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36 Hours in Manhattan

Consider Red Farm on UWS for "Chinese" style brunch - would allow you to walk thru central park on way there and/or back.

Call that am and they'll put you on the list, as they don't take "reservations". Usually get seated within 15 minutes of agreed upon time.

Apr 24, 2015
Love to Eat in Manhattan

Trip report: Alder, Russ & Daughters, Gramercy Tavern, Ma Peche, Annisa, more

Great post sharing one's experiences.

Jan 11, 2015
Love to Eat in Manhattan

French Green Bean Salad

Jan 08, 2015
Love to Eat in Recipes

French Green Bean Salad

Jan 08, 2015
Love to Eat in Recipes

Mom wants matzo ball soup

Barney Greengrass on UWS.
Great bagels and smoked fish too.

May 16, 2014
Love to Eat in Manhattan

Kailash Parbat - first US branch of a Mumbai restaurant chain

Guessing they meant "Bread Concoctions"
My kids and husband love pointing out all the similarly ridiculous errors on English menus and signage when we visit India - and there is a lot of really funny stuff!

May 16, 2014
Love to Eat in Manhattan

4 days upper east side with my mom -- anything good in (short) walking distance of Courtyard?

While not best eating 'hood, it's still NYC and so has lots of options:

Drunken Munkey - good, fun, Indian food just a block away from Marriott. (Just make sure you that if you ask for tap water there is no charge for it - saw some recent complaints about this on Yelp - never had this happen to us after several visits)

ABV - unusual, interesting small plates menu and fun vibe. 97th and Lexington.

Nick's Pizza - good, reasonably priced, sit down brick oven pizza and Italian.

Butterfield (92nd &1st) - good take out coffee and breakfast treat. Or sit at Eli's btwn York and 1st in low 90s. Cheaper sit down breakfast, try Barking Dog Lunchonette on 3rd an 94th.

Also crepe place on low 90s and Lex.
Jump in a cab to 70s or UWS for more options.

Let me know if you want any further specific suggestions.

Apr 20, 2014
Love to Eat in Manhattan

piccolo angolo?

Used to be my go to Italian when younger with lots of friends. Haven't been in years, but please do update on experience if you go.

Apr 11, 2014
Love to Eat in Manhattan


Price, atmosphere, cuisine?

Apr 11, 2014
Love to Eat in Manhattan

French restaurants

My favorite restaurant in NYC! Glad you enjoyed it.

Apr 11, 2014
Love to Eat in Manhattan

Looking for the Best Strawberry Shortcake in Manhattan

2nd vote for Lady M

Apr 06, 2014
Love to Eat in Manhattan

Wife Gets A Road Trip, I Get to Make Reservation...

That is a tall order only one week prior, so may need to be flexible re: dinner at 6 or 9p.

Places I'd consider based on quick search on Open table with availability:
Marc Forgione
Tamarind TriBeCa
The Harrison

Feb 22, 2014
Love to Eat in Manhattan

Osteria Morini - Whats good these days

Finally made it there for dinner.

No octopus or calamari available :(
The meatballs were moist and flavorful - amazing!
The spinach pie with speck and mushroom sauce was interesting but not worth ordering again.

The mushroom stracci, and the wild boar and cherry ragu pasta were both excellent.
The Cornish hen was moist and the sides delicious.

Will skip desserts next time.

Plan to be back, and hope the little bit of hostess attitude at the front we saw was not typical.

Nov 09, 2013
Love to Eat in Manhattan

Onion in Indian curries: to brown or not?

punjabi chicken and meats gets browned onions - it was always my job in my mom's kitchen....
vegeetables and daals, sometimes sauteed

Oct 14, 2013
Love to Eat in Home Cooking

Need help planning a Foodcation to NYC

If you are staying with a friend in Hewlett, please make sure you go to Wall's Bake Shop on 1336 Broadway.

May look like nothing special until you have one bite, but it is the best old-style Jewish bakery! Try the marble pound cake (called philly fluff, I think - and let them slice it), the black and white cookies, any babka, cupcakes, and almost anything else.

Live in Manhattan and commute to LI for work. So bummed when I stopped going to Hewlett (as was my family) as no easy way to get Wall's!

Sep 10, 2013
Love to Eat in Manhattan

London: We've done our homework. Help us mind the gaps...

Disappointingly inconsistent lunch at Tate Modern cafeteria - both salads were terrible. Chicken burger & fish and chips were good. Not worth it, even for the convenience.

Aug 20, 2013
Love to Eat in U.K./Ireland

Fancy dining with kids

On UES, but I'd suggest Cafe Boulud and sit outside. As part of a hotel, they are a bit more kid tolerant. Sitting outside makes it less formal, yet food is amazing and service always special. And agree with recommendation to go early!

Gramercy park area - Maialino is another place we see other families for early dinner.

Our kids have eaten at many special places in Manhattan, but at 1.5yo we kept it outdoor for dinner or lunch for our own sanity.

Jul 28, 2013
Love to Eat in Manhattan

best old school dim sum in Chinatown right now?

Where did you go in the end?

Mar 04, 2013
Love to Eat in Manhattan

1st time family of 5 food itinerary...thoughts?

like Kefi and easy with kids, but lots of options on UWS.

Near theater district, like Uncle Nick's for Greek or ElCentro for Mexican - both in low 50s on 9th Ave.

Oct 19, 2012
Love to Eat in Manhattan

Help for London hounds - interesting and different in New York

e Village: Porcetta, big Gay ice cream, motorino, death and co,
NoLiTa: pinche taqueria on Mott St for tacos in place of street food, ESP as fun neighborhood to walk around.
union Square: updated Bahn mi at num Pang.

don't miss pearl oyster bar! My cousins from London went there thrice in one week. They called the fried oysters and lobster rolls lovely and gorgeous...

Oct 19, 2012
Love to Eat in Manhattan

NYC to Ithaca Drive

Savory Maza at 200 North Main in Scranton's West Side is an amazing Lebanese restaurants - chowish but not quick

Great Lebanese in Scranton... YES, SCRANTON

Worth the slight detour if driving from NY/NJ to Ithaca or Binghamton for this home-cooked type meal, but not if you are in a hurry.This is a slow food type of place. Enjoyed excellent hummus with thin pita, refreshing tabouleh, crispy and dense yet not heavy falafels, and perfectly flavored and moist lamb kebabs. This meal was as good as any and better than many Lebanese meal I've had in the Middle East. And don't miss the baklava - it's also made there with hand chopped nuts and a light hand of honey that is typical of true Lebanese baklava rather than most of what is sold in the USA in Greek and other diners, etc.

If you plan to go, go before july 3 or wait until after July 23 as this family-run restaurant's family is off on vacation for next 3 weeks!

Jun 30, 2012
Love to Eat in Pennsylvania

Affordable foodie restaurant (not chinese, mexican or street food) - for 6 mothers taking 20 something daughters

Lupa - great meal, something for young and mature.
Most entrees in $20s.
However, may need to be willing to take a 5:30 or 6p reservation there for a group of that size.
Then go for a walk and have dessert somewhere else in the neighborhood to make evening not end too early...

170 Thompson Street, New York, NY 10012

Mar 11, 2012
Love to Eat in Manhattan

cheese at Fairway - too many strikes to count

agate or citarella, but find agata more helpful

1313 3rd Ave, New York, NY 10021

Agata & Valentina
1505 1st Ave, New York, NY 10021

Mar 02, 2012
Love to Eat in Manhattan

Rainbow Cookie Birthday Cake???

Did you ever find the cake? If so, how was it?
I want to order it...

Oct 19, 2011
Love to Eat in Manhattan

Foodies dining with 7 year old plus need some recs

If you have a well behaved 7 year old who enjoys to eat, you can eat anywhere. We have been to many of the places you've mentioned with our kids from age 4 to 10, and never felt uncomfortable

Jul 26, 2011
Love to Eat in Manhattan

Spending an entire day on the High Line- where should I get my three picnic meals?

La Bergamote croissants are great!

May 04, 2011
Love to Eat in Manhattan

Bakeries on Lower East Side

Dessert Truck has a storefront now a few doors down from Clinton Street.

Feb 16, 2011
Love to Eat in Manhattan

Afternoon Tea for a 9 year old girl

Depends on your 9yo.

Bemelman's at Carlyle is perfect for a dress-up, fancy tea - we took my daughter & her visiting friend for a "special" day; excellent food and good behavior expected. I imagine Plaza or Russian Tea Room tea experiences are similar, though the intimacy of the Carlyle room made it more special.

American Girl is a favorite birthday party place for my daughters' friends; the food is not good, and experience is cool with your American Girl doll.

Her favorite repeat tea place remains Alice's Tea Cup; it's go the perfect balance of more casual and comfortable than a "fancy" place, yet it's about the "tea" and food, rather than about the dolls and play.

American Girl Cafe
609 5th Ave, New York, NY 10017

Alice's Tea Cup
102 W 73rd St, New York, NY 10023

Russian Tea Room
150 W 57th Street, New York, NY 10019

Bemelmans Bar
35 E 76th St, New York, NY 10021

Dec 23, 2010
Love to Eat in Manhattan

Looking for lunch and afternoon tea spots

Bouchon in Time Warner at Columbus Circle is good for tea/coffee and people watching indoors, and not far from MOMA.

For lunch on UWS post-Wollman, consider Shake-Shack for good burgers (super casual).

Dec 23, 2010
Love to Eat in Manhattan