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Michael Mina, Gary Danko, Fleur De Lys or Masa's-which one?

Gary Danko is fine dining for the masses. If you like pedestrian protein on a veg set-up with a few gratuitious garnishes (my favorite: diced red bell pepper!) you will be happy. Don't hesitate, throw a navy blazer on over those Dockers and go!

If you want to step out of the box, go to Ritz, Masa's or Mina.

By the way, there was a great review of Masa's recently on Check Please, Bay Area.

Rest. Gift Certificate for Xmas

I actually wouldn't throw Masa's out of the mix. Much better than at least 3 of the restaurants listed above...

bakesale betty's rules

God you are making me hungry. I love BSB! And unless you want to gain 10 lbs, do not, under any condition, try her banana bread! It is addictive!

Spruce in Presidio Heights

Bauer's review was hard to interpret. What do you think was the bottom line? Atmosphere better than food?

Best in the BayArea...Gelato Firenze(Oakland)

I second this...kind of yuck. We tried two flavors...if I recall it was pistachio and coffee. Coffee was passable, but he other tasted fake, fake, fake. You are better off buying Ciao Bello at the grocery store.

Restaurants in Oakland (East of Lake Merritt)

Look...I am going to be honest with you. I have lived in this part of Oakland for over 6 years and other than Champa Garden for cheap and tasty Thai/Lao, you are pretty much out of luck. Most of us just head for Rockridge, Gourmet Ghetto in Berk, Dopo on Piedmont Ave, or the bit of Telegraph that stretches from Bake Sale Betty to Dona Tomas. IMO, there ain't much on Grand or Lake Shore, so drive the extra five minutes and get some decent eats elsewhere in the East Bay. We live in hope however! There is a new spot opening up near Ace Hardware and have our fingers crossed.

For your restaurant folks who may see this post....HELP! Where is our Pizzetta, Woods Tavern, or Chez Panisse Cafe????? We have money to spend so throw us some love, will ya?

Contemplating Masa's This Friday...

Masa's would be a fine choice for your 41st. I actually celebrated my 40th birthday there and it was fabulous. You will have a perfect time. You might even want to mention that it is a birthday celebration upon making your reservations.

You really can't say this place is loud at all...just the opposite. I would say it is on par with the Dining Room...very sophisticated dining. There shouldn't be any hidden costs that you don't agree to. Wine is not included in the cost of the tasting menu. As I recall, there is a separate wine tasting cost. Happy Birthday!