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RESULTS ARE IN! CH's Own Top 10 Restaurants of GTA: A Huge Hoof-shaped Mark on GTA's Dining Scene

How about cheap and cheerful for 2010 ? that would also be a great list when you need a standby ... any ideas
We have taken to Tomasso's on Eastern ... Gio's really Really nice used to be a standby years ago but not anymore .. now if you hit Tomasso when he is really cooking (ie osso bucco special ) absolutely killer .. PS bring an appetite ... he serves family style and pasta comes in deep deep dishes .. love his opening bruschetta and appetizer sampler plate .. try the lamb if you are fan as well
yum !!!

Where to find the best seafood paella?

We hit this restaurant quite by chance through a living social purchase. First time we had tried Living Social and quite enjoyed. It was a quiet Friday night beautiful weather and we ventured up to take part in a great tapas menu. Read the reviews and stick to the suggestions and you will be fine. The sangria is a perfect mixture, smooth, not too sweet and not too boozy. Only to be compared to Waterfall in Kensington. The soup of the day was velvet potato and leek and a great starter size Order about 5 - 6 dishes for two if you start with the soup you can go with 5. Must tries: lamb sausage, shrimp with garlic, calamari, stay away from spinach dishes, mushrooms a must and the dessert of cream brule perfect size and texture ... thanks Living Social and by all means if you do your research this measures up as a tapas try. With drinks and dessert we were $80 a couple ... service was comfortable and the ambience not a problem as per above music complaints ...

Amazing dinner at George

George has become what Mr Millygirl says will be our 911 list of breaky, lunch and dinner places. We were on a mission to hit a Friday lunch spot on a beautiful Aug 27th day and so starts the story .... started at Black Hoof, a note to readers closed until Sept 2, very disappointed. Then hit Buca as Mlllygirl and Mr had had an excellent dinner there ... PS there don't serve Caesar's only italian drinks and amongst other oddities we decided to move on. Where to go .... GEORGE!!! Mr Hazelnut frequents and has taken the Mrs for a last minute tasting dinner that they still say is now there tops in TO .... so it was an easy choice.

Nothing but perfection. Four course tasting .... it was ONE HOOF UP ... nothing against Black Hoof we can't wait to see you once you reopen, but there wasn't a plate that wasn't tossed around the table (FYI more than once).
Highlights: Gnocchi to perfection (ricotta), garnish and sauces to die for and deconstruct while eating ... what else could you want. OK here is a quick breakdown ... heirloom tomat and lightly fried zucchini flower (perfection in a delicate cracker) with fresh herb and mint sauce;

FIRST kobe beef (fat within like a gravy in itself) twirled around bed of greens or black cod miso with fresh sweet peas and raspberry greens;
SECOND gnocchi with morel mushrooms and white lasagna with morel mushrooms could have been the best pasta ever;
THIRD tenderloin with goat cheese hollandaise to die for on layered shaved sweet potats with a t lovely zing (not sure about this addition) and cornish hen (perfectly sized about the size of a deck of cards) that was perfectly seared with juices flowing). Hen served with artichokes and on this one, the sauce we couldn't quite break down:
FOURTH dessert of course !!! beignets filled with lovely malted chocolate; rasp/choc parfait; meringue baked with custard and 1000 fold pastry of lovely whipped cream (ask Mr Milly girl the names and the technique he knows it all) ... so out of there for 100$ each CRAZY GOOD ... perfect service as always (here they never miss) ...thanks Mr and Millygirl can't wait till next adventure .... Hazelnuts

604 King St. West, Toronto, ON M5V 1M6, CA

The Black Hoof
928 Dundas St W, Toronto, ON M6J, CA

Looking to buy Aged Balsamic - Suggestions?

don't forget St Lawrence at the back for a great selection I think a little pricey .. better yet the spice hut in Kensington has better prices and they have great suggestions .. wouldn't be surprised if they would allow you to try .

Lucien on Wellington

Well we hit it last night, waited for all glitches to settle and glad we did ... had the four course tasting, their house cosmo (chambord and casis) is a must and hubby had classic martini ... ask for Dave to be your server he is there but not there and knows his wine ... wine list is still very small (especially by the glass), they need to add a few started bubbles, only champagne but the tasting matches wines perfectly ... finished with the cheese plate and two ports (good selection of after dinner drinks by the way) and ran us 4 bills ... we did do it right though .. big foodies and have to admit was amazing ... compared to Scaramouche, Perigee and Mistura would be in the running or better ... had the sushi pizza (the accompanyments make this), ravioli foie gras, elk, and apple fritters with homemade ice cream .. presentation is incredible and simple makes each dish .. we were plenty satisfied with quantity with the four courses .. cheese actually was an overdue but well worth it .. didn't need to roll home ... a must try if you are a foodie ... don't be fooled by the other write ups ... does turn into quite the bar scene at 8 pm .. but adds to atmosphere .. we went early 530 highly recommend this for service and atmosphere and ask for a table by the window, one seats 4 and two seat 2 ... enjoy we will see you there !!

pumpkin martini's... re post from sf board

had the best pumpkin pie martini ever at Hot Hot Fish Club in Birmingham AL they use pumpkin infused vodka, fresh nutmeg bottom of glass, whole milk, simple syrup and shake with ice ... serve with graham on rim is a must .. going to experiment with the recipe this weekend

Nov 11, 2007
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Suggestions for Dinner then Drinks Venue in Central T.O.?

try Mistura in Yorkville area and then Supra afterwards .. especially if Thursday night great performer ... check out entertainment on Supra site

Mount Pleasant Dining

looking for a place to dine close to subway is a bonus .. any new appetizer places or tapas up that way someone would recommend

Good Eats at Bay/Bloor

one street south bay and bloor on hayden is a tiny little italian place name escapes us but great homemade italian pasta and italian sandwiches for under $6 little italian lady will make anything you like on pasta fresh daily once you get to know her

Blue Jay Way - where to eat?

would have to agree with Millygirl ... would only return for the desserts, these obviously were made in house .. the pasta as we were constantly told was fresh was so so ... how do you have cold tortellini if it is fresh ... go for dessert and a glass of wine only

What's the word on Rain?

very "showy" if you like to look not eat your food the place to go .. might have to stop at Burrito Boyz on way home to satisfy your appetite ...

Best Sushi in Toronto

have been to the Sushi on Queensway was not impressed and overpriced ... I still think Oshi Sushi at Queens Quay and Yonge is the best especially on Tuesday, Wednesday as they get their freshest fish in then ... the oro is amazing and if you need a chicken soup when sick instead try their oodon noodle soup (sp?) it will cure all

Where is the best Mexican in Toronto?

for authentic would have to agree with El Trompo in Kensington the tacos and fried cheese tower are killer ... there was a place in the Annex that used to be excellent on Bathurst by Davenport is it still there ???

Toronto: Dining Solo, Need Reservations for 1?

would have to disagree with Perigee great restaurant especially if you are a foodie which the original writer seems to be ... also Chiado I would recommend great to eat at the bar, they love to tell stories ... heading to Alabama oct 31 to Nov 4 and hitting some of their best Becks, Ocean, 26, etc can't wait

Curry Fries

best curry fries I have had out were at Irish Embassy ... good fries and gravy with yummy curry they will spice it up if you ask