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Raleigh suggestions needed (commercial strip)

Pho Cali at 310 Capital Blvd (in the Starmount Shopping Center not far from 440) has a solid pho. Their pho begins with a flavorful broth that is lighter than some versions I've had, but for lunch, I think light is good, especially during the warm months. The broth really has some nice high notes from the star anise. I always get the classic pho with the brisket, meatball, tendon, tripe and thin-sliced beef. My brother has ordered other items on the menu and gives them a thumbs up.

The restaurant is nothing fancy in a down at the heels strip mall, It is definitely inexpensive and a good lunch option.

Sep 06, 2013
JB104 in Southeast

KoMo KoMo in Cary

Yup, its quirky and, as you note, it's not, for the most part, fusion (which is OK by me) but rather a mix of straight-ahead Korean and French dishes.But hey, it works! The food is interesting and good, the service attentive, and the atmosphere is pleasant and relaxing. I like going to places owned and run by local people trying to do something they believe in. For the most part, Cary/Morrisvile/Apex is chainland, and we really do need more locally run places that serve food reflecting thought and creativity and care. This place certainly fits that bill.

Nov 16, 2012
JB104 in Southeast

KoMo KoMo in Cary

We went Saturday night (6 of us) --fabulous!! For the most part, the menu selections are either Korean or French. The lemongrass creme brule would represent one of the "fusion" dishes. (It was quite good.) We had the soups--the regularly featured sweet potato leek soup (excellent) and a special that I didn't try but everyone who did raved about. The smoked pork Ssam appetizer was full of flavor and the Shrimp & Corn Casserole with Sherry Cream was rich and delicious. Their pork dumplings were probably the best I've ever had. Our entres were quite good. I had the special--braised veal cheek with pureed parsnips which was solid, straight ahead French bistro cooking. Others had the bibimbop which they all enjoyed. The have a small but decent wine selection and several good beer choices. No mixed drinks. All six of us loved this place!!

Nov 14, 2012
JB104 in Southeast

Maru (Cary)

I ate at Maru twice last week-lunch and dinner. When I went for lunch, the staff explained what they're trying to do there--a mix of Korean and Japanese, but heaviest on the Japanese side. The Bi-Bim-Bob I had for lunch was quite good. I took a big crowd there a few nights later for dinner. All were pleased with their dishes. My shashimi platter was as good as I've had in this area--the fish very fresh, the presentation excellent, and the washabi super hot like I like it. Others ordered a variety of rolls which were well-presented. I'm not a big roll guy, but the ones I had were quite good and the people who ordered them really raved about the quality and inventiveness of the offering. They've done a good job with the decor making this a nice place to spend some time. Give Maru a try!!!

Aug 07, 2012
JB104 in Southeast