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Pub Grub in Pittsburgh?

I just wanted to thank everyone who posted with suggestions! We had a great day trip to the Pittsburgh area.

We went to Gooski's for drinks and dinner. Awesome place! I loved the atmosphere, dark, quiet, smokey. I had the Polish Platter while my girlfriend had a Dinner Salad. The food took awhile to come out, but we could tell they were preparing several to go orders at the same time. When the food did arrive it was absolutely beautiful! My girlfriend said her salad was a visual 'work of art'. However the Italien dressing seemed to be only oil and herbs...lacking any kind of vinegar.
The polish platter actually came on three seperate plates. Even though it didn't contain the exact same items listed on the menu, I was very pleased. The Pierogie's were the highlight. According to the bartender they are from Pierogie's Plus. I'll tell you what...that Polish Platter was cooked very well and tasted great....However, it's not for the faint of stomach. In terms of portions, and upsetability! Luckily my body handled it well for the 2 hour car ride back to Akron...It was later in the evening when things got a little....erm....uh...gassy.

Oct 18, 2007
fightingfish in Pennsylvania

Pub Grub in Pittsburgh?


My girlfriend and I are traveling from Akron area to Pittsburgh to do some shopping this week. Any recommendations for a laid back bar with good pub fare? Great beer sellection is a plus. Not too keen on sports bars or trendy joints.

Oct 16, 2007
fightingfish in Pennsylvania