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Piccomolo Ice Cream...... Where have they gone?!?

Does anyone know what has happened to all the stores in Houston or the nearby areas? Just found out the one off Beechnut near Meyerland Plaza has shut down and it seems they are all shut down in the nearby areas.

Are there any open locations still?

Nov 28, 2012
geekstah in Houston

Fresh Roasted Coffee, Houston

Matt is very friendly and courteous. I've usually seen him there at night near closing time roasting his coffee beans there. He will come out and talk to you if you have questions while he is working too so don't be afraid to ask whoever is working ot speak to him.

I defintely recommend this place to go and get away with a cup of coffee. Not loud like Starbucks or over crowded. They have a small patio area outside their door and allow dogs to come out there too. Ask for a water bowl for your dogs and they will happily oblige.

Never been disappointed here and will continue to go back to show my support here.

Oct 12, 2012
geekstah in Houston

Shave Ice in Houston Heights

That looks so cute!!! Lol I would buy it just for the cuteness. =)

Do they give cups and syrups and all with it? Or do you have to buy seperate.

Sep 27, 2012
geekstah in Houston

Festivals in Houston

Does anyone know of any festivals, bazaars, or such that are happening in the Houston area in the next coming months possibly?

Any input would be greatly appreciated!

Sep 19, 2012
geekstah in Houston

Shave Ice in Houston Heights

Texas Blizzard Shave Ice is a new food truck in the Houston Heights area. They make Hawaiin style shave ice and are mainly known for their natural syrups with real fruit with some crazy combos like watermelon + basil/mint or Mango Puree with Chili powder thats out of this world.

Both the owners are U of H alums so come show your cougar love to them and let others know.

They are at 1411 Studewood, 77008 (next to the small Fiesta)

Aug 07, 2012
geekstah in Houston