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Greek Restaurants

My parents are coming in to town (so budget is not an issue) and my dad wants to go to a good Greek restaurant. Any suggestions? I live in midtown and will travel anywhere in Manhattan so location is flexible and price range is flexible (although I don't want to take him to a diner).

Apr 25, 2008
chowhoundnewbie in Manhattan

Dinner during Passover

I have friends visiting during the end of Passover (Friday night) and some observe Passover (can not eat bread, pasta, etc). Any suggestions for dinner on Friday night for 6 people? What type of food is good? Approx $15 entrees. No other food restrictions. Location below 14th street -- east or west.

Apr 09, 2008
chowhoundnewbie in Manhattan

Theater District with my grandfather

Do you have any suggestions for a non-Italian restaurant in the theater district on Friday night that is handicapped accessible? My granfather walks with a cane (no wheelchair) but a restaurant without stairs and the seats are packed too tightly together. Also, I'd prefer if we could walk to theater, but I guess we could leave enough time to take a cab there from restaurant. We are seeing a show on W 50th between Broadway and 8th ave. No Italian b/c we are doing that on Saturday.

Nov 06, 2007
chowhoundnewbie in Manhattan

UES Italian-Need some recs

I went to Nica Trattoria (84th and 1st) recently and it was delicious. But I must warn you... the service getting started is a little slow-- but once your order is taken, the food starts to come out at a good pace.
Also, Cafe Buon Gusto (on E 77th) is always a good neighborhood place.

Oct 22, 2007
chowhoundnewbie in Manhattan

Who sells Chocolate or Caramel covered apples?

thanks so much -- great website.

Oct 16, 2007
chowhoundnewbie in Manhattan

Who sells Chocolate or Caramel covered apples?

I am looking for chocolate, candy coated or caramel covered apples in Manhattan. I live in Midtown, but I am willing to go anywhere in Manhattan to buy. I want to purchase about 30 or so as a party favor. Do you know who sells apples?

Oct 15, 2007
chowhoundnewbie in Manhattan