good.

Closer to Lawndale, you might go to Calimex in North Redondo, which isn't brilliant but is clean and nice and probably the best in the area.

I endorse the idea of ElPollo Inka, which has a big menu of Peruvian dishes.

Carpet Bag or Carpetbagger Steak in Los Angeles?

I think it's actually a Louisiana specialty - I knew a Cajun twenty years ago who made it. His was stuffed with oysters and a sauce, I think remoulade. Only had it once, but it was delicious. I have never seen it on a menu in LA.


Was this the one in Santa Monica, or the original in Westchester? I have had decent though not exceptional food in Westchester, where there is a shortage of good options.

Besides Ye Olde Kings Head...

The Whale & Ale in San Pedro serves all the pub standards plus a nice roast lamb in Cumberland sauce and has good homemade bread. They are notable for serving a Welsh menu on St. David's Day while a Welsh choir sings - it is quite an experience.

Romantic special AMAZING food - Santa Monica

Go to Sam's, tell him what you like, and ask him to do wine pairings - it will be wonderful and items that aren't on the menu will come out. This place is excellent and romantic.

Brodard Chateau - Upscale French Vietnamese in Garden Grove

Went to Brodard Chateau on Monday for a special birthday dinner and had a very good meal that started with the amazing beef rolls and a duck salad. If the third dish had been the equal of those I would have rated the meal as exceptional, but the beef with lemongrass was bland. Salad and rolls paired nicely with a Trimbach Gewurztraminer and Casa Lapostolle Sauvignon Blanc. Beef dish went less well with Chalone Pinot Noir, but their red list is not the equal of their white and sparkling lists.

Three dishes were a filling dinner for two, and with three glasses of wine ran $57.00 - far more than the traditional hole in the wall places nearby, but it was the right place at the right time. I'd go back for special occasions.

One Sunday Around San Diego - Looking For Wonderful & Exotic

Report: We headed for Lion's Share despite the fact that the phone just gave us a recording telling us to book via Open Table, which doesn't work with my smartphone. It turned out that they were closed - it might have been nice to put that information on the recording, which would have saved me a taxi fare.

We were using taxis and decided no to go all the way to the Turkish place and my brother rejected the idea of lamb's head. We considered an Afghan place but ended up at Blue Ribbon Rustic Kitchen,where we had very good albacore crudo, fried brussels sprouts, and an exceptional braised short rib dish. It's not what we started out looking for, but I haven't seen other mentions of the place on this board, so decided to post this.

Oct 09, 2013
FoodObsessive in San Diego

One Sunday Around San Diego - Looking For Wonderful & Exotic

And now we have to go there. I was teetering about the idea of lamb head for dinner, but lamb head for breakfast is irresistible.

Oct 02, 2013
FoodObsessive in San Diego

One Sunday Around San Diego - Looking For Wonderful & Exotic

How many people does a lamb head serve?

Oct 02, 2013
FoodObsessive in San Diego