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Cheap Eats in Seattle (bonus for Capitol Hill spots!)

Yeah, I've been to Dick's and I love it. How about anywhere in Seattle? I'd be willing to travel for good cheap food!

Dec 21, 2008
yurik in Pacific Northwest

Cheap Eats in Seattle (bonus for Capitol Hill spots!)

Hello all!

I just recently moved to Seattle (Capitol Hill to be specific) and I'm looking for the best spots to grab some cheap food.

Anything goes, really. It just has to be good and as inexpensive as possible.

What do you got for me, Chowhounders?

Dec 20, 2008
yurik in Pacific Northwest

Cheap, Simple Spanish Food in the Fort Lee / Englewood / Palisades Park Area?

Hello everyone,

I've been really craving some simple, cheap, and delicious spanish food, but I'm having trouble finding something decent around my area.

Really, all I want is some rice and black beans, chicken, and sweet plantains (though a flan dessert would be awesome). If anyone has any suggestions around my area, that would be great.

Thanks for the help!

Review: Joeyness All Natural Gourmet Mediterrean Cafe

Restaurant Name: Joeyness
Cuisine: Mediterranean
Location: Fort Lee
Price Range: $2.00 - $9.00
515 Main Street
Fort Lee, NJ

To begin with, calling it a café is a bit of a stretch because there is only seating for about 4 people, at most, inside the store. The folding tables and chairs and the cold (it is winter and we sat right near the door) is not exactly appealing.

However, all of these minor complaints were more than made up for by the owners. The owner’s mother (I unfortunately never got her name) greeted us and made small talk. They turned on their little space heater for us and were even kind enough to give us a cup of their organic, free-trade coffee on the house. Their hospitality really heightened the atmosphere and you could tell that they genuinely trying to please us, the customers.

Julia and I ordered the Grilled Chicken Kebab Pita Sandwich ($6.50) (ed. We actually ordered the Kebab platter, but we didn’t say anything when we got the sandwich instead :x) and Baked Kibbe with Yogurt Mint Sauce ($6.95) to share. We found the food to be pretty good. The Kibbe, in particular, was very delicious. We finished off with a Blondie ($1.50), which was good, but a bit too thick for my liking.

Overall, I was very happy with my visit to Joeyness. Their atmosphere was not great, but their hospitality more than made up for it. Their food was very good and different from what you generally can get around Fort Lee, and the prices were perfect for a small, inexpensive lunch. I am definitely going to visit Joeyness again.

Atmosphere: C
Food: B+
Service: A
Overall Rating: B+


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And if you want to see some photos of Joeyness and the food I ate, follow this link:

Cuban Eddie's in Dumont - My Review

After using chowhound to find good, cheap, cuban food, ( ) I went to Cuban Eddie's.

Here are my thoughts on it:

This place isn’t so much a restaurant as it is a takeout counter. Sure, they offer seating, but generally, there is no atmosphere to speak of. You’ll be going there to grab some food and enjoy it at home...

However, what Cuban Eddie’s lack of décor is made up in ridiculously cheap food. They offer daily lunch specials for $4.50 that include a protein (Cuban ground beef / roasted chicken / beef stew with potatoes / or roast pork), rice and beans, and a can a soda. The serving size is not small either; it’s enough to make you full / satisfied.

They also offer daily dinner specials which are similar, but come in larger portions (rice and beans in one dish, meats in the other), and for $3-$4 more.

Of course, at prices like these, you shouldn’t expect 5 star cooking. Not to say that the food was bad. In fact, it was much better than what I expected for $4.50 - $8.50. All I’m saying is that it’s no Miami Beach. The food is satisfactory overall and good when you consider how much you’re paying for it.

I’ve gone there twice and have tried the roasted chicken, Cuban ground beef, and chicken stew. I thought the roasted chicken and Cuban ground beef fell a bit on the dry side, but the chicken stew was very delicious.

I also ordered a side of sweet plantains, and I would recommend that no one else ever do so. They were dry and rubbery. I would even say that they taste better when they come from those bourbon chicken places at the mall.

Their rice and beans were good and really helps bring the meal together.
Overall, Cuban Eddie’s is a great place to get some cheap, filling, and pretty good tasting Cuban food. And you can’t really complain about that.

Atmosphere: NA (It's more of a takeout place than a restaurant
)Food: B
Service: B
Overall Rating: B+


self plug: this is a copy paste from a blog that I'm a part of :x We have one other restaurant review up and hopefully many more to come @ Life in Boxes ( )

Any good, inexpensive Cuban places in Bergen County?

During the summer, I went to Miami Beach and all I ate was delicious inexpensive Cuban food. I would get a big chicken, rice, beans, and sweet plantains for $7 - $10.

I was wondering if there was anything like that I can get around this area. I think the hardest criteria to match would be the price.



If you're around Bergen County, there's Cubby's in Hackensack. Honestly, it's a tad overpriced, imho, but they have great ribs and pulled pork sandwiches.

There's also a new BBQ place in Bergenfield, but I've yet to try eating there.

Oct 16, 2007
yurik in New Jersey