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What are my options for local meat?

City Feed on Centre St. in JP carries fresh Hardwick Beef, which I've never had so I can't vouch for its quality. City Feed also carries fresh chicken and pork (not sure about the particular producers) and frozen River Rock beef (my favorite). I've picked up fresh River Rock beef at the Brookline farmers market and have had it delivered to my house. I was initially skeptical about buying frozen meat, but I haven't found much deterioration in taste. Buying frozen does force you to think ahead, however.

Bakeries that open early on Sun.?

Any suggestions for a bakery where I can pick up a variety of baked goods by 8 am on a Sunday, ideally within a 15 minute drive of JP? My current candidates are Canto 6, Ula, and Flour. (Hi Rise is too far and Clear Flour opens at 9.) Thanks.

What's up with La Pupusa Guanaca?

A sign on the door indicates that they are doing renovations and, if I remember correctly, will be open within a couple of weeks (of whenever the sign went up).

Drinks before dinner at L'Espalier

Is there a bar at L'Espalier--or elsewhere in the Mandarin Oriental--where I can get a well-made cocktail? If not, is there anywhere nearby (i.e., closer than Eastern Standard) for a pre-dinner drink? Thanks for your help.

Enterprise Farm CSA

I am considering signing up for a summer/fall farm share with Enterprise Farm. Can anyone comment on the quality and variety of Enterprise's produce?

Amboise Recommendations?

Any recommendations for restaurants in or near Amboise? I will have a car, but don't want to make a long drive for dinner. (A short drive would be fine.) Thanks!

Oct 15, 2007
EatAndRunBoston in France